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Andy Wirth’s Brush With Death

Andy Wirth was born in Neubrucke, West Germany, he graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Today, Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He once worked as a backcountry forest ranger before getting into the mountain country and hotel resort industry, which he has worked in for over 25 years.

A Facebook post confirms that Andy Wirth is a man of many passions, he enjoys skiing, sailing, and almost anything fitness related. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal for his fitness routine. One hobby he was extremely passionate about was skydiving, a hobby that lead to tragedy.

On a windy day during October of 2013 his right arm was torn off in a horrible skydiving accident. Andy Wirth had already made multiple jumps that day in Davis, California. Later that day they moved to a different zone in Lodi, California, where the incident took place.

KCRW reported that when Andy Wirth jumped from the plane, high wind knocked him course and he was forced to land in a vineyard. He caught his right arm on a spike that was holding the vines, it tore his arm almost completely off. Alone and horribly injured, he knew it was a deadly situation.

He was able to calm himself by singing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breath.” He was airlifted to the hospital and emergency surgery saved his arm. He spent fifty days in recovery and had over twenty surgeries on his arm.

Since his accident Andy Wirth has decided to stop skydiving. Although, he deeply misses one of his favorite hobbies he says his family is much more important. The dangers of skydiving are real, even for a licensed and experiences skydiver, like Wirth.

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