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Hot London Vacation Rentals

Why are they hot? I can’t tell you enough, the shock as I went on World Escape London and was taken in by the pictures of the London vacation rental properties they offered. I was looking for a hotel but, I was so taken in by the apartments that I ended up booking one. While I was looking, I told my husband and we shared the site all over social media and to the family so they could help us decide. It’s that hard, they are all so gorgeous.
So, at first we thought oh this has to cost big somehow but turns out they had better deals than that of other so-called bargain sites when you compare it with the quality of what we got.
So, we finally arrive and as the plane was landing, we couldn’t wait to get to the place. The sun was up, and according to our bodies, we were supposed to be asleep but we were too excited.
We were still nervous because it just sunk in that we are 12,000 plus miles away and we booked a London vacation rental via a picture we fell in love with. Well, when the cab pulled up to the place our heart stopped! It was breath taking and what was even more breath taking was the inside.
State-of-the-art modern appliances, pristine floors and furniture. Climate controlled perfectly and sound-proof windows. You barely heard a peep from the street down stairs. Of course the bed is the priority for us and that was smashing so they say!
The fluffy pillows and soft linens unlike anything in any hotel stateside.
After we settled in a while and had a meal and a nap, we noticed how much thought went into the decor of the place. Everything was themed in some way room to room with art or some kind of really lovely shelving with interesting art inside the boxed shelving.
I truly got ideas gallor and used it as soon as we got home.
Needless to say our bedroom does not look the same as it did. It’s more like London!