Charles Koch and the Republican Leading Presidential Candidate

The presidential race in the United States of America is shaping out differently from what the Koch brothers had anticipated. His promise to back the Republicans in the funding of the campaign is turning out difficult due to the threat that Donald Trump may be nominated to be the presidential contender. There were agreed conditions and issues that the candidates should address to qualify for his financing. In a recent interview, he promised not to work with him as his agendas are un-American. He says he spent $400 million in 2012 in a bid to have Mitt Romney take the White House. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign outfoxed them. This time, Koch reveals he has a $900 million war chest but doesn’t have the right candidate to back.

Charles Koch has expressed his dismay at some of Donald’s key drivers. His anti-Islam and Anti-Latino rhetoric does not strike well with the idea of America. But Koch is not in a position to react to the Trumps rise. Anything he does can be taken to mean he is trying to block Trump from the White House. It remains to be seen what strategy Charles Koch will employ in this election cycle.

The billionaire vividly announced that he was not pleased with the primary selection of candidates by the Republicans. He feels that the political class is not addressing what is important to the society, and the most urgent needs of America have not been given priority.

Koch is a classical libertarian. It is his mission to spread the gospel of free capitalism to the American masses. Charles Koch firmly believes it’s only through minimal government interference that free enterprise can thrive. For a man inspired by the 19th-century British politician, William Gladstone, he has achieved much. He grew his father’s business from a turnover of $50 million annually to $100 billion annually. William Gladstone was against policies that supported Corn Law trade tariffs and individuals politicizing business models.

Koch is an intelligent business executive with an engineering Ph.D. from MIT. He lives in Wichita Kansas with his wife, Liz, and has two kids and three grandkids. Koch has since 1973 shaped American policies through his network of think tanks and sponsored parties. It is this system that has seen Koch establish a significant influence on American policies despite his shy demeanor.

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