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Goettl Air Conditioning Continues To Grow

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. In January 2017 the company announced that Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air were both merging with it which results in a stronger hold as Goettl Air Conditioning being the leader in the Las Vegas residential air conditioning market. These companies are just the latest that Goettl has either acquired or merged with in the last few years.

The 20 employees of these companies are happy to be joining Goettl. The owner of the companies, Stephen Gamst, has known the owner of Goettl for a long time. All three companies benefit from this merger as Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air can now offer the plumbing services that Goettl can provide. As a result of the merger Goettl now has a stronger presence in commercial HVAC systems.

Kenneth Goodrich has been the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning since 2008. He has years of industry experience stretching back to when he was a youth helping his Dad who was employed by Goettl. His leadership continues Goettl’s same values they have held since 1939. These values include offering top quality product and services that make use of the latest technology. The company treats every client fairly and ethically, and they strive to be reliable. To back the company’s values up they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Goettle Air Conditioning offer equipment and maintenance for air conditioning units, light commercial HVAC, and heating. The company also provides services to improve indoor air quality such as filters, duct cleaning, and duct sealing. Goettl can also offer plumbing services through its subsidiary Sunny Plumbers which it acquired a few years ago.