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Tammy Mazzocco Real Estate Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, there is a lot of advice out there right now. Not only that, but it is an expensive process that you need to have a firm grasp on if you want to succeed at a high level. Over the years, there are a lot of people like Tammy Mazzocco who have learned how to invest in the long term in real estate. Learning from someone who is an expert in the field is always something that is beneficial. If you want to sell your home, there are a lot of things that you can do to have success. First of all, you have to know the market you are in. Click Here for ideamensch interview.

Local Market

Every real estate market is different. With those differences, there will be changes in what people look for over the long term. Not only that, but you can also start to think about the future in terms of what you are going to do to make your home stand out from others. Over time, this is one of the leading reasons that many people struggle to sell their home. Without research, Tammy Mazzocco says that it can be difficult to sell your home in any market. Tammy at Facebook .


Selling your home is a huge decision. For many people, their home is their largest and most valuable asset. If you want to build wealth with your home, you need to be during the right times of the year and sell when the market is hot. Tammy Mazzocco can help yo with advice on specific things to do to sell your home. Not only that, but you can start to invest in the future to drive value in a number of ways. Tammy Mazzocco is an expert in the field and will help you in any way she can. for more .

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Tammy Mazzocco: A Realtor’s-eye View of the Ohio Housing Market

It’s been a banner year for the Ohio housing market – the busiest, in fact, since 2005. Throughout Ohio, home purchases were up 7.5% from 2015 while prices remained average. Even as temperatures dropped in December, sales of existing homes in Ohio remained up 2.8% over the year before which is substantial considering the fact that interest rates surged in early November. However, with record numbers of homes coming off the market, the shrinking pool of available properties has fueled concerns of price growth for the remaining listings.

Now realtors have their work cut out for them trying to find listings that fit their buyers’ preferences and budgets. Realtors like Tammy Mazzocco; who has witnessed the rise and fall and rise again of the Ohio housing market during the last 17 years as a residential real estate agent for Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, OH. Previously to joining Gang & Associates, Tammy Mazzoccoo served as a licensed personal assistant to RE/MAX agent, Joe Armeni, and before that Tammy spent nearly a decade in property management.

In a recent interview, Tammy Mazzocco shared insight into what makes the services she provides to her clients so special: “I treat my clients’ time and investment as I would my own. I don’t focus on the commission coming at the end of the deal…I stayed in the moment and focused on the deal and what is best for the client at all times.” Tammy Mazzoccoo gets some client leads from companies like Zillow and but admits that “repeat business and referrals make up about 85% of my business.”

In the current housing market, realtors like Tammy Mazzocco will be highly sought after. Svenja Gudell, a real estate data executive for Zillow, has stated that “At this point lackluster inventory remains the number one driver of sales and prices.” Based on numbers from December 2016, there is a 3.6-month supply of real estate nationally which means that the existing listings will sell out in less than 4 months. This indicates an unbalanced market with the scales tilting to the seller’s benefit. That makes finding a real estate agent who puts the client’s interests first extremely important. View Tammy Mazzocco’s agent profile on

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