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New Crystal EOS Lip Balm

EOS has been a much loved brand for almost a decade. While other lip balm manufacturers were stagnating by selling the same old product, EOS was ushering in a whole new era for lip balm by crafting a unique all-natural and organic blend of lip balm that had great flavor options. EOS designed a brand new sphere like container that stood out with customers and proved to be an effective and sanitary way to deliver lip balms to your lips.

Now, EOS is designing a brand new container to deliver lip balm to customers. The new product, which will be released and available on their website and in stores beginning in August 2017, is known as EOS crystal lip balm. See and know more about the product here on

EOS crystal lip balm comes in a redesigned container. While the new EOS crystal lip balm applicator is still sphere like in shape, it is less round than the older EOS containers. As an added element, it is clear, thus leading to the name EOS clear. As such, customers can see into the sphere and the quantity of lip balm left in it without needing to break into the container. This provides them with the ability to know when to replenish their lip balm and also allows for a unique applicator for EOS.

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To celebrate the new EOS crystal lip balm, EOS is releasing two new flavors that are new to the market, available here at These flavors are vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach and add to the already diverse line of lip balm that EOS has for sale.

Luckily, with the EOS crystal lip balms being released soon, there will be no need to wait a long time until they are available for purchase. Order them, along with your current favorite flavors of EOS on their websites or at other retail locations.


EOS Lip Balm Flavor Choices

EOS Lip Balms have become quite the rage due to the high quality of their ingredients and the varied flavors that they sell. These flavors don’t have the same artificial taste that many lip balms have due to the all natural and organic ingredients in these lip balms. As a result, EOS is able to provide a suite of more unique flavors that actually taste like they are supposed to. This leaves behind the medicinal flavors that limit other manufacturers in their ability to deliver similar flavors.

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EOS has available a wide range of lip balm flavors wide a wide range of themes. Fruit flavors include summer fruit which has a strong berry and peach flavor, passion fruit which is more of a tropical flavor, and blueberry available for something more unique and exotic. These are by no way the only fruit flavored lip balm that EOS sells which goes to show the diversity and depth of flavors that EOS sells.

EOS is not limited to fruit flavors. They have a whole host of other options including mint flavored lip balms that provide a refreshing option for those who enjoy the scent and flavor of mint. The two most popular mint flavors sold TNT EOS are sweet mint which is the more common mint flavor, and vanilla mint which provides a more complex and interesting flavor option. Both of these mint options are vastly different and more nuanced in flavor than other mint offerings sold by the competition. Amazing review here.

The last flavor we discuss is the blended EOS flavors such as honeysuckle honeydew which offer complex combinations of flavors that are hard to describe which have interesting flavors. These flavors are simply not around elsewhere and provide some truly unique lip balm options for users.

EOS is a high quality Manufacturer of lip balm that needs to be tried to be believed. Explore their many flavors and find the blend that speaks to you.

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