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George Soros Climbs to the Helm in Finance and Philanthropy

Many know George Soros, the billionaire manager of Hedge Fund, due to his political influence in the United States as well as funding foundations that many liberals believe in. The man has been very instrumental in spreading capitalism within the countries that were under the effect of the Soviets. In fact, his foundation’s records show that he has spent about $1.6 billion in the interest of democratic advance especially in Eastern Europe. A further $1.5 billion was spent in the United States on democratic reforms such as criminal justice, immigration and democratic governance.

The riches of George Soros have given him so much financial power that in the early 1990s, he placed a bet against the British Pound, a move that earned him more than a billion dollars. This information is according to

In his philanthropically activities, George Soros has given away over $12 million throughout his lifetime. He prefers to support societies and individuals that advocate for equality, justice, an accountable government, the freedom of expression and transparency. In Europe, he has supported groups representing the Roma people and those pushed to immoral activities such as drug abuse and sex as well as the LGBTI people. In some of these, Soros has firsthand experience as he lived in Hungary, where he was born, through the Nazi era of 1944-1995. During this time, 500,000 Hungarian Jews were killed but his family had managed to survive by getting false papers that masked their backgrounds. In 1947, while the Communists were merging power after the wars in Hungary, Soros fled Budapest for London. He pursued Economics from the London School and this forced him to toil as a nightclub waiter and as a railway porter to support his education. He would later immigrate to the United States, which was the threshold of his success. Learn more on about George Soros.

Upon moving to the United States in 1956, George Soros entered the world of finance and investments. He quickly moved up the ladder and in 1970, he founded the Soros Fund manager- his own hedge fund. It was from there that he became a renowned investor with so many accomplishments. With the wealth he created, he created the Open Society Foundations. The foundation works with the philosophy of Karl popper in which George Soros firmly believes in. the philosophy purports that societies can only do well under a democratic leadership, respect for human rights, freedom of expression and that no ideology is the final intermediary of the truth. His major philanthropic accomplishments are giving scholarships to black South Africans affected by the apartheid, helping promote exchange of ideas in the Communist bloc, funding cultural interchange between the West and Eastern Europe and creating the Central Europe University. Learn more on Biography about George

Betsy DeVos Is Not The Enemy Here: Opposing Trump’s Overturning of Transgender Bathroom Bill

It may come as a surprise to some of us, but Betsy DeVos did in fact oppose Donald Trump’s rescinding of a bill protecting transgender public school students’ use of the gender bathroom of their own choice. Indeed, the new education secretary was overruled directly by Trump.

The guidelines for the Obama administration’s 2016 protections were originally issued jointly by the Departments of Justice and Education. The two departments are still discussing details of the final wording of the order and DeVos has pushed for including a requirement that public schools ensure that transgender students are able to “learn in a safe environment” free from bullying.

Good for her, I say. At least someone in the new cabinet cares about minority and vulnerable groups! But she has already been criticized harshly on social media for not pushing back harder against the new administration’s draft despite her efforts.

It was a joint letter by officials from the Justice Department and the Education Department that countered the Obama administration’s stance that nondiscrimination laws should include the right for transgender students to use bathrooms of their own choice. The letter went on to criticize the Obama directive as improper and lacking “regard for the primary role of the states and local school districts in establishing educational policy.”

The “bathroom debate” as it is generally known, is exposing what may be a rift in the Trump administration. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is in the middle of it, opposing both President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

According to The New York Times, DeVos resisted Sessions’ push to quickly move forward and advised Donald Trump of the harm to students that rescinding the bill could cause.

After Secretary of Education DeVos was pressured into dropping her objections, she released a statement strongly urging every school in America to protect all students from discrimination and harassment as its moral obligation. Further, DeVos directed the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights to investigate all claims of such treatment against those who are most vulnerable in our schools.

She is having a tough go of it so far. Is she making enemies among the wolves? Who could blame her?

LGBT issues was a core issue for opponents of DeVos’ recent nomination, considering the substantial donations that her wealthy and politically renown family members have given to anti-gay causes in the past.

So who is Betsy DeVos anyway? Has she really earned the ire of the public and the disapproval of the new administration?

She has distanced herself from those relatives noting that her views are not in line with theirs. Some report that she has for man years been supportive of gay rights and has famously voiced concern about the high rates of suicide among transgender students. She holds degrees in both Business and Political Science and her resume is dotted with political and philanthropic work. She is currently chair of a private group investing in tech, manufacturing and clean energy. She has also served on the board of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which promotes education.

Although only time will truly tell, I say we extend DeVos the courtesy of an open mind

Charles Koch and the Republican Leading Presidential Candidate

The presidential race in the United States of America is shaping out differently from what the Koch brothers had anticipated. His promise to back the Republicans in the funding of the campaign is turning out difficult due to the threat that Donald Trump may be nominated to be the presidential contender. There were agreed conditions and issues that the candidates should address to qualify for his financing. In a recent interview, he promised not to work with him as his agendas are un-American. He says he spent $400 million in 2012 in a bid to have Mitt Romney take the White House. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign outfoxed them. This time, Koch reveals he has a $900 million war chest but doesn’t have the right candidate to back.

Charles Koch has expressed his dismay at some of Donald’s key drivers. His anti-Islam and Anti-Latino rhetoric does not strike well with the idea of America. But Koch is not in a position to react to the Trumps rise. Anything he does can be taken to mean he is trying to block Trump from the White House. It remains to be seen what strategy Charles Koch will employ in this election cycle.

The billionaire vividly announced that he was not pleased with the primary selection of candidates by the Republicans. He feels that the political class is not addressing what is important to the society, and the most urgent needs of America have not been given priority.

Koch is a classical libertarian. It is his mission to spread the gospel of free capitalism to the American masses. Charles Koch firmly believes it’s only through minimal government interference that free enterprise can thrive. For a man inspired by the 19th-century British politician, William Gladstone, he has achieved much. He grew his father’s business from a turnover of $50 million annually to $100 billion annually. William Gladstone was against policies that supported Corn Law trade tariffs and individuals politicizing business models.

Koch is an intelligent business executive with an engineering Ph.D. from MIT. He lives in Wichita Kansas with his wife, Liz, and has two kids and three grandkids. Koch has since 1973 shaped American policies through his network of think tanks and sponsored parties. It is this system that has seen Koch establish a significant influence on American policies despite his shy demeanor.

The Koch Brothers Create a Company to Manage Their Wealth

The Koch Brothers, Charles and David, are well-known as the co-owners of Koch Industries, the second-largest private company in the United States, as well as for organizing fundraising for politically conservative causes and politicians. They’ve recently begun using a limited liability company, 1888 Management LLC, to oversee their personal funds.

1888 has personal significance for them because that’s the year their grandfather, Hotze “Harry” Koch, left the Netherlands to come to America seeking his fortune, eventually becoming a newspaper editor in Texas with a libertarian point of view. In 1900, Harry’s son Fred C. was born. Fred C. founded the oil refinery that became Koch Industries, which Charles Koch took over from him.

Charles Koch, the elder brother, is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Koch Industries. Together with David, he has long supported various libertarian and conservative causes, including The Cato Institute, The Heritage Foundation, the Libertarian Party and Americans for Prosperity.

Recently Charles published an op-ed piece supporting Bernie Sanders’ view that systemic, structural inequality was a problem in the United States, though he disagreed with Sanders’ socialist solutions for solving the problem. Although he is a prominent supporter of conservative causes, he is also pro-choice, in favor of same-sex marriage and advocates reforming the criminal justice system.

1888 was registered in the state of Delaware in 2014, so it is a relatively new entity. For a wealthy family to use such a vehicle for handling their personal financial wealth is not unusual.

Trent May is in charge of 1888, its Chief Investment Officer. He began working for the Koch brothers in 2011, after time spent managing his own hedge fund and then the Retirement System fund for the state of Wyoming.

According to the article in Bloomberg Business, May is looking for companies in which the Koch family funds can acquire a sizable percentage of the equity. The telecommunications firm X5 OpCo LLC is reportedly one of 1888’s investments.

May is highly regarded for the people he used to work for in Wyoming, including Thomas Williams and Laura Ladd. Williams was Executive Director of Wyoming’s retirement system and responsible for hiring May. Ladd is the Chairwoman.

Shedding Light to Five Myths Regarding the Koch Brothers

In the past, the Koch brothers were not as popular to many people in the United States, for instance the insiders in Washington DC. Their popularity was triggered by a series of investigative reports made by various journalists such as Jane Mayer in The New Yorker dubbed as Covert Operations. Consequently, other entities such as public interest groups and journalists have followed suit to dig for more information about the vast political affiliations and operations of the Koch brother. With many myths and misconceptions about Charles Koch, it has become imperative for Democrats and the public to set out the myths from the facts.

Reacting to Barrack Obama’s Tenure as President

Information about the Koch Brothers political operations date back to the George Bush Administration. Charles Koch proclaimed that he and his brother opted to get involved in politics in 2003 after sighting the actions of the Bush government.

Pet Project

Koch network is not a pet project. Primarily, this is because information about their network has shown that the brothers have been rallying other wealthy individuals to donate towards similar political intentions.

Corporate Front

The Koch network has been proven to be more than just a corporate front. The Koch brothers are claimed to finance various think tanks and special groups to fight against various factors such as efforts to limit industrial pollution. They influence legislations through various Republican members.

Giving money to Conservative Groups

Many individuals view the Koch network as a secret bank. However, it should be noted that the network comprises of organizations, which fund various separate agendas that are crucial to the success of the entire network. Primarily, this is because the network consists of other wealthy individuals and organizations.

A Third-Political Party

Both the Koch network and the Republicans have a symbiotic relationship. The network needs the party’s office holders to advance their agenda while the Republicans requires the funding or access to donors.

Details Regarding Charles Koch

Charles Koch co-own the Koch Industries Inc., which is among the top privately owned energy companies. His success has resulted from his continued effort with his brother David to transform his father’s company into a mega corporation that deals with diverse petroleum commodities.

Charles Koch is also a philanthropist who has been financially supporting various activities geared to educational projects focusing on advancing free-market opinions, research, and policy. In addition, he is behind various scholarships as well as the research of different economists such as Friedrich Hayek and James Buchanan.

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Charles Koch in Agreement with Bernie Sanders on Effects of Income Inequality in Society

In his open editorial article, billionaire industrialist and businessman, Charles Koch expressed his support for some of the opinions of Bernie Sanders most notably on income inequality. He was of the opinion that the wealthy few in society use their influence and power unfairly to further their agendas. They heavily influence the country’s politics by donating millions of dollars in support of their favored political candidates.

He expressed the importance of having a level playing field where the power of the wealthy few was curtailed. He said that he does not support the two tiered system experienced in America. This system was prone to doom millions of citizens in the lower classes to abject poverty and hopelessness. The fact that many large corporations seek to benefit well from corporate welfare at the expense of ordinary citizens does not sit well with him.

The billionaire has long been a supporter of libertarian government policies. He stated that the business community together with political parties was responsible for enacting policies that support a cycle of dependency, control, poverty and cronyism in the US. Senator Bernie Sanders has been an avid supporter of breaking this chain of influence and control exerted by the wealthy few in society. He has denounced the power and influence exerted by the business community and class of billionaires who donate millions of dollars at every election to influence the results.

Despite his support for some of Sanders’ policies, Charles Koch has categorically stated that he does not support the senator’s campaign. He said that the two have many differences of opinions when it comes to government policies. In addition, Sanders has often bashed the Koch Brothers for donating millions of dollars in support of policies that aim to cut key social programs. Some of the target programs include social security, Medicare and federal aid to environmental and education.

Charles Koch said that he disagrees with many of the senator’s views and policies even though he has never had the opportunity to meet Sanders. This means that the Koch-led network of billionaires will not offer their massive support to Sanders. This is because the senator wants to establish more government control as opposed to the libertarian policies pushed by the conservative billionaires.

It is reported that the network will spend almost $750 million in the coming elections. However more money will be raised to support broader policy issues like education programs, scholarships and research.

The Koch Dynasty Ponders on Taking on Trump and the 2016 Election

The billionaire Koch family headed by Charles and David Koch is undecided on which political candidate to back for the 2016 election that is just around the corner. However, it is clear that the largely republican brothers do not support a Donald Trump candidacy. The Kochs have for a long time tried unsuccessfully to have a republican candidate they supported get elected. This is despite the millions of dollars that they have raised in the past to fund candidates they preferred.

Libertarian views

Charles Koch is largely libertarian in nature and have spent a better part of the last 40 years trying to change the Republican Party’s views towards a more free society. They decided to choose the lesser evil between the democrats and republicans by settling on the latter and hoping to slowly influence the views of the party to suit their own.

In the 70’s, the Kochs lost a fight that sought to get rid of the two way political system between the Democrats and Republicans. Their support for the Libertarian Party was defeated. Since then, they have methodically worked on meeting their goals by assuming more pragmatic approaches. They fought to have the law that limited the amount of donations made to support political campaigns by corporations and individuals.

Changing the political scene

Their aim was to create a new face of politics where high net worth individuals had more sway and influence over the political process. They helped to build large networks of mega-donors who could bankroll a whole campaign in support of their agendas. However, despite this large wealth and power, it has proved difficult to completely influence the political scene.

Donald Trump the Wild Card

In the 2016 election, the Kochs have vowed to raise $900 million to have a republican elected to the White House. However the rise of Donald Trump as a strong candidate threatens their ambitions. Trump has proven to be a serious contender in the primary elections. The Kochs do not hold the same views as Trump and have seriously considered launching a campaign against him. A move against Trump would risk alienating members of their wealthy network.

Furthermore, any attack on Trump would actually help the candidate to further his agenda and fight against the cabal of billionaires he claims are out to influence the election.

About Charles Koch

The eighty year old Charles Koch is an avid philanthropist and businessman. The MIT educated engineer joined his fathers’ business and has since dedicated his life to grow the family business and change the political climate of the United States towards a more liberal one.

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President Obama Exasperates Over Senate Delay of Lynch

President Obama hosted a state visit today for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. In what should have been a press conference largely focused on the two nations expressing their support for the Iran nuclear framework and a broader international trade agreement, the president took time to exasperate over the Senate GOP. At issue is the president appears to be fed up with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s continued delay of the nomination vote for Loretta Lynch. While the president himself has yet to acknowledge the GOP has a voter mandate given their historic victory at the polls in November, the GOP is certainly showing the president that elections have consequences.

The GOP was pushing forward with a Human Trafficking bill with broad bipartisan support. However, Democrats later discovered language in the bill prohibiting funds seized by the government from being to pay for abortions. Democrats demanded the language be removed from the bill and have since filibustered it. Sen. McConnell then placed the Lynch nomination vote on hold until Democrats relent on the Human Trafficking bill and pass it. After the bill passes, Lynch will get her vote to become attorney general. The president derided the GOP’s actions as being “crazy”, but it appears the GOP may succeed with the tactic after all. Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels like it will just take some time. Key party leaders say they are close to reaching an agreement with Democrats to moderate the controversial language sufficient to win enough Democrat support to end the filibuster.

Latest Clinton Scandals Leave Her Candidacy Weakend

The much talked about Hillary Clinton juggernaut has suffered a blow from two scandals that have broken out in recent days. At this point, neither scandal appears close to being resolved. Newspaper reporters are investing illegal foreign donations to her family’s foundation during her tenure as Secretary of State. Some political pundits speculate the donations were tantamount to foreign countries buying access to her forthcoming presidency.

Yet it appears that it is the email scandal that has weakened her candidacy the most. On Tuesday, the Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House select committee on Benghazi, told reporters that the committee was unaware the private emails existed. Jason Halpern said this glaring omission would require further investigation into Benghazi. Accordingly, Rep. Gowdy said he would be requesting all emails from Mrs. Clinton’s personal accounts from the State Department. Only after it became apparent the emails would not be able to remain private, Mrs. Clinton tweeted that she was the one in favor of making them public.

If Mrs. Clinton thought the tweet would demonstrate transparency, she was mistaken. While she previously turned over 55,000 personal emails to the State Department, it has been learned that her aides decided which emails to turn over and which to keep private. Presumably, this would suggest that the presumptive Democrat nominee is not as interested in transparency as she is in merely appearing to be transparent. As a result, her candidacy has weakened which may give occasion for others to challenge her for the Democrat party’s nomination.

Should For Profit Colleges be Responsible for the Gainful Employment of Graduates?

The Association of Private Colleges and Universities is suing the Obama administration over regulations released last week. The new rules are intended to address the alleged inability of their graduates to find employment sufficient to provide an adequate income while paying off their student debts. Specifically, they would stop funding for training programs which yielded a poor ratio of earnings to debt for graduates.

Considering that a large portion of the funds used for tuition at these for-profit institutions originates as tax-based student loans, the attempt to keep this income flowing to the institutions can seem to be a sign of an entitlement mentality with little regard for either the taxpayers who are footing the bill or the students who should be benefiting.

Many may be reluctant to interfere with the current system out of the belief that privately operated education (even if it is publicly funded) is superior to public, and therefore best for the economy in the long run. This ignores the fact that the high student loan debt rate is having a crippling effect on entrepreneurs’ capacity to fund a small business, or buy a house. As Christian Broda explained in ValueWalk, this has had a ripple effect on the economy. There has to be a better way to help young people prepare for their careers.