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Keeping a Pit Bull Bigger Than Your Toddler in the House

Supersize pit bulls are banned in some countries. Many people are afraid of them. The breeders Marlon and Lisa Grennan have one in the house and many others on a special territory close to where they live. Their toddler, Jordan, plays with Hulk, the 12-stone supersize pit bull terrier, and even rides its back at times.

The dog patiently stands all the fuss around it. The parents say that they trust the pit bull and do not consider it inappropriate to have a small child and a huge dog in the same space. They claim that the American pit bull is misunderstood and many dog owners say that this breed randomly flips out but theirs undergo a strict training that does not allow them to develop such characters. Flavio Maluf says that they sell the puppies to celebrities and people who live in unsafe zones. Their target customers are people who feel they need more protection, Marlon and Lisa say, and those who live in safe places find the need of a supersize dog harder to understand.

The price for a trained pit bull ranges from $2,500 to $25,000. Some customers offered to buy Hulk, but received a decided no. The family says the dog is priceless, and they would throw any sum back at the one who offers it, as their own supersize pit bull will never be for sale.