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Oncotarget Focus on Researches that Help Fight Cancer

The complexity of tumor development and the integrity of the human organism has contributed to Oncotarget journal to give focus on cancer research and oncology. The paper also focuses its outstanding research on other fields such as age-related diseases, pathology, endocrinology, immunology, and physiology. The publication, which is published by Impact Journals, acts as a useful platform for researchers to air their findings on the above category of diseases.

Published Researches

The studies presented to Oncotarget undergo thorough review and editing before publication to ensure they meet the right standards. The research results are used in helping physicians curb some of the deadliest human diseases.

One such type of research on genes causing leukemia was done by Oregon Health and Science University. The researcher focused on the gene ‘typo’ that is responsible for causing cancer. Cancer is known to be caused a mistake in genes that lead to mutation.

When doing research on leukemia genes, Watanabe-Smith, a post-doctorate fellow at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, discovered new problems. The model system used to sequence patient genes produced new genes which he had not put there. Once such a discovery is published in the journal, other doctors can do further research and come up with ways of rectifying the model.

Still, in another study published in Oncotarget, researchers got a better understanding of genes causing breast cancer. With that information, scientists can direct their focus on finding means of stopping these defaulted genes.

Impact of Research Publication

In addition to providing scientists with insight into cancer and other related diseases, Oncotarget is also receiving a lot of popularity. The information published in the journal is constructive and punctual, helping peer researchers improve on their research.

Additionally, scientific research results are accessible widely and in a rapid manner. With this kind of speed, the border between specialties is broken. Similarly, different fields of biomedical science are linked and maximizing the impact of the research.

Oncotarget Leadership

The success of Oncotarget can be credited to the prominent leadership of dedicated scientist, Andrei V. Gudkov, and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, who are the editors in chief. The two are assisted by other reputable editors who form the editorial board.

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White Shark Media: Helping You Get Your SEO Game On Point

When looking to gain a good SEO ranking, keywords are really the first to be considered. This is because they identify the business and inform users of the content of the business. For a long time, business would employ keyword stuffing that is where keywords are placed in the title, the description and the content of the page.
Although it was an effective method to improve SEO ranking, it did not look out for the user. Placing all these keywords meant that no meaningful information about the page could be found from the results. If you are wondering what is the right way to place these keywords well you are in the right place. The keyword should appear in the
• Page Title
• Main headline
• Description so that users can know what the content of the page is.
• Page content a couple of times

But then comes the big question, how do you target/choose the keywords that you are going to use.

i. Keyword Research
There are a number of tools on the web that can help you to choose the right keywords including Wordstream, Ubersuggest and the explore tool n Google Trends. They can help you to identify which keywords are appropriate, and Google Trends even allows you to sort by location and season. Finally, go through some of the search results and identify the search intent, and in most cases you’ll find gives additional information about the content.

ii. Categorize and list the keywords
Match the pages of your website with a category, after assigning them names that go hand in hand with the search intent.
iii. Then comes a critical part of the process, taking a keyword and assigning it a title and headline. It is also advisable to utilize keywords that are relevant to a specific geo-location.

iv. Lastly, identify synonyms and related search terms. This is because as long as the intent is the same, variants can still be identified by search engines.
And finally, it is important to realize that there is a distinction between keywords and search queries and those keywords alone do not guarantee a better ranking. Search engines have gotten better and through machine learning, they are able to pull up relevant results based on the intent and not the phrasing of keywords.

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Incorporating Olympic Valley not seen as a good idea

The Olympic Valley region in Tahoe hs recently been at the center of a battle over whether to incorporate the area into a city of less than 1,000 people. The Sacramento Business Journal reports the decision looks set to fall on the side of those hoping incorporation does not happen after an independent study looked into the available options for the area and concluded incorporation would lead to large deficits for the area.

The study was created for the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission and took into account the many options available to the region, including the establishment of a resort at the former Olympic village. The growth of a tourist industry in the area is central to the plans of many who hope to see a city incorporated as the majority of funds would be raised through a transient tourist tax charged on those entering the area for winter sports activities. The need for a strong tourist industry is described as vital as an Olympic Valley city would have no other sources of income to rely upon.

Rival groups have been pouring over the conclusions of the study, but the main conclusion of the report is that the Olympic Valley area would not be able to sustain itself in terms of funding. Even with the inclusion of the taxes charged on potential tourists the deficit is reported to grow over the years of incorporation to around $1.8 million by the 2017-18 fiscal year. A large deficit would grow over the years as the Olympic Valley area would be forced to engage in expensive contracts with the county in a bid to complete its required services. Tourism could provide a large influx of funds for the region. However, the head of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort Andy Wirth has been against incorporation from the start. The study also claimed problems could appear if the area was affected by issues with a lack of snow that limited tourism opportunities.

The Government Doesn’t Want You to Know Drinking Alcohol is Good For You

Alcohol has become nearly synonymous with unhealthy living, and has a bad reputation in the health-care community. You might be surprised that there is convincing evidence that abstaining from alcohol is a major factor in a person’s risk for heart disease and early death.

Clearly, becoming a full blown alcoholic is not recommended and can lead to serious and deadly consequences. Yet, both the CDC and Dietary Guidelines for Americans have tried to confirm the benefits of moderate and regular alcohol consumption, but have been met with a vast amount of criticism by those who do not want to accept the evidence as truth.

A review published by The Research Society on Alcoholism stated, “A considerable body of epidemiology associates moderate alcohol consumption with significantly reduced risks of coronary heart disease and, albeit currently a less robust relationship, cerebrovascular (ischemic) stroke.”

This advocacy of alcohol is coming straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, an organization dedicated to preventing and treating alcoholism.

The published review from Brad Reifler (further information located on also explained that many studies have also shown regular ingestion of alcohol has been linked to better cognitive functioning in those not suffering from alcoholism or a pathological addiction to the substance.

As more of this research enters into the American consciousness, alcohol will no longer have such a strong stigma attached to it as something that is extremely unhealthy. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be true in that abstaining from drinking can lead to an early death, among other things.