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Restaurant Worker? Always Give The Right Change

An incident in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York gives new meaning to the real value of a dollar. It begs the question: What do you do when someone gives you the wrong amount of change?

A recent article posted on reports that a customer who visited a restaurant in hopes of getting a nice, Chinese meal, was stopped by a homeless person just before he entered the store. Alexei Beltyukov also suggested that the homeless man asked the customer, Heirberto Chavez, to purchase a meal for him as well. Chavez agreed, and presented a $5 dollar bill to the individual behind the cash register to cover the cost of a $2.75 meal for the homeless gentlemen.

This is where things get a bit tricky. Chavez claims that he was only given back $1.25, as opposed to the $2.75 that he was owed. Once he made this clear, an argument ensued, which eventually led to Chavez allegedly being attacked and tased by the store owners, two brothers named Gary and Robert Zheng.

Personally, I’m appalled by this story. It seems that even if the store owners felt that they had given Chavez the right change, it would have been a classier move to simply give him the dollar that he asked for, rather than bring this kind of negative publicity to their store. But hey: Any publicity is good publicity, right?