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Qnet Asian Expansion Driven By Transparency

How often is it that a company openly asks a government for more regulation in the markets in which it operates? Not too often. Yet, Qnet, a Malaysian direct sales firm that has a history of successful expansion through India and Asia is on record as asking the Indian government to regulate direct sales operations so they can make the industry a better place for their sales people to do business.

It is that type of commitment to transparency that is translating successfully throughout the region into more sales representatives wanting to join Qnet as it expands.

Leveraging technology from the start:

Qnetstarted out in 1998 as a direct sales firm that leveraged e-commerce to bring its products in front of a larger audience. Part-buyer’s club and part-sales opportunity, they soon became popular and profitable within Malaysia. As they expanded, they continued to make gains throughout Asia because their sales model is very similar to what most consumers and salespeople see as being a traditional internet direct selling model.

Instead of offering multiple levels of referral fees or commissions for new people, they merely offer salespeople a wholesale discount for the goods that are available through their website. They also offer one level of referral fee from customers that are introduced by each particular sales representative- which is the same model that many retail websites and manufacturers have adopted. With that type of transparency in place, it isn’t surprising that they want the Indian government to regulate companies that may be giving the direct sales model a bad name.

Open to feedback:

Another hallmark of a successful company is one that listens to its employees and representatives. In that regard, the company is also very open about accepting new product ideas if they make economic sense and can perform to the standards set by Qnet. That in turn empowers their representatives to think outside the product box and look for ways of expanding the product lineup to include something that they may have a stake in. For those that join the company in order to build a career working with consumer products, it means that they automatically have a platform which allows for both sales management and product development, something that they would probably not be able to walk into elsewhere.

An E-commerce Giant:

Qnet also spends a lot of money annually on its technology platform, creating an atmosphere which makes it easy for sales representatives to use to show potential clients. Because the product mix is so large and the e-commerce site is so easy to use, it makes it compelling for customers to see the site as if it is an online hypermarket that can be visited to purchase items of quality and value.