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Nick Vertucci Teaching Real Estate on the East and West Coast

Nick Vertucci explains California’s new legislation for affordable housing. Vertucci believes that if the legislation is passed it might increase the number of homes available and raise average rent. People need to put down as little as $75 for a mortgage. Those current home owners, who want to finance their homes may not go over the $225 cap. Nick Vertucci thinks that affordable housing legislation could improve the state’s economy by increasing the revenue of the companies that supply the construction supplies, furniture, landscaping, and materials for roofing, home appliances, windows, and more. Because of the legislation, more than 1.5 million families, who were not able to afford homes before, about 600,000 of these families will be able to become homeowners within the coming year.


From 2001 to 2007, Nick Vertucci was the president and CEO of Coastline and Micro Corporations. In January of 2007, Nick Vertucci left Coastline and Micro to start his own realestate companies called The Nick Vertucci Companies in Orange County California. Vertucci is responsible for creating the Turn Key investment system that was designed to make it easier to help investors with purchasing, property rehabilitation, and renting properties that are owned by banks.


As president and CEO of Coastline Micro, Vertucci had a staff if 100 employees. Coastline Micro was a leader in computer systems all over the United States.


Vertucci has a publication about real estate investing. He also hosts a real estate investing hour show on Saturdays at 11 in the morning on KFWB AM 980.


Mr. Vertucci also has an online webnar to teach people about turn key investing. The real estate genius is offering seminars to teach people in Jacksonville, Florida how to flip homes, quickly reselling homes to make a profit. People who come to the seminar will not only get a lesson in home flipping, they will also get a free gift pack that includes an instruction house flipping manual on a USB drive, they will receive a smart watch, power charger, and a certificate for free lunch or dinner. The whole $599 package is, absolutely free.







Roberto Santiago Made his Shopping Center a Successful Experiment – The Most Successful One of the Brazilian State of Paraiba

Roberto Santiago is the Brazilian entrepreneur and architect Specialist that is responsible for one of the most important shopping centers in Brazil, his homeland.

Being born in João Pessoa, a city in the interior of the northwest territory of the country, he became a successful business manager just by dedicating himself to his extreme and focusing on improving himself every day. Visit his profile page on

Currently 58 years old, Roberto Santiago is the owner of Manaira Shopping, in Paraiba, the region where the city of João Pessoa is situated. There, he became a reference to other investors and business owners since he founded the shopping center and became a famous name around the community of Paraiba.

The entrepreneur is not only an expert in his craft, but he also decided to understand all of the valuable assets that a good shopping mall requires. In no time, he became dedicated to learning what was successful in the leisure department of famous shopping centers around the world and tried to implement those assets to his creation, Manaira Shopping.

The building was inaugurated in 1989 and is, since then, a significant part of the massive region of Paraiba, and already a touristic must-visit point for any traveler that is meeting Paraiba for the first time.

Roberto Santiago is among the most successful rising entrepreneurs in that region, earning him big prizes and awards for his foundation. The shopping mall of João Pessoa now is the main buying center and is the primary target for anyone in the local community that wants to, well, go shopping. There is competition around the famous shopping mall of Roberto Santiago, but Manaira Shopping is still the king of that department in Paraiba.

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Manaira Shopping is continuously being improved by the entrepreneur, with new areas being added every year. The building was built strategically located next to the beautiful Brazilian beaches of João Pessoa. With an enormous variety of cinema modes and leisure activities that definitely not every Brazilian shopping contains, it became a standard example for newer shopping centers that rose after the big king of Paraiba. It has one of the largest spaces to eat, with a small piece of that dedicated to exquisite food, the “gourmet location,” which brings it as a definite choice for families that want to have a good time together.

Roberto Santiago didn’t limit himself to the inauguration and constant updating and improvements of Manaira Shopping: He later participated in the foundation of Mangabeira Shopping, another big shopping center that meets the standards of the most successful malls in the world. These include designs that come from shopping centers of the United States as well as big stores that come from models from Japan.

It contains a wide variety of stores from different cultures to please all kinds of clients and visitors, be it a tourist or a local.

Town Residential Offers Innovative Services Concerning Selling And Buying Of Residential Real Estate

New York is regarded as one of the best and busiest cities in the globe for one to settle. However, one will spend much time looking for a good property to rent or buy. In New York, getting real estate is a herculean task given that each neighborhood has its own uniqueness.

One will need to factor different things in order to get real estate that suits his or her needs. To this end, it is advisable than an individual enlists the services of a professional in order to get real estate easily and enjoy the experience. Town Residential is a renowned firm that offers diverse real estate services. Based in New York, the company zeroes in on residential property. The company offers different services such as development of property, leasing, marketing and sales of the property. Andrew Heiberger established the firm in 2010.

Through its leadership and an experienced team of professionals, Town Residential has been providing its large clientele with great services. They have enabled their clients to locate their ideal residential homes. The firm has also linked perfect buyers with the owners of real estate property. The company has a seller’s guide, which provides them with a wide range of services that include pricing advice, marketing strategies and advertising.

 The firm believes that sellers should be shown how to market their real estate to the potential buyers in a presentable manner. In addition, one should undertake proper advertising in order for many people to know of the real estate property’s existence. This way, a seller will not have stress on how to sell his or her property. Town Residential guides its clients in the entire process to ensure that they settle for the apartments or residential real estate that satisfy their utility. A quick look at the company’s website shows that it has a large pool of experienced and highly qualified representatives who are ready to render their services to the clients. This information was originally mentioned on Below the Crowd.

About Town Residential

This real estate brokerage firm has been in operation for over 5 years. Andrew Heiberger is the co-chairman as well as the chief executive officer of Town Residential. Thor Equities, a real estate firm and landlord owned by Joseph Sitt, is an equity partner of the firm. Andrew founded Citi Habitats, a leading brokerage firm that zeroed in rentals. It was later purchased by NRT. According to Crain’s, in New York City, Town Residential ranks as one the best places to work. The firm absorbed Thomas & Ingram, a company that zeroes in the West Village sales, into its Meatpacking District branch office in 2013. This information was originally published on The Real Deal.

Luxurious Apartments in New York City

New York City, the city for prime real-estate. New York City is quite literally the land of opportunity and the city where cosmopolitanism is constantly changing policies of the world. Luxury apartments are one of the most sought after real-estate properties that are sold in New York City. People want to live in the city in style. Recently, according to luxurydaily, it has been reported that the real-estate in Manhattan has reached its highest peak of sales within the last seven years.

Manhattan has become one of the premier spots to own NYC luxury real estate. It has been reported that one in five apartments in Manhattan are considered luxury apartments. The growth in luxury apartments is due to the real estate market growing on not just the local side, but also the international side of the spectrum. It has been reported that the market will continue to see large amounts of growth within the year.

Some of the most luxurious apartments that are sold are done through a NYC luxury real estate company known as Town Residential. Town Residential is a firm that specializes in real-estate service. This means finding the perfect home that fits each individual’s requirements. Town Residential was developed in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. Both Mr. Heiberger and Mr. Sitt are still extremely active in the firm as of present day.

The mission of Town Residential is to provide each client with the most luxurious apartment and landscape that makes every home unique. The firm specializes in luxury residential sales, leasing and marketing, sales, as well as leasing property developments. What makes Town Residential such a special firm to use is the fact that excellence is the primary mission of this company.

The professionals that work for Town Residential are what provide the individualized and unique services to each customer. Each individual’s knowledge and experience of real-estate is what makes this firm specialize in selling the best of the best luxury apartments.

Some of the neighborhoods that are included in the listings provided by this firm include: SoHo, Gramercy Park, Union Square, Flatiron District, the Financial District, Battery Park, East Village, and many more sites. The luxurious apartments that are sold by this firm are of the finest quality. In addition to this, the unique and individualistic attention that is received by each customer is just an example as to why this firm is popular to those looking for luxurious apartments in New York City.