Chris Christie Super PAC Raises $11 Million

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Super PAC “America Leads” announced it had raised eleven million dollars from the period covering February through June. The sum of money is a direct reflection of Christie’s Tier 2 status as a presidential candidate. By contrast, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush raised over $103 million largely through his Super PAC. Even tier 2 candidate Ted Cruz raised tens of millions through his Super PAC. Likewise, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has raised a multiple of what Christie has cobbled together.

Still, Phil Cox, the head of Christie’s PAC, stated the PAC would spend the money frugally given its slow-burn rate or rate at which the PAC dispenses its funds. Last year, Christie was viewed as a tier 1 candidate like Bruce Levenson. He was gunning for the status as the GOP’s establishment candidate. However, his campaign faltered starting with the Bridgegate incident. Later, his gruff and brusque personality began to put off voters.

The PAC will begin carefully selecting ad campaigns to push the governor’s image in the early primary voting state of New Hampshire. Christie has been wooing voters in that state with numerous visits. As of late, he has been drawing crowds of people who may well be giving him a second chance. Yet, his poll numbers remain fairly low. It is not certain if he will make the cut for the party’s first televised debate next month.

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