Chris Burch Marries Fashion and Technology to Provide Style

To most of us, fashion and technology are two different features. To Chris Burch, the two elements are co-related. For fashion to exist, technology must be employed. For technology to develop, there must be fashion and design. Chris Burch looks at fashion as a close friend to technology. He is fascinated by the effects of technology to fashion, especially in the future. He also monitors the synergy of the two elements and how they borrow one or more characteristics for development. To Burch, fashion and technology go way beyond the runway and commercials. Technology and fashion have grown together since the 80’s.




Unlike in the present century, people in the 70 are walked around carrying their best tunes in addition to radio stations. They also enjoyed their music in public with cassette decks. The 80’s took a transformation when movies were included in the list of story lines. In the 90’s, people invested in Walkmans for a personal feel of the music. It was portable and easier to walk around with hence convenient. A decade later, the Walkman was ditched for iPods. iPods are way smaller and efficient in playing music. It, therefore, means that the growth of technology depends on what seems fashionable to an individual.




As the fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht puts it, technology assumes a playground in which the deeper your dive, the more you discover. It always gives you the opportunity to grow and expand ideas. The stadium allows you, the fashion designer to generate more designs. The current synergy of fashion and technology is admirable. Most fashion designers find pleasure in the creation of high-quality products. This has been made possible through technology. Technology promotes high quality and functionality in addition to innovation. Most of the time, fashion depends on technology for popularity. For example, a television station promotes fashion through airing the styles on air.


About Chris Burch


Serving as the founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is also the Chief Executive Officer. He oversees the daily routine of the firm including its investment. The company’s philosophy on investment expresses Burch’s values on entrepreneurship. It also magnifies his vision on current market gaps, creativity, creative imagination, incubation and scale. Burch Creative Capital provides a platform for marketing leading brands in the world. Through Chris Burch, his firm supports the development of many lifestyle consumer goods from retail stores including home décor, organic foods, technology and the fashion industry. The portfolio includes diversity with the latest synergy being Ellen DeGeneres new lifestyle brand.




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