Comfort and Security

Securus Technologies is an information technology company based out of Dallas, Texas. The company is very interesting as it provides ample support and high-quality products to a niche customer base located within the American prison system. Customers of Securus Technologies tend to be incarcerated individuals currently serving time for past mistakes of the United States prison system itself, making Securus Technologies and unique and interesting company within its field. In order to promote some of the technology that has available Securus has opened a press release stating that they will push their video chat technology so that they can attract more customers to the program.

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This program is in the form of a free downloadable application that is supported on both Android and Apple. Whenever an inmate wish to communicate with a loved one or a family member all they need to do is log into the application, find Reliable Wi-Fi connection, and then they’re able to seamlessly stream video chat with their family members on the outside. This new advanced technology allows inmates and their family members to avoid the long drawn-out and visitation processes that traditional forms have seen in the past. Family members cannot avoid long drives to prisons, as well as avoid the uncomfortable nature of mandatory security checks.


Since they aim to promote this technology for their there’s no doubt that Securus technologies will see an increase in their customer base within the next following months. This means that more customers equal more revenue and more money can be placed into things such as research and development. More products will become available for loyal customers is Securus Technologies, which is great news for anyone who is looking forward to continuing to work with these Information Technology experts.


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