Charles Koch in Agreement with Bernie Sanders on Effects of Income Inequality in Society

In his open editorial article, billionaire industrialist and businessman, Charles Koch expressed his support for some of the opinions of Bernie Sanders most notably on income inequality. He was of the opinion that the wealthy few in society use their influence and power unfairly to further their agendas. They heavily influence the country’s politics by donating millions of dollars in support of their favored political candidates.

He expressed the importance of having a level playing field where the power of the wealthy few was curtailed. He said that he does not support the two tiered system experienced in America. This system was prone to doom millions of citizens in the lower classes to abject poverty and hopelessness. The fact that many large corporations seek to benefit well from corporate welfare at the expense of ordinary citizens does not sit well with him.

The billionaire has long been a supporter of libertarian government policies. He stated that the business community together with political parties was responsible for enacting policies that support a cycle of dependency, control, poverty and cronyism in the US. Senator Bernie Sanders has been an avid supporter of breaking this chain of influence and control exerted by the wealthy few in society. He has denounced the power and influence exerted by the business community and class of billionaires who donate millions of dollars at every election to influence the results.

Despite his support for some of Sanders’ policies, Charles Koch has categorically stated that he does not support the senator’s campaign. He said that the two have many differences of opinions when it comes to government policies. In addition, Sanders has often bashed the Koch Brothers for donating millions of dollars in support of policies that aim to cut key social programs. Some of the target programs include social security, Medicare and federal aid to environmental and education.

Charles Koch said that he disagrees with many of the senator’s views and policies even though he has never had the opportunity to meet Sanders. This means that the Koch-led network of billionaires will not offer their massive support to Sanders. This is because the senator wants to establish more government control as opposed to the libertarian policies pushed by the conservative billionaires.

It is reported that the network will spend almost $750 million in the coming elections. However more money will be raised to support broader policy issues like education programs, scholarships and research.

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