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Customers Can Find A Professional Cleaner With Handy

There are various scenarios in which an individual would need help cleaning their home. A hectic schedule or an upcoming event can add a lot of stress to an individual when they do not have time to clean. Recovering from an injury or surgery can also put a damper on plans to clean the home. Luckily, there are plenty of professionals who are ready to clean from top to bottom. Customers can find a professional through a platform called

Handy is a popular home and cleaning service with locations throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The service can be used through the official website or downloadable application. Customers can use Handy to book a professional cleaning service for their home, vacation rental or office.

The platform allows customers to book a cleaning service that fits their own schedule. Customers can book as early as the next day or even three days later. Handy works hard to ensure customers are only hiring reliable professionals for the job. Every professional must go through a background check to make sure they are experienced and insured. Handy offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee to all customers.

It is very easy to book a cleaning service using the Handy platform. The process starts by selecting the date and time of the cleaning session. Handy will contact the customer to confirm the appointment and take care of the electronic payment. Customers can rest assured that payment is done through a secure server. All customers have to do next is wait for a fully-equipped professional to show up for the cleaning session. Customers are recommended to download the Handy application so they can manage their appointment and access other tools. offers more than just cleaning services to their customers. Customers can hire professionals to take care of other tasks around the house or office. A handyman helps with services such as hanging pictures, fixing the air conditioner and painting the interior. The handyman services also include helping with a move, mounting the television and assembling other furniture. Customers can hire an electrician to repair or install their light fixtures, ceiling fans and outlets. Customers also have the option to hire a plumber to repair or install faucets, drains toilets and garbage disposals.

Customers can book a professional cleaning or home service in less than a minute by using the Handy website or application.