Charles Koch Looks To Extend The Reach Of His Philanthropic Giving

The billionaire class has recently been making a splash in the media with its constantly growing level of giving to assist those in the deepest need. Charles Koch is a name well known to members of the business community, but he is also become an ever more important part of the world of philanthropy where his levels of giving are growing by the year. 2016 will see the launch of the latest program developed by Koch and his aides in a bid to reduce the effects of poverty on people in the deepest levels of need, Stand Together will see a shift in focus for the social activism Charles Koch is engaging in.

Charles Koch is one of the major shareholders in the hugely successful Koch Industries corporation, which he and brother David inherited from their father. Upon taking control of the company the Koch brothers looked to extend the reach of the business beyond the traditional oil refining that had made the company so successful. Adding a range of business opportunities to the Koch Industries family increased the wealth of the brothers to the stage where Charles is ranked the ninth richest person in the world.

The Koch brothers have a long history of embarking on charitable giving, which was also a major part of the life of their father after he established Koch Industries. Charles Koch is now working with African American conservative activist Bob Woodson to develop the Stand Together program, which is the latest program to be headed by the former adviser to President George W. Bush. Stand Together will begin its life with the launch of a Website detailing the mission and goals of the charitable program. The initial aims of the program will be to work alongside already existing groups in a bid to address the issues surrounding gang violence amongst the poorest classes in the U.S.

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