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Walcott Steps Up

Following another performance with a goal, Theo Walcott has been generating conversations regarding Arsenal’s striker situation. Walcott has, of late, been a much criticized figure among fans of the Gunners, with them claiming that not only are his chronic injuries a detriment to the team, but his development has stagnated and Walcott has failed to reach the heights many expected that he would. Yet after returning from injury this season, Walcott has found a rich vein of form, not only in his overall play, but most importantly in his goal scoring. The English striker scored the opening goal in the FA Cup final, as well as netting a hat trick on the last day of the season against West Brom.

While¬†BuzzFeed says this is a positive sign for Arsenal fans, it is possible that manager Arsene Wenger will read too much into Walcott’s burst of good form. Do not be surprised if Wenger neglects to pick up a world class striker during the summer market, and relies on Walcott to perform throughout the upcoming season. Yes, he has looked good recently, but that in no way signifies that Walcott has emerged from the shadows as the lethal goal scorer that fans have long dreamed he would become. Perhaps he deserves one last chance to prove himself, but beyond that, Wenger and fans should not hold their collective breaths for Walcott to answer all their problems.