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FreedomPop Turns Down Acquisition Offers and Raises $30 Million To Continue Growth

An article appearing on June 17, 2015, in Fortune, announced that FreedomPop will continue to grow and has raised $30 million to fund that growth. The startup has taken on national carriers with it’s free mobile services. While this doesn’t make national carriers happy it has consumer’s jumping to sign up with the LA-based company.

The company doesn’t own its own infrastructure but buys data, SMS and voice capacities from Sprint at wholesale prices. It offers essential services to the consumer who may then sign up for more minutes, data and services at a cost if they choose. The company estimates that about one-half of its consumer’s use the free only services while the other half buys upgrades. These upgrades are how the company makes its money.

The new Series B is funded by Partech Ventures, and already existing investors, DCM Capital, and Mangrove Capital. Before this, the company had shopped itself around negotiating with national carriers, mobile operators, cable providers and one major internet company. They won’t say who these companies were, but rumor has it that Sprint had shown interest back in November.

They received six formal offers and entered into exclusive negotiations with one company but backed out. It’s believed that the offers were in the lower 100s of millions. However, FreedomPop decided that they could continue to grow. It’s thought that they may reach one million subscribers during the upcoming third quarter.

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Bruce Levenson Inspires Hawks Culture Change

The Atlanta Hawks used to be mired in the muck that is Atlanta pro sports. These sports teams have won one world championship in the nearly forty years that they have all been in town. However, the Hawks always seemed to be the farthest from a title. They never had a culture that told the fans that they were going to get any better.

When Bruce Levenson took over as the principal owner of the team after the breakup of the Atlanta Spirit LLC group, he was able to institute a culture change. The culture in Atlanta changed from a money making scheme to a basketball focus. These changes brought in the new general manager and coach. They brought in a culture that shirked superstars to make sure that the chemistry on the team was as good as possible.

The team is currently playing better than any other team in the league, and they routinely rebound from the losses that often derailed who seasons of Atlanta teams. This culture change is a direct result of the ownership philosophy that Bruce has brought to them team. He also changed the way fans experience games, and he was able to make sure that the arena was a place that people wanted to go.

These people want to have a good team, and they are finally buying in after Bruce’s culture change. These culture changes altered the way that all the people in the franchise approached their business, and the Hawks are at their highest value ever. Even though he has put the team up for sale, Bruce is leaving the team better than he found it. He changed the team into a winner that is going to compete for titles for many years to come under this new ideal of teamwork and basketball focus. He shared some of his other thoughts on for people to check out.

Leadership in Technology with Textor

When one thinks of Hollywood, stars and starlets, glitz and glamour, and television and movie titles may come to mind, but there are two things undergirding it all in this day and age which are behind-the-scenes but no less important. These two important components are: good leadership and strong technology, and while John Textor’s name is not necessarily in the everyday lexicon of most households, that does not mean that his work in Hollywood media is any less impressive. Textor is Chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation.

His role is to primarily be in charge of special projects, strategic partnerships, rights acquisition, and relationships with companies in major media. Even though audiences may not realize it, Textor has led the companies he has worked for while they produced work which audiences will recognize. He is known for producing the science fiction/fantasy film, Ender’s Game, and he has previously run the Digital Domain Media Group, which has done the visual effects work on many films, including Transformers, Tron:Legacy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. In fact, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button received multiple awards for the work, done during a time of his leadership with the company, in creating the first entirely digital human actor that came across as believable.

Corporation which specializes in the application of computer-generated human likeness, and he is currently producing the feature-length animated film Art Story, which is being developed by veteran filmmakers from Disney, Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. After college, Textor’s path to leadership in media technology came after stints with the private equity firm, Wyndcrest Holdings, as a Managing Partner, and as Director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse. He has accomplished much in leading technology in media since he graduated in 1987 from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Tom Rothman Considered For Top Sony Position

Tom Rothman has been listed as one of the leading candidates to replace former SONY chair, Amy Paschal, who stepped down from the position earlier this week to head up a new production company and under the lights of very awkward comments made about the SONY talent during the SONY hacking incident. Tom Rothman is the current head of the company TriStar Pictures, which he has headed up since the mid 2013. Rothman was the former co-chairman as well as the CEO of FOX and he also founded Fox Searchlight Company in 1994. Rothman is the only candidate who has headed one of the major studios in Hollywood. Rothman however is not universally popular as a result of his brash style of management and he is not known as having the best people skills with the studio’s talent.

If Tom Rothman is selected he will have big shoes to fill. During Amy Pascal’s tenure at SONY she has presided over a number of block busters including, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Groundhog Day” and “Men in Black.” She had close relationships with many of the SONY talent.

Tom Rothman has a history of success, which included a stellar 18 year track record of hits such as “Titanic” and “Avatar.” Rothman was also at the reigns during the release of the Oscar winning productions “Black Swan” and “The Descendants”.

Tom Rothman does face some stiff competition, which include other high powered candidates, such as Doug Belgrad, who just last year was appointed president of the studio’s (SONY) Motion Picture Group. Another strong candidate is Jeff Robinov, who is the former Warner Bros. head executive, whose brand new film company, “Studio 8”, signed a distribution deal with SONY just last year.

Keith Mann and the Dynamics of Staffing

Today’s companies need many things in order to succeed, with perhaps the most important being adequate levels of qualified personnel. However, finding qualified people who are capable of meeting the high expectations of corporations can be more difficult than many people imagine. As more and more companies need qualified people to meet current demands, they are turning their attention to staffing firms that provide various levels of staffing for many different types of jobs. One of the most in-demand staffing needs of today’s businesses is executive and managerial staffing, which is becoming increasingly important to companies looking to save time by having others screen potential candidates. One of the most well-respected and effective staffing firms is Dynamic Search Partners, founded by the maker of a true success story, Keith Mann.

 Using his knowledge and experience Keith Mann has managed to create a staffing firm that specializes in finding various types of staffing for investment and equity firms. Since 2001, Keith has put his skills to the test and helped to fill more than 2,100 client requests for staffing and other needs. This has taken a level of commitment that many others do not possess, and it has served Keith and his firm quite well over the years. By taking the time to listen to the concerns of his clients and then find the perfect person for their company, he has shown a talent for choosing those who can help take companies to levels never before achieved.

 Well-respected within financial circles, Dynamic Search Partners has gained a reputation for excellence that can be directly attributed to Keith. Always known as one of the hardest-working people in the business world, Keith has always had a desire to work harder than anyone else in order to achieve results that put him at the top of the business ladder. Through his many years of hard work, Keith has put together one of the world’s largest databases of executive talent from which he can pull when a company requests his services. Specializing mostly in executives from the investment sector, Keith and his firm are also able to work with clients who need assistance managing hedge funds and alternative investments.

 Described as a cut above the rest, Keith Mann is living proof that hard work and dedication pay off.