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Hot London Vacation Rentals

Why are they hot? I can’t tell you enough, the shock as I went on World Escape London and was taken in by the pictures of the London vacation rental properties they offered. I was looking for a hotel but, I was so taken in by the apartments that I ended up booking one. While I was looking, I told my husband and we shared the site all over social media and to the family so they could help us decide. It’s that hard, they are all so gorgeous.
So, at first we thought oh this has to cost big somehow but turns out they had better deals than that of other so-called bargain sites when you compare it with the quality of what we got.
So, we finally arrive and as the plane was landing, we couldn’t wait to get to the place. The sun was up, and according to our bodies, we were supposed to be asleep but we were too excited.
We were still nervous because it just sunk in that we are 12,000 plus miles away and we booked a London vacation rental via a picture we fell in love with. Well, when the cab pulled up to the place our heart stopped! It was breath taking and what was even more breath taking was the inside.
State-of-the-art modern appliances, pristine floors and furniture. Climate controlled perfectly and sound-proof windows. You barely heard a peep from the street down stairs. Of course the bed is the priority for us and that was smashing so they say!
The fluffy pillows and soft linens unlike anything in any hotel stateside.
After we settled in a while and had a meal and a nap, we noticed how much thought went into the decor of the place. Everything was themed in some way room to room with art or some kind of really lovely shelving with interesting art inside the boxed shelving.
I truly got ideas gallor and used it as soon as we got home.
Needless to say our bedroom does not look the same as it did. It’s more like London!

Andy Wirth: a Role Model for Achievement in The Resort Industry

Andy Wirth had led a long, successful career in the ski hospitality industry despite some hardships along the way. He is a successful leader and business owner. Wirth currently holds the title of Undercover Boss as Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. This is located in Olympic Valley, CA.

With 25 years of experience in the hotel and mountain resort industry, Wirth has received many awards, both community service and professional. One of Wirth’s most recent accomplishments was his appointment as a chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Three board members were recently appointed along with Wirth as a new chairman. There are nine members on this board. Wirth believes that bringing new people to the authority, such as himself, will bring new ideas and help the airport become increasingly successful.

Wirth’s career goal is to make Squaw Valley Ski Resorts a top destination for travelers.
When Wirth became CEO of Squaw Valley, the company upgraded its business to the tune of $70 million. Some of the big changes included improving the mountain design and the infrastructure of the resort. He also made beneficial changes to the culinary experience of the guests, the facilities in which guests stay, and the overall infrastructure of the resort. In addition to this, Wirth has improved the experience of the guests by making vast improvements to the customer service. Customer satisfaction is one of Wirth’s top priorities.

One way that Wirth has enhanced the customer experience was to merge his two neighboring resorts, the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Visitors can purchased combined tickets in order to enjoy both resorts during their visit.

Wirth has been interviewed as a leading professional in his industry by several news outlets. His opinion on ski resorts and the hospitality industry is highly valued. His success is clear as he has overcome a sky diving accident, losing his right arm, and continued to be a successful leader. Wirth has received both professional and community service awards. For example, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority awarded him the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award. In 2002, Wirth also received the Business Leader of the Year Award in Steamboat Springs. Additionally, in 2009, he was awarded a place on the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International’s list of the Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales, as well as their Marketing list.

One of the highest recognitions Wirth has received was in 2014, when he was recognized as the Citizen of the Year by the Disabled Sports USA. He was also the recipient of the Community Five Award.

The Best Chilled Wines

The experts at Antique Wine Company are highly trained, so they know the proper serving temperatures for a variety of wines. This is important because the temperature can affect the smell and taste of wine. When wine is served cold, it is less alcoholic; however, the wine’s actual flavors are more bold. Warm wine has a strong alcohol flavor, which is why most people overly chilled their wine before they have dinner.

Red Wine Temperature Guide

AWC employees teach clients about the intensity and weight of wine. Some wines have a thick texture, and some beverages are less intense and lighter. If a red wine is stored in a cabinet at room temperature, it must be refrigerated for 45 minutes until it is slightly cool.

The Best Chilled Red Wines

Lambruscos are light sparkling wines that are manufactured in Italy. Winemakers make the wine from Lambrusco grapes. The beverage is produced after yeast eats the grape juice. The wine is bubbly because carbon dioxide is produced during the fermentation process.

Beaujolais Wine

Beaujolais wine is made from a Gamay grape, which is found in France. Because the grape is unique, it produces the lightest red wine. Beaujolais wines are usually seen in grocery stores shortly before Thanksgiving. However, Antique Wine Company employees provide this wine to consumers throughout the year.

Pinot Noir Wine

A Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines in the world. It is a light, complex wine, but it has a very delicious flavor. Because the manufacturing process is lengthy, the cost of a Pinot Noir is slightly expensive. However, some stores sell the wine for less than $15.

These wines and many other great wines are available at Antique Wine Company. Contact a specialist today to learn more about the benefit of drinking chilled wines.