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US Money Reserve Calls for Eliminating the Penny

PR Newswire featured an article on January 26 titled “US Money Reserve President Appears on CNBC’s Squawk Box.” The topic of discussion was about eliminating the US penny from circulation which is something Austin, Texas based US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl agrees with. Diehl went on to say that nobody uses the penny anymore, and cash transactions overall only represent only 25% of all financial transactions. Eliminating the penny will not have much of an effect on the markets, and businesses will be forced to round down the prices on their products to accommodate customers.

There are some economists who believe eliminating the penny will distort the prices of products and increase inflation which Diehl countered by saying opponents have been using this argument for the past 25 years. Opponents point out the penny is beyond the point of recovery, and taxpayers can save $105 million annually by discontinuing the production of the penny. People who have a vested interest in keeping the penny in circulation include those who create the coin’s blanks and the zinc lobby since pennies are 97.5 percent zinc.

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