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Laidlaw Goes Too Far

An investment brokerage firm called Laidlaw is trying to take over Relmada Therapeutics, a company that develops treatments for serious pain, and they’re spreading false information to do so. Relmada is fighting back, and the U.S. District Court of Nevada has issued a ruling in their favor. The federal court has issued a restraining order against Laidlaw in general and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, in particular; it seems that Laidlaw has finally gone too far.

Laidlaw served as an investment banker to Relmada in the past and apparently liked what they saw. Relmada has been close recently to putting a new product on the market called BuTab, and the market forecast for this pain medication is extremely good. Laidlaw went after the company in an effort to make it their own, but so far they have succeeded only in temporarily distracting Relmada from their work.

About Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank headquartered in New York City. While they look good on paper, the firm has a reputation for violating finance laws and regulations.

In My Opinion

Personally, I do not like what Laidlaw, led by Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, are up to. When they signed on to help Relmada, they should not have been using the information they gained through working with their client to attempt to acquire it. It seems to me that their actions are certainly unethical and possibly illegal. Hopefully, Relmada will continue to be able to fight them off in the courts and will be able to bring their important pain medications to market unobstructed.

Yahoo!’s CEO Fighting to Keep Her Job

News stories in Business Insider and other sites report Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is battling with the Board of Directors. Reportedly she may be arranging a deal to take the Internet pioneer private, with herself remaining as its head.

Marissa Mayer left Google and took over Yahoo around three years ago. Despite the many changes Mayer has implemented and the 40 companies she bought for $3 billion, Yahoo has shrunk. She has brought in new talent and developed mobile apps and services, but has failed to increase revenues. Advertisers are spending a lot more money online, but most of it is going to Facebook and Google, not Yahoo. Since the end of 2014, its share price has dropped by 40%.

Early in February, Mayer announced cost-cutting measures. She was laying off 1,700 employees, about 15% of the staff. She was closing offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Madrid, UAE, Milan and Buenos Aires. She said she would also sell off real estate, patents, Yahoo Games, some of the digital magazines and Yahoo TV. She also dumped its research center, Yahoo Labs. She estimated the cuts would save $400 million a year and the product sales would raise from $1-3 billion.

Reportedly SpringOwl Asset Management, one of Yahoo’s large shareholders, decided Mayer needed to be added to the list of laid-off employees.

Most recently, Yahoo’s board has been looking at selling the company. Reportedly AT&T, Comcast and Verizon and others would be interested. SunTrust Analyst Robert Peck wrote that more than 20 potential buyers have expressed interest, but were frustrated. Reportedly, however, Mayer’s friend Frank Quattrone, who is an investment banker, is approaching private equity firms about buying Yahoo’s core business. Meanwhile, a proxy battle with Starboard Value, a hedge fund, is shaping up. Starboard Value has demanded a change in CEO and the sale of the company.

Mayer reportedly is flying to New York to talk to large shareholders Mason Capital and Millennium Partners. The board created a committee of its own to seek out “independent alternatives,” which means selling Yahoo’s core business.

Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo! in 1994 just as a manual list of websites. It was the first search engine and Internet giant company.

Madison Street Capital of Chicago Illinois specializes in helping middle-market businesses in hundreds of verticals. When they accept a new client, they carefully analyze their needs. They can help the client raise money for their business through private equity placement offerings or by arranging financing. They also assist clients to buy out and merge with other companies, and provide valuations of such intangible assets as goodwill. They provide investment banking financial advice to clients in Africa, North America and Asia. Clients include Central Iowa Energy and Fiber Science.

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All You Need To Know About Philip Diehl

Philip N. Diehl is currently the president of the famous US Money Reserve. The institution is the largest distributor of gold, silver or platinum coins that are issued by the United States Government. Philip recently joined Enterprise Radio to discuss his experiences while being the leader of the company, the market for coins, and how ownership of the coins benefits individuals.

While holding the position of the president for US Money Reserve, Philip has achieved a lot. He was the person who contributed to the creation of the famous 50 States Quarter program. He was also very instrumental in the launching of the first platinum from the United States Government. Up to date, Philip is considered to be amongst the most and best influential Mint Directors in the United States from the modern era.

Before getting his position at the Mint, Philip was working at the position of chief of staff at the US Department of Treasury. He was also the staff director in the US Senate Finance Committee. After working in these positions for some time, Philip was nominated by the former president of US to the position of Director in the United States Mint.

In his new position as director of United State Mint, he was able to work with the senior individuals especially in the executive branch. He was also able to work closely with Capitol Hill, and this made him get a better and deeper understanding in the industry. He has used this knowledge in his work in the coin industry.

While working as the Mint Director, Philip Diehl was able to achieve a lot. His first initiative was the multi-year customer care service. This initiative led to the company getting the second highest score in all the federal agencies that were surveyed by the University Of Michigan School Of Business Customer Satisfaction Index. While in this company, he was very instrumental in spearheading the formation of the famous 50 States Quarter program. This has maintained to be the most successful program in the coin industry that has ever been formed in the history of the United States. Later on, he was instrumental in launching the Sacagawea Dollar, and it managed to sell a lot in its first ten months.

After working in the US Mint for some time in Washington DC, he went back to his hometown Texas, and he was appointed the president of US Money Reserve. He is also a member of several boards.

George Soros and Philip Diehl on the World Economy

George Soros has said that the world may be a very different place within the next decade. Philip Diehl who is president of U.S. Money Reserve agrees with him. He gives his reasons on a recent podcast on Enterprise Radio. Philip Diehl has a well-rounded career in government where he ended his career as the Director of the United States Mint before returning to Texas to start the company.
During the podcast, Philip says demand for gold will continue to grow over the next decade, and he recommends buying gold coins as a means to enter the market. He also says that the value of the U.S. dollar will continue to fall. Furthermore, he warns that investors must watch for political unrest around the world. Finally, he urges investors to watch actions by Central Banks.
The United States economy is expected to remain the largest during the next decade, according to Bloomberg. By 2030, they expect the gross domestic product to reach $24.3 trillion dollars. Weakness is likely to continue in the dollar as more foreign investors diversify their portfolios. Look for job growth to be very slow.
Many experts expect that China will be the second largest economy in the world at $22.2 trillion dollars. As the economy turn from production to services, individuals in China will have more money to spend. China will experience a scarcity in natural resources, especially water.
The third largest economy in the world over the next decade will be India. This country could have the fastest growing economy over the next decade. India’s low capita income will help the country diversify even further. In order to be successful, the country will need to develop a stronger infrastructure. They will also need to improve education. Finally, the country will need to keep a healthy balance between manufacturing and the service sector.
With all the uncertainty in the world, Philip Diehl recommends that investors buy gold. Regardless of what happens, gold is likely to grow in value making it a great investment. The easiest way to buy gold is to buy gold coins. Philip Diehl says that when buying these coins, it is very important to buy from a company that offers great customer service.

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The U.S. Money Reserve Provides Distinctive Customer Service

According to prnewswire, Eric Dye, the host of Enterprise Radio recently interviewed Philip N. Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve. Mr. Diehl enthusiastically announced a new entrepreneurial approach for the U.S. Money Reserve.

He and his company reinforced their dedication to customer service. Mr. Diehl emphasized their devotion and responsibility in providing complete customer satisfaction. Throughout his interview with Eric Dye, Mr. Diehl continued to reiterate, customer service is our primary objective.

According to the podcast, the U.S. Money Reserve employs a team of experts, with consummate knowledge of precious metals and rare coins. This team reflects the same diligent care to customer service as Philip N. Diehl, their president. These specialists focus first on building a strong bond of confidence and trust with their customers.

Mr. Diehl insisted that the large number of satisfied customers is overwhelming proof of their achievement in unsurpassed customer service. The expertise of the U.S. Money Reserve guarantees their customers will have eminent advice and guidance in making the most profitable choices.

The U.S. Money Reserve is safeguarding the financial health and security of thousands of families. They promote a portfolio that includes gold.

The U.S. Money Reserve knows and understands the changing nature of the economy. The Stock Market continues to be unpredictable; it is inherently risky. Gold is vigorously achieving record-breaking high prices.

Inflation and high interest rates are other factors that often affect economic stability. History shows that unforeseen circumstances can erupt and devastate the financial well being of any family.

U.S. Money Reserve is determined to prevent this eventuality from occurring to any of its cherished customers. They take seriously their well-earned reputation as the premiere authority of precious metals and rare coins.

U.S. Money Reserve is showing their customers the most secure and profitable means to safeguard their families against any shift in the economy. This is extraordinary customer service.

U.S. Money Reserve Stays On Top Of The Market

One of the largest distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins is U.S. Money Reserve, who also is doing business as The United States Gold and Silver Reserve. You will become familiar with popular coins produced by the U.
S. Mint, who has full backing of the U.S. Government for content, weight and purity. Knowing that means clients trust that each coin has the right amount of gold, silver or platinum. The U.S. Government issued coins are authorized by Congress and are produced with “face value” denominations, making them official U.S. legal tender.Seasoned veterans of the gold market knew there was a huge need for a service concerning the purchase and knowledge of how to make investments of precious metals. They put together the best of the best of the experienced investors in the market and developed a plan to guide new investors through the purchasing process. Then provided a knowledgeable customer service team who were available to answer any questions clients could have. Today, thousands of clients have chosen to take advantage of the investments of precious metals.

The U.S. Money Reserve continues to stay on top of the market information about the most exceptional U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins. Years of experience have a proven and developed trust in selecting the highest quality as well as the best precious metals for their portfolio. They continue to maintain profits. We offer a variety of coins and bullion to choose from:

  • Gold Numismatic Coins
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Silver coins
  • 57 Modern Congressional Gold Coins from 1984 – 2008.

Today, U.S. Money Reserve provides each and every client with a team of over a hundred seasoned veterans of gold, silver and precious metal experts. You can be sure of success as our professionals will personalize a investment for your need. Call us at 800-607-7800 and take care of your future.

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How The 2008 Market Could Be Back Again


Is is time to consider that the 2008 style stock market may be here with us again? George Soros and many others say that this may be the case. There is ever chance consider all of the various events currently taking place in our markets and markets all around the world.

One of the things that a lot of people are currently looking at is the situation that is happening in China. There are a lot of macro factors going on that could well play into a tough situation for the United States markets and the other markets that are related to our own.

The ongoing situation is China is that the country is believed to be devaluing its currency. This has spiked concerns that other countries in Asia may feel the pressure to do the same thing. If that were to happen, there could be a lot of lasting problems that result from it. No one wants to see a currency war spark out, particularly at a moment like this.

The Economist has noted how accurate Soros has been on a lot of the macro economic calls he has made about the market. He is skilled at making calls about these types of things because he follows the pulse of the economic picture all around the world. He practically never stops looking at how things are going all throughout the economy.

There are a lot of economists who are not calling for a 2008 style recession, but they are almost always late to the party. They rarely ever tell the world that there is going to be a recession until that recession is already upon us. Soros tries to get ahead of the recession and let people know that it is about to happen. He has a strong track record of being able to do so.

Another concern for Soros is the mess in Greece. There was a debt crisis that was garnering a lot of attention for a period of time. However, that crisis seems to have fallen off the radar of a lot of popular media. That being said, the crisis is still ongoing and still has a lot of potential to get a lot of markets into a big mess.

Soros is concerned that a lot of people are not paying attention to what is happening in the stock market right now. There are signs like the ISM manufacturing indicator which has now dipped below 50. When it goes below 50 this is often an indicator of what is about to happen in the markets, and it is not a good sign. This means that manufacturing has slowed in the United States, and this of course translates to bad news for the markets. There are simply too many things that directly tie into manufacturing for this to be ignored.

There are a number of voices that are worried about what is happening in the markets right now, but Soros is one of the few who is telling the world that it really could be as bad as 2008.

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The US money reserve has a launched a campaign on go fund me to raise money for the Austin’s police department Operation Blue Santa. It is a campaign that provides the poor and deprived in the Austin Area with a Christmas treat. It provides fill holiday meals and gifts for each family in the area.US money Reserve seeks to raise $ 10000 in the campaign on fund crowd raising platform GoFundMe. It aims to mobilize their employees, clients, friends and community members to help in the campaign.
Operation Santa was launched in 1972 and helped 20 families then. It has since grown and was named among top 11 Santa’s in America. Last year, it served 5000 families and seeks to make an even bigger impression this year. The Austin police department has deeply appreciated the efforts of U.S money reserve to help them with their efforts.
US money reserve is a leading Gold coin and precious metal distributor based in Austin Texas. It was founded by Gold market veterans who wanted to see professionalism in the selling and distribution for Gold coins in the US. It combines top notch market knowledge and excellent customer service for its services. It has over 100 highly trained experts ready to provide information to a potential client 24/7.
US money reserve sells class 69 or 70 gold coins. These are coins manufactured by the Official Coin Mint in West Point and adhere to the highest quality standards. It means they can easily be used as currency in any part of the world. Precious metals have since time immemorial been the best form to store your wealth since they are least affected by swings in the market.

Why Choose U.S. Money Reserve

Qualified Gold Specialist

US money reserve customers have the advantage of working with the superior gold professionals who have combined the experience of several years in the gold, silver, and platinum markets. They have the ability to enlighten all the significant information concerning the acquisition of US government issued coins and are at all times contented to help you in making selection of valuable metals.

Taking physical possession of your coins

One of the main benefits of buying US government issued coins from the US money reserve is that you will become the possessor of a tangible property that can be delivered to your house, workplace or bank. These coins are not paper stock credentials, but rather are authorized tender gold, silver, and platinum coins you can clutch in the palm of your hands.

Access to the finest coins on the market

The moment you create an account with the US money reserve, you gain access to some best gold, silver and platinum coins available globally. The purchasing power of US money reserve lets the company provide its clients only the highest ranked coins that are said to command the greatest chance to increase in value.

Price protection program

Customers who have the ability to make qualifying gold orders can price their gold again in a period of 7 days if the US money reserve selling price for those qualifying coins diminishes during that 7 day duration.

100% money back assurance

If you are not pleased with the order you placed, the company will acknowledge the return of any licensed coins within one month of purchase and offer a full refund. Any licensed coins returned after one month are subject to a 20 % restocking charge. Any licensed coins obtained after two months will be subject to the less significant of the original buying price or present market price. US money reserve provides no money back assurance for bullion coins o bars.

Why contented clients have chosen the US money reserve

At the US money reserve, your satisfaction is their top precedence. Whether you are purchasing the coins for the first time, or an established customer, US Money reserves offers the support, quality services, resources and experience you need. The US Money Reserve is one of the leading US Government issued Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coin distributor in the United States. US money reserve provides bullion coins, and gold, silver and platinum coins of high quality made by the US Mint, and completely backed by the government of United States.

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What is Investment Banking

Banking in general is the single most lucrative field into which an aspiring entrepreneur can enter. This field is also extremely volatile with a high risk of failure. This is especially true for investment bankers who have to seek out growing companies into which they can invest. Most bankers earn their fortunes by lending money to reputable borrowers, and charging interest on the loan. However, an investment banker like Jim Dondero makes his or her fortune by investing heavily into a fledgling company. Some of the bankers like Warren Buffet continue to let the company’s owners run the business as usual. These bankers recoup their investments by assuming a certain percentage of the company. Most of the times, the underwriters and investors will give an entrepreneur a sum of money to invest in the company, and agree to take a predetermined amount of stocks when the company goes public. This process is necessary to grow new companies, and many of the world’s largest companies wouldn’t exist without it.

Investment Bankers and IPO’s: Going Public

When it comes to good investment opportunities, Initial Public Offerings (IPO)’s are hard to top. An initial public offering refers to the amount that a company initially offers its shares. The value of these shares can double on their first day in some instances. This means an investor like James Dondero on highlandfunds who bought $1,000 is stocks the first day could see them increase to $2,000 by the closing bell. Best off, good underwriters will buy the stock themselves in order to keep the price from dropping below the initial offering. This is what happened in May of 2012, when Facebook’s stock dramatically underperformed. The stock’s primary underwriter was JP Morgan, and the banking giant was wise enough to bail out the IPO. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs also began to buy the shares, splitting more than $176 million in IPO fees after the stock underperformed its first day.

Investment banking is vital to a capitalist society, because companies couldn’t grow without it. Wise investors can simply track successful investment bankers to see which companies they underwrite. These companies are usually destined for success, and even the Facebook stock eventually began to increase in value. Worst case scenario, he more reputable underwriters won’t allow their investments to drop below the initial offering and investors can break even.