Church Girls on the Run

The Church has been a cornerstone in humanity since the beginning of time. No matter what denomination people profess to be, it is imperative for most people that they believe in a higher power and connect with other likeminded believers. Unfortunately, the attendance at churches has been on a steady decline for many years.

A recent study proved that the majority of the absent church goers are women and the author of the study set out to find out why. Recent years have seen a surge in women striving for more substantial independence. Women are waiting longer to get married or are avoiding marriage altogether. Along with this comes the notion that many religions are patriarchal and these independent women are shying away from these practices. says recently women no longer want to be behind the scenes or hushed and silenced in between the pews. They want to be on the frontline and making changes. These women want to find value in themselves and not with who they are married to. For the sake of the independence of women and for the stability of The Church, church members, both male and female, are pleading with traditional clergymen to give women more of a stake in The Church. As a female and a believer, I can attest to this process of thinking.

I remember numerous times where myself, and other women, were ostracized for pining after more hands on roles in the Church. If church leaders want to make sure that the Church still has members in the next few generations, it is in their best interests to change their practices now.

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