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The Stars of Murder


America has long been known for it’s dark underbelly and the unspeakable crimes people have committed when on its shores. At the very top of everyone’s list of criminals are the creepy and diabolically smart serial killers. These guys make front page news and stay on the lamb for what seems like forever, making it that much sweeter and attention stealing when they finally slip up and end up in handcuffs. But who are the cream of the crop, the creepiest of the creepy, and the most well known of this rare breed of human? Well, take a look at these guys and decide for yourself.

Of course one cannot simply comprise a list of serial killers without mentioning Charles Manson. His group committed their first murder on August 9th, 1969 and the famous “Hollywood Murders” began. The first victims were actress Sharon Tate and her husband. But they were just the tip of the ice-burg. All in all before he was convicted of first degree murder in 1971, he and his family killed a total of seven people in just a short time frame.

Next we have Ted Bundy, one of the absolute worst serial killers. Though, he confessed to the murder of thirty victims, there could could very well be much higher. He made himself famous by sexually assaulting and killing women and young girls in the seventies and even decapitated his victims. He was incarcerated for the first time after an aggrevated kidnapping and attempted assault in Utah in 1975, but managed to escape twice before being captured again in Florida in 1978. Bundy received three death penalties for the Florida murders. He died in the electric chair in 1989 at the age of 42.