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How to Write a Better Introductions for Wikipedia Articles

The two most important parts of every article are the headline and the introduction paragraph, though Wikipedia doesn’t necessarily use a “headline”, at least on make a Wiki page instead this would apply to the lead sentence and the rest of the opening paragraph. If a reader is not interested by the time they finish the introduction paragraph, they will not read the rest of the article.

Lead Section

The core audience of most Wikipedia readers will always be information seekers, so when writing and editing Wikipedia articles focus on being direct, detailed, and accurate. The leading sentence should always epitomize this tone.

Every Wikipedia article should start with a short, declarative sentence with two primary questions answered. “Who or what is the subject of the article” and “why does this subject matter”. An important thing to remember is that the detailed adjectives should always be left out of this sentence.

Opening Paragraph

If the reader cares enough about the subject and feels the need to delve further into the topic they will then read the paragraph for details. It’s best then, that the rest of the first paragraph will layout the most important aspects of the subject at hand. If it is about a person detail when the person lived, what things he or she did of note and layout any controversies that may have followed the person. It’s important to remember that all personal feelings about the subject shouldn’t be included into the article, this includes any sentences introducing any popular controversies.

Proceeding Paragraphs

If you weren’t able to get into enough details regarding the subject at hand, or if the article is particularly long it is recommended to write an additional paragraph or two. While the writer should always be wary of being too subjective, the proceeding paragraphs would be the optimal place to place any essential subjective material.


As long as if you keep these tips in mind regarding writing better introductions for Wikipedia articles, every article should be up to standard, and should flow easily. The most important thing to remember is practice makes perfect, the more you write Wikipedia articles the better you will be at writing future Wikipedia articles. So don’t be discouraged, and keep at it!

Gerson Therapy used by Keith Mann to treat cancer

The animal activist Keith Mann has recently been looking for the best ways of treating an aggressive form of cancer that has no known cure and is generally treated using drugs from major pharmaceutical companies known for testing on animals. After spending his life helping to fight for the rights of animals as a member of the Animal Liberation Front Mann does not believe it would be ethical for him to use such medications and is seeking natural alternatives to assist in his fight against follicular lymphoma.

Keith Mann has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of animals. These rights have been at the forefront of his mind since he was a young boy growing up in the Rochdale area of the UK where he set out on a path towards the activism he is now known for. Throughout his life Mann has been searching out many different options in his bid to search out the best way of helping animals and has been arrested on a number of different occasions.

Mann is now looking to take his fight for the rights of animals to a new level as he refuses treatment for his form of cancer on ethical grounds. Instead, Mann is seeking to treat this incurable cancer by using organic foods and detoxification methods in a bid to purify his body and extend his life. This expensive form of treatment known as the Gerson Therapy has prompted Keith Mann to ask for help in his fight in the form of donations to help pay for his natural treatments.

Read the full article here and follow Keith Mann’s supporters on Twitter for updates on his progress.

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The Wireless Carrier Industry’s Emerging Underdog

While we all plug up to our phones more frequently, the last thing we want to see is no Wi-Fi, low connection speeds, or even the dreaded roaming signal. When people first think of wireless carriers, the names Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile come to mind almost instantly, but like all competitions it’s the underdog that should be watched. That underdog is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is on a mission to provide free or low-cost internet and mobile phone services to all Americans. This fresh company launched in October 2012 and has quickly gained popularity underneath Sprint’s wings as a mobile virtual network operator. While FreedomPop doesn’t manage its own network as a parent carrier, it leases its services from Sprint, depending on their network to provide their connectivity access. 

Lately, FreedomPop review are singing a different tune as they offer their services through 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the United States. This vast network is operated by various companies at convenient locations. Wide access to Wi-Fi on this scale could account for 120 million people in the majority of the top metro areas! FreedomPop’s original service plan includes a restricted amount of talk, text, and data for free(or until the amount of free data is used up) while their new plan is unlimited for just $5 a month. Without taking any time to compare to current carriers, FreedomPop’s services are providing an extremely low-cost alternative to pricey data plans and innovating the wireless carrier market. 

Traditionally, carriers utilize Wi-Fi to lessen the cost of their expensive networks. In fact, mobile users typically use Wi-Fi over their actual network coverage. Wi-Fi itself is run on frequencies that are free to use, meaning that people only use a small fraction of their data usage but get charged for the full amount of their plan. Instead of easing their cost burdens, FreedomPop is separating itself from the pack by sharing the savings with consumers. 

So with such a vast undertaking, what lies in store for the new service provider? In the very near future, this company plans on dramatically increasing the amount of hotspots used across the US. Could we one day see FreedomPop as a solitary carrier like the brands we’ve come to know? Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled as this innovative company continues to revolutionize the wireless carrier industry. 

Coming Out of the Dark

A woman from Tennessee was in a car accident when she was 20. She has been in a coma ever since then. The doctors caring for her didn’t think that she would pull out of the coma. When someone is in this condition, there is no guarantee that the person will even be normal if they do wake up at some point. Before the accident, the young woman had found out that she was pregnant. While she was in the coma, doctors were able to deliver her baby.

Through a miracle, this young lady finally woke up, learning that she is a new mom. The whole thing is a bit weird to Ricardo Tosto. This is by far something that her family will never forget. The baby of the young woman weighed less than two pounds when he was born, and although he is in intensive care, there is a chance that he will come through as he is now a little over six pounds. The power of prayer and determination is something that shows to work as in this incident of a family gathering to keep their daughter and loved one alive.

Castaway’s Amazing Story

South Carolina native Louis Gregory Jordan, a 37-year-old man lost at sea in the Atlantic Ocean for 66 days after his yacht named “Angel” capsized after a harsh storm that damaged the mast and electronics, was found this week near North Carolina: approximately 186 miles from where he started his journey and approximately 188 miles off the coastline of North Carolina. A cargo ship spotted his boat on Thursday, April 2, and contacted the Coast Guard after rescuing him from it. Although Jordan suffered dehydration and a broken collarbone, he seemed well when brought ashore. Apparently, he had survived by drinking rainwater and eating pancakes, and then he started eating raw fish he caught from ocean using his laundry.

Jordan commented to his father after his return that he spent a great deal of time afraid that his family thought he was dead and were crying over his death when he was not actually dead. A member of the Baha’i faith, he also spent much of the ordeal praying to God for support and guidance according to Twitter. Paul Mathieson is just amazed by the ending.

Jordan left South Carolina on January 23, but his family did not report him missing to the Coast Guard until January 29 because they knew he was good at sailing and had gone on long journey’s before.

Jordan was not held at a local hospital for long after he was examined and has already been sent home.

Antoich University Professor Wants to Reunite with Peace Corps Volunteer After 31 years

The Peace Corp was established by President Kennedy on March 1, 1961 as a volunteer program to help people in underprivileged countries. Dr. Jean Kayira, PhD grew up in the underprivileged country of Malawi.She met Michael Smyser who was a Peace Corp volunteer in the early 1980s. He taught Dr. Kayira mathematics during the years 1982 to 1984. She owes her whole life to him because she would not have continued her education and earned her PhD if not for Smyser. Kayira is associated with AUNE’s environmental studies, which is associated with the Peace Corps. During Peace Corps Week, Kayira would like to reconnect with Michael Smyser. The Manchester, Ink Link, was able to locate the former Peace Corps volunteer on the internet with a request from Kayira. Michael Smyser is employed at the University of Washington’s Epidemiology Department located in Seattle.
Dan Newlin has read that Schooling for Dr. Kayira was taught in English and Chichewa languates because it was mandatory. She met Mr. Mike Smyser in the 9th and 10th grades; he was her Latin and Math teacher. Kayira said that he was her favorite teacher because he explained the lessons in a very clear style and helped her to believe she was a smart person and could succeed if she applied herself. Smyser’s inspiration led to Kayira enrolling in the University of Malawi, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education Science.

Christopher Cowdray and Dorchester Collection

Christopher Cowdray is the CEO of the Dorchester Collection of luxury hotels. A native of Zimbabwe, He became the CEO of Dorchester Collection in 2007 after 30 years of experience managing luxury hotels. Since becoming CEO, he has expanded the number of Dorchester hotels and integrated their functioning while simultaneously retaining their individual charms. Cowdray was responsible for adding both the Hotel Bel Air and the New York Palace Hotel to the collection.

He earned a degree from Columbia University and is now a highly regarded figure in the luxury hotel industry. In 2013, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the European Hospitality Awards.

Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection of hotels was founded in 1996 and is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. The original hotel in the collection is the Dorchester in London. The collection expanded over the years and is now comprised of ten hotels in London, Berkshire, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Paris, Geneva, Milan and Rome. All hotels in the collection are very high end luxury hotels.

Philosophies and Policies of Luxury Hotel Management

Cowdray follows a policy of having each hotel in the collection under his management have a distinct style and character. All of the Dorchester collection hotels are different but also the same in that they provide the highest level of service.

He believes that employee satisfaction is extremely important to staff going out of their way to provide the best hotel service. He has spoken with pride of the 90% satisfaction rate on employee surveys, one of the highest in the industries. His philosophy is basically that treating employees like family will result in them treating guests like family.

Cowdray believes that because the Dorchester Collection is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency and not traded on the stock exchange, he is better able to implement changes that will lead to the a better guest experience all around.

Cowdray has worked extensively to provide Dorchester guests with the latest technology at the lowest price. Providing high speed Internet for the varying needs of all guests has been one challenge he has met. A popular implementation he made was having iPads made available in hotel rooms to replace the traditional print lists of calling codes, international numbers, etc.

In conclusion, Cowdray is an expert at creating a hotel experience which satisfies the diverse needs of luxury travelers.

Bruce and Karen Levenson Donate $5.6 Million to The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland

According to an original report by PR Newswire, The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland received donation of 5.6 million dollars from Bruce and Karen Levenson. The center, launched just three years ago on previous funds from from Karen and Bruce Levenson, continues to grow at an impressively fast rate due to the continued support of the Levensons and the students who participate. The center is now considered a a major runner in philanthropic studies in it’s area.

Students who have participated at the center have went on to fellowships or even to work for non-profits in the D.C. Area. The Levenson’s generous gift will fund abroad programs, of which the goal is to provide aid for the disabled, wildlife preservation and youth outreach. Students in the philanthropy program at the University of Maryland are eligible to participate in these abroad programs. Also it will go towards a Do Good Challenge that students participate in. It culminates with a $20,000 prize to the winner to help them contribute to charitable causes. It will also fund courses and programs at the University of Maryland in the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and will, for the first time, include a living and learning dorm for sixty freshman who will take courses at the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.

Bruce Levenson, one of the main donors of the center, and a businessman by trade, is also an active NBA team owner (co-owning the the Atlanta Hawks) and philanthropist himself. He also spends a significant amount of his funds on supporting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and other Jewish causes. Karen Levenson, his wife, is a teacher and mother to three sons. She also spends her time mentoring and tutoring children from underprivileged neighborhoods in D.C. Karen is involved with an program that makes underprivileged children and young adults aware of the events of the Holocaust and gives them the opportunity to be tour guides at the museum in D.C.

The full article regarding Bruce and Karen Levenson’s contribution can be found at PR Newswire.

Keith Mann Donates to The NYPD As A Gesture of Support

WSPA released on February 17, 2015, that Keith Mann, who founded Dynamics Search Partners, donated to the NYPD as a show of his and his wife Keely’s support. This is in response to the many negative reactions which has been projected to the police force. Keith Mann’s donation was in the form of buying lunch for the 54th Street precinct in January and again in February.

Boosting morale of the officers, Keith and Keely Mann have connections with the NYPD. Keely Mann’s uncle serves as a detective in Staten Island. He further shared that he believed that officers deserve thanks for all they do to keep people safe and they have families too. Officers are trained to react to situations and do not need to suffer from the carelessness of others.

A rally of support was gathered for the NYPD in January, with an attendance of more than 150 citizens. Joining this support, other rally’s have been held throughout the United States. This is despite the violence toward defenders of the police departments. Keith Mann’s belief is that simple actions can make a huge difference by supporting those who serve to protect citizens on a daily basis.

Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a hedge fund company designed to fill needs for staffing. Mann is also a philanthropist who supports Uncommon Schools, which helps students find post-college jobs. He has also donated to Hope and Heroes.

Something That Qnet Brings to the Table

These days, more and more people are looking for optimal shopping options as well as business opportunities that can help them lead the life of their dreams. If either of these objectives are yours, it’s important to note that Qnet may be the solution. To learn more about this dynamic business community, be sure to review the quick reference guide that appears below:

About Qnet

Qnet is currently the world’s fastest-growing online business and shopping community. Since 1998, this online platform has provided people with products and services that promote healthy living. As a direct selling company, Qnet provides customers with the tools and resources necessary to improve the quality of their lives with value-adding lifestyle products. Additionally, Qnet offers entrepreneurs the ability to use the company’s network marketing opportunity to help facilitate professional and economic growth.

The core of Qnet is an advanced eCommerce platform that involves an eStore that shoppers can easily mediate to find life-enhancing products. Qnet’s online platform also incorporates the Qnet Virtual Office where business owners can organize, strategize, and keep up with their entrepreneurial progress. The company provides entrepreneurs with several resources that will teach them how to promote the business and products to other individuals. Whether you’re interested in the business opportunity or simply want to be able to purchase products that will make your life better, Qnet provides you with the platform necessary to make it happen.


Qnet offers a wide range of products. In the field of nutrition, customers can purchase great items like FibreFit, Nutriplus, NutriSky, and Inspire. The company also offers several personal care products, luxury items, accessories, holiday gifts, and eLearning opportunities.


In this contemporary world, eCommerce is bigger than ever as people all over the world strive to shop and/or pursue business opportunities that will facilitate personal fulfillment and professional advancement. If you’re looking for an opportunity to purchase incredible products from the comfort of your home, Qnet is a great eStore through which you can accomplish this objective. And if you want to pursue a network marketing business that will provide you with the potential for economic growth and business skill development, Qnet is also a wonderful medium that you can use.