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How Life Line Screening Helps People Catch Dangerous Health Conditions Early

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director for Life Line Screening. He is a graduate of the New York University School of Medicine where he earned his M.D. After completing his residency and chief residency in general surgery as well as a chief residency in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery he earned his board certification in Thoracic Surgery. The next 35 years of his professional career were spent in private practice where he completed cardiac, vascular, and thoracic surgeries. Once Dr. Manganaro left private practice he joined Life Line Screening.

During his career as a surgeon Dr. Andrew Mananaro saw many patients who could have been helped if their conditions had been spotted far earlier. Instead it took a catastrophe before they were aware of their serious health conditions. He says that Life Line Screening does exactly this, helping people find out about their medical condition before they end up in an emergency room. Once knowledgable about their conditions they can make changes in their life such as what they eat and how much the exercise. They can also be prescribed medicines by their primary care physcians in order to treat their issue.

So far, Life Line Screening has screened over 8 million people. In addition to helping the person getting the screening, their information also helps inform medical research. Their information (which is anonymous) is fed into a database which comprises one of the largest of its kind in the world. This database is uses by medical researchers and has been used in peer reviewed medical journals around the world.

Life Line Screening provides three types of testing during their screenings. They use an ultrasound machine that can spot abdominal aortas, carotid arteries, and vascular diseases. The EKG screening can show atrial fibrillation which is a condition that can lead to strokes. The also offer blood tests which are used for determing cholesterol levels, triglyceride counts, and other basic information about the person. Soon they will be able to spot the early signs of adult onset diabetes through a new screening.

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Capital Anesthesiology Association Helps the Local Community

Capital Anesthesiology Association located in Austin, Texas, and established in 1973, provides the community with over 80 physicians and a variety of anesthesia practices in many healthcare facilities in the Austin region. These services include general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, monitored Anesthesia Care, and pediatric anesthesia. The highly skilled team tailors treatment plans for their patients. The physicians trained in the finest hospitals in the country.


Capital Anesthesiology Association physicians and CNRNA’s supports the local community with many charities and philanthropic involvement. One example is Austin Smiles, which helps children in Latin America who have cleft palates get the necessary surgery. A similar organization that they help is Operation Smile, which helps children with cleft palates. They also help local kids with Children’s Medical Center Foundation. This organization raises money for sick children in the Central Texas area. Another organization benefitted by CAA is Eels on Wheels. This charity teaches handicapped people how to scuba drive.


Oncotarget Focus on Researches that Help Fight Cancer

The complexity of tumor development and the integrity of the human organism has contributed to Oncotarget journal to give focus on cancer research and oncology. The paper also focuses its outstanding research on other fields such as age-related diseases, pathology, endocrinology, immunology, and physiology. The publication, which is published by Impact Journals, acts as a useful platform for researchers to air their findings on the above category of diseases.

Published Researches

The studies presented to Oncotarget undergo thorough review and editing before publication to ensure they meet the right standards. The research results are used in helping physicians curb some of the deadliest human diseases.

One such type of research on genes causing leukemia was done by Oregon Health and Science University. The researcher focused on the gene ‘typo’ that is responsible for causing cancer. Cancer is known to be caused a mistake in genes that lead to mutation.

When doing research on leukemia genes, Watanabe-Smith, a post-doctorate fellow at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, discovered new problems. The model system used to sequence patient genes produced new genes which he had not put there. Once such a discovery is published in the journal, other doctors can do further research and come up with ways of rectifying the model.

Still, in another study published in Oncotarget, researchers got a better understanding of genes causing breast cancer. With that information, scientists can direct their focus on finding means of stopping these defaulted genes.

Impact of Research Publication

In addition to providing scientists with insight into cancer and other related diseases, Oncotarget is also receiving a lot of popularity. The information published in the journal is constructive and punctual, helping peer researchers improve on their research.

Additionally, scientific research results are accessible widely and in a rapid manner. With this kind of speed, the border between specialties is broken. Similarly, different fields of biomedical science are linked and maximizing the impact of the research.

Oncotarget Leadership

The success of Oncotarget can be credited to the prominent leadership of dedicated scientist, Andrei V. Gudkov, and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, who are the editors in chief. The two are assisted by other reputable editors who form the editorial board.

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Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze With Handy

With the beginning of spring already well underway, now is an ideal time to start thinking about doing some spring cleaning. Spring is a season for rejuvenation, and what better way to rejuvenate your home and give it a fresher, cleaner look than with a thorough spring cleaning? Now some of you may be dreading the thought. It is going to be a real hassle to do spring cleaning as you may have a lot of square footage to clean or have to move a lot of heavy objects around. There is a solution to all of this that can make your life easier and spring cleaning a breeze.

Handy is a cleaning booking service that can make your spring cleaning a breeze. The process of setting up an appointment is real easy through Handy. You can go to and set up an appointment online. You can also download Handy’s app and book cleaning services and handyman services straight from a smartphone. Booking the cleaning is a snap with Handy.

Now to set up the actual cleaning service, you set up a date and time of day which you wish the cleaning to take place. You also fill out some information such as the number of rooms you want cleaned and any specific instructions. You don’t have to be present at your home when the cleaner’s arrive. Want to leave a tip behind, but are not present when the cleaners are at your home? Handy has a nifty little feature where you can tip a cleaning worker online after they have done their job. The entire tip will go to the worker. There is no need to leave money on desks or try to catch the worker at the end of their shift.

Services from Handy are currently available in most major cities and metropolitan areas in the United States. Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta are just some examples of where Handy currently operates. The firm has also expanded into some Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver and abroad in the United Kingdom. Handy has been operating for over four years now since its inception in 2012.

Sergio Cortes And His Public Health Works

As the Secretary Of Health, Sergio Cortes has been able to make huge advances in medicine. He is a world renowned surgeon and doctor. Cortes is a man that is very educated, and he is dedicated to educating others. Cortes can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only has he received an extensive education in medicine, but he has also received education about the world. Cortes graduated from a very prestigious medical school in the country of Brazil, and he did not stop there. Cortes also studied at Harvard University in the United States of America. Cortes traveled to other European countries to learn about alternative to medicine. Cortes won an award from the World Health Organization in 2002 because of the extensive humanitarian work that he had done.

Cortes has been very involved in the efforts to find cures for mosquito transmitted diseases such as the following: Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue. These diseases have been affecting the residents of Brazil for quite some time, but recently the outbreak of Zika has been very alarming. One of the biggest things that have troubled Citizens of Brazil about the Zika virus is microcephaly. Microcephaly is a severe birth defect that many babies have had as a result of the Zika virus. Since that is the case, authorities are trying to find a vaccine for the Zika virus, but a vaccine has not been found yet.

Cortes and his team have also been consistently fighting off the dengue virus. Since there are different forms of dengue virus, they are trying to come up with different vaccines to counteract those different forms of the virus. Cortes has been able to get together over 1700 volunteers to take some of his vaccines. The hope of the health department is that these vaccines will soon be ready to distribute to the citizens of Brazil in order to combat at least one of the diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes.

Sergio Cortes has done much to improve the health of the citizens of Brazil and around the world. He is an individual that realizes that education is the key to success. Not only does he achieve much with his own education, but he also tries to an educate the citizens of Brazil as to ways they can prevent the diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes and take the best care of their health.

The Power of a Father’s Love

Autism Rocks is a charity that helps raise money to research the disorder. Autism is often hard for people to understand because the person with Autism does not look disabled. Often we think of people with Autism as someone who just has behavioral problems, but there is much more to the disorder. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the world.

Sanjay Shah understands autism all too well. He is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. One afternoon while visiting with Snoop Dogg, he decided how he would contribute to Autism research. He would set up concert gigs with famous artists such as Lenny Kravitz to raise money for the research of Autism. Shah had been in the music industry before and Snoop Dogg encouraged him to return to the industry where he could fulfill his dreams for Autism research.

Five years into his business at Solo Capital, Shah had 39 offices and had a net worth of $280 million. He had come to a point in his business where he could sit back and focus more on raising awareness for Autism. He decided to start his efforts in the music industry.

Autism Rocks is very near and dear to Sanjay Shah. In 2011, Shah’s four-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism after seeing the best specialists money could buy. Shah realized how expensive the medical care was for people with Autism, and that so many people could not afford the care they needed. He wanted to help these people in need, so he created Autism Rocks.

Shah’s biggest wish is to see his investments go towards the research of the cause of Autism. Of course, he would love to find a cure, but more importantly, why and how it happens. He wants to find more artists who want to help the cause, and would like to donate a track from their album to help the charity continue to flourish.

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The Sandman aka Avi Weisfogel

Apnea is a sleeping disorder whereby breathing irrepressibly stops and starts while asleep. It occurs as a result of the closure of the back of the throat while sleeping, blocking air intake. The symptoms can include gasping, snoring and choking during sleep. The sudden pauses in breathing are referred to as apneas. Each apnea can last for several minutes or seconds. During an apnea, carbon dioxide levels peak up in the blood signaling the person to wake up and breathe. This sudden bursts of breathlessness result in overall poor sleep, fatigue, daytime sleep, reduced alertness, vision problems and even slow reaction times.

There are three core types of sleep apnea; OSA(obstructive sleep apnea) CSA(central sleep apnea) and mixed sleep apnea. The most commended form of treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine. A recent article on the HuffPost highlighted how modern improvements in medicine are leading to companies manufacturing different designs for apnea patients. As the treatment methods advance, so do doctors in the field, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the modern interpretation of the Sandman.

Dr. Weisfogel has earned a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry as well as a BA in Psychology and Biology from the Rutgers University.In 1999, he instituted the Old Bridge Dental care that has been in operation for well over 15 years. It has aided earn him the distinction of Best Dentist for several years. During this period, while perfecting his craft, he began delving into the world of sleep disarrays trying to find an opening with which physicians and dentists can work together to help patients with sleep disorders

The breakthrough came about through Healthy heart sleep. A company he founded in 2010 that worked alongside physicians to advise other practicians on how to establish and manage sleep labs. This soon flagged the way for the formation of Owner Unlimited Sleep patient in 2012. The company was formed to teach dentists on how to treat sleep patients. In 2014, Dr. Weisfogel instituted Dental sleep masters for the purpose of aiding dentists globally to join efforts in the treatment of sleep disorders and to standardize the provision of the services.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an in-depth understanding of the relationship between sleep and dentistry and has been at the frontline of sleep treatment since 2010. He has helped support dentists in the provision and research of apnea treatment. Dr. Weisfogel has also made a number of publications with regards to sleep Apnea.

His efforts towards the betterment of sleep for patients with apnea and other sleep disorders have earned him the title “the Sandman”. Check out Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign benefitting Operation Smile by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

Sanjay Shah Supports Autism Rocks

When he wanted to make a difference by supporting autism research, world-renowned hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah, and yet he was unsure how to go about it. That is, until Snoop Dogg came to his hometown of Dubai and a friend notified him that Snoop wanted to meet Sanjay. Of course, Sanjay was completely flattered and invited Snoop Dogg and his whole entourage to visit with his family. It was a phenomenal visit.

Of the visit, Sanjay said, “What’s it like having a man who’s sold 30 million records sitting in your garden? Bizarre. But thrilling! I put some pictures on Facebook and no one believed it was him. Everyone thought I’d hired a lookalike… He was lovely. He was talking to the kids, asking about Dubai, telling us about his family. It was fun.”

It turned into much more than a social visit, because Snoop Dogg, the multi-award winning artist, inspired Sanjay to get back into the music scene and more importantly, to start his own charity to support autism research, called Autism Rocks. Mr. Shah has a son that is autistic and through this new charity, he has been contributing support that he raised with special concerts he produced. He had big recording stars, such as Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Joss Stone, and Elvis Costello performing to contribute to the cause. He was able to raise $15 million for autism research. The money goes directly to the Autism Research Trust (ART), which is at Cambridge University. The goal is for research to produce understanding of the cause and effects of autism.

Sanjay Shah moved to Dubai from the UK in 2009. He says he loves the city. He is the Founder, CEO, & Chief Architect at Vistex, Inc. They are a world leader in contract, pricing, channel marketing services and solutions, and incentive management.

Mr. Shah has grown Vistex into a cloud computing resource for businesses who need direction in marketing, gain revenue, and increase margins while controlling costs. Many industries across the globe, of all different sizes, choose Vistex to help them manage their businesses effectively.

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Nobilis health, re-inventing the wheel in heath sector

The health care system is undergoing a critical transformation, and so are the health care companies. This critical service industry is shifting from volume based service delivery to value based service delivery. This transformation is set to benefit immensely consumers who have been on the receiving end. Current stakeholders that range from government, employers, consumers, medical group and suppliers are under immense pressure to adopt the new changes. Health care providers are focusing on increasing their engagement with patients who are their primary clients so as to improve service delivery. There has been pressure from various quotas forcing health care companies to diversify their business as well as reducing the cost of their services.

The U.S health care system on cantechletter is considered the most developed but the most expensive when compared to other developed countries. Taking into consideration of the happenings on the ground, it is increasingly becoming impossible to sustain the status quo. Healthcare companies have to come up with a new approach to meet the expectations.

One way through which health companies can muscle up for the challenge is through the adoption of the current technology. Health Information Technology is an important asset that health care companies can bank in to provide the necessary information to the public. The exchange of health information between clinicians, the public, and other agencies is one sure way of tackling the giant. Currently, due to the privacy and confidentiality of health information, it is difficult to gauge the kind of services being offered by various health centers to their patients. However, because of the increased competition, health care companies are coming up with new ways of improving their outcomes.

Health care system is also faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining patients and employees. This has been a major setback to most of the health care companies who bank on talented manpower and patient turn out to improve their revenues. There is no clear way of evaluating employee performance because of the doctor-client confidentiality.

To maximize the performance of compare health companies, there should be an integration of three important factors; service, quality, and resource stewardship. This model puts into consideration and recognizes three aspects of health care system and defines appropriate measures of health care delivery performance. There is strong evidence that links doctor-patient relationship to improved outcomes in service delivery in the health sector. No matter what other facilities a health center may hold, these three factors are essential for its good performance.

Nobilis is one such institution that has specialized in the delivery of top-notch services to their clients. The company utilizes innovative direct marketing that focuses on specific procedures conducted at our centers by qualified and experienced physicians. Nobilis has developed and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities in several regions within the country. We strive to continuously provide quality and affordable health care that focuses on patient satisfaction.

Joseph Bismark Changes the Game in asPire Magazine


You may never have heard of Joseph Bismark but that doesn’t mean he isn’t living the high life. Joseph Bismark is the founding Director for QI Group and he has been in the position since 2008. Bismark has gotten attention for his work in the industry but his eclectic lifestyle and wellness oriented approach to living has gotten him even more attention, according to BusinessWire. The QI Group employee actually ended up landing his own feature spread in asPire Magazine so that he could give readers a look at just what makes him tick and live such a proficient lifestyle.

If you spent any amount of time with Joseph Bismark you would quickly come to realize how important his meditation and Yoga practices are. Bismark is a Yoga Master thanks to his time spent at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga and it is there that he has been educating newcomers to the Yoga lifestyle. Bismark is a voracious reader of Yoga related literature and he is always ready to pass on a new book to his students while ingesting the education himself.

When Bismark practices his Yoga he focuses on his mental acuity by loading up a SoundCloud account with mantras and special bhanjan chants. These audio files help Bismark to center himself and focus on finding that inner balance. Yoga isn’t a weekly practice for Bismark, it is a daily one and as essential to his success as putting on a suit and getting into the office.

Bismark doesn’t just meditate and practice Yoga, however, s he is also a very busy and active person when he isn’t on the mat. Bismark credits his physical well being to the time that he spends every week cycling, swimming, and working with kettlebells. Cycling is one of the core components of his workout routine and he optimizes his time spent there by utilizing the MapMyRide app. This app tracks his fitness activities while cycling: duration, speed, distance, elevation, pace, and even burned calories.

As far as kettlebell goes, Bismark focuses on the rip:60 routine. Kettlebells can be tricky weights for people who have never used them before which makes beginner classes the perfect place to start. Kettlebells are ball shaped weights with handles on the top of them.

At the end of the day Bismark needs mental clarity while working. His commitment to exercise and his willingness to stay busy ensures that he is never overwhelmed in his own head space.