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Why ClassDojo Is Empowering And Inspiring Students

Wanting to encourage and empower a child in class is not always easy. Usually parents know exactly what their child needs to feel comfortable and wanted, alongside what to do to help get them empowered to do their best work. With the help of ClassDojo, students can get that exact opportunity. ClassDojo is here to help provide an empowering way for parents to stay connected with kids. When a student does well in class or they participate in a project, teachers using the ClassDojo app can actually send pictures and videos to the parents, allowing the child to have their parents updated on what they’re doing in school.


ClassDojo has made it easy for parents to see how their child is doing, alongside how they can make their child’s life more enjoyable and relaxed both at home and at school. ClassDojo has made it a goal to help reduce the need for any longwinded parent-teacher meetings. This is the best way to empower students as well because bringing the parents in and having them engage is very powerful.


They received millions upon millions of dollars as upfront funding to help them find new ways to grow in this industry and improve what they already have. Earning zero revenue so far and with 25 employees, this upfront venture funding is just what they needed to further develop their work with their employees. They know and understand what they need to grow and change the app for the better to improve what they already have.