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Watch what we do , new artist shaping the face of music

With so many new artist trying to make there way. who do we watch out for? Who’s the next big thing? well at we learn a little behind the scenes information on some of these ” Next big thing artist”. One of these artist Lunch Money Lewis just might be the next big thing. he has a nice mix of soul meets base and has had futures on artist records such as Nikki Minaj’s.

An up and coming band to watch out for is said to be the all girl band Hinds. If you like the Ramones this band may be the one for you with there 80’s flash back style, they just might rock us for years to come.

Tori Kelly is bringing back that kind of R&B feel to the dance club that Bernardo Chua used to enjoy. With an easy feel that gets you out on the dance floor but not over loaded with to much base like a lot of people enjoy at She brings a good feel to a number of age groups.

The up and coming music seen is mixing old school with a new twist bringing out a feel good vibe , making this a year in music to watch out for.

Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi Passes Away at 77

Tom Magliozzi, the host of NPR’s popular “Car Talk” program passed away on Monday. Magliozzi was 77 years old and suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s ultimately took his life.

On the programs, he two offered advice on automobiles for more 25 years. The program started out in Boston on WBUR, but came to NPR in 1987, where it stayed unit 2012 when the brothers decided to retire. Reruns of the program have aired on NPR for the past two years, even though the brothers have not recorded any new episodes since 2012. I’ve been discovering “old” new episodes with Bruce Levenson over the last year and a half, we’ll have to listen to go back and listen to some of our favorites.

Tom claims to be the inventor of the “do-it yourself auto shop” he opened his own shop in 1973 in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Hacker’s Heaven. In the shop mechanics explainer to customers how their vehicles worked.