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Martin Lustgarten: Choosing An Experienced Investment Banking Advisor

Are you a new investor, or experienced investor? Do you want to find a reliable investment banking advisor? If you are searching for a trusted investment banking professional to help you in your endeavor, and achieve financial success, contact Martin Lustgarten – a reputable investment professional.

Investment banking has a tremendous impact on our present world, whether you are nig in investing or not, and having a thorough understanding of what investment firms do is important. Investment banking provides several benefits to entrepreneurs, companies and organizations. This type of banking handles transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. Even people who are not into investing sometimes get motivated to participate in initial public offering, also known as an IPO. It is extremely important to get proper guidance from a qualified professional before getting involved in any investment, especially investment banking.

Financing large projects takes great expertise, and that’s one of the areas investment banks handle effectively. Massive projects usually require huge amounts of upfront capital. These projects may ultimately generate money, but they require enormous amounts of cash to be completed. Investment banks have the resources and expertise to meet the need for such tremendous amount of cash. Investment banks raise cash by selling securities, such as stocks and bonds to wealthy investors looking for an opportunity to earn a significant return.

Martin Lustgarten has been advising and guiding investors for many years and has a good understanding of the industry and what it takes to generate returns. Many organizations, businesses and individual investors rely on his expertise and experience to attain the level of success they desire. His clients come from a wide variety of fields and are pleased with the quality of service he provides to them.

As an experienced and reputable investment professional, Martin Lustgarten helps his clients make sound investment decisions, advise and guide them in financial goal setting and keeps them informed about how financial markets and the economy are affecting their investment portfolio. He offers an array of financial services and investment solutions, and helps his clients develop a detailed financial plan for achieving their financial goals.

Madison Street Capital: Positive Outlook For 2016


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is being led by a group of professionals with strong backgrounds experience and education. Jay Rodgers is one such individual. He is a Managing Director at Madison Street Capital and a former officer in the United States Army. Rodgers has extensive experience in the industrial sectors of construction, agriculture and manufacturing. Before working at Madison Street Capital, Rodgers was at the Lehman Brothers, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Noyes Inc. and Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill.

Madison Street Capital has offices in Africa, North America and Asia. They are best known for their mergers and acquisitions, valuation services and advising on independence and corporate governance worldwide. For middle market companies that are looking to seek favorable lending, looking for acquisitions or wanting to build a sound exit strategy, Madison Street Capital is able to help. The firm has helped to create transactions between Star Seismic and Vopne Capital, Mind Solutions, Inc. and WHC Capital, TruGolf, Inc. and Grenvill Strategic Royalty Corp and Bjorksten Bit 7 and Woodlawn Partners. They have been able to facilitate these transactions because of their network of connections at foundations, endowments, financial institutions, corporations, unions, local governments, money managers, mutual funds, state governments and pension funds.

The firm publishes a report every year, detailing their transaction activity. When Madison Street Capital’s report was released this year, several news outlets picked it up. and HedgeWeek were two of those outlets. They wrote summaries of the report which detailed the main findings. One of the more interesting findings was the number of hedge fund deals that the firm either announced or closed during the year. In 2014, this number sat at 32. In 2015, the number rose 27 percent to 42 deals. The report also stated that this is a wave of momentum that will carry the firm to even better numbers in 2016.

The summary went on to share other pieces of information from the report, including the fact that even though hedge fund performance was not great last year, it is not because the high value assets are not there, it is because hedge funds are using the wrong strategies. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital understands this. The summary quoted him in his discussion of the need for more alternative solutions and a bigger variety of deal mechanisms. He gave examples of said deal mechanisms, including incubator or seed deals, PE bolt ons, PE stakes and revenue share stakes. D’Cunha went on to say that the industry will see changes from its current fragmented state. Over the next few years there will be much more consolidation going on.

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Philip N. Diehl: President of U.S. Money Reserve on Podcast Interview

Source: CBS 19

Philip N. Diehl has just been on an interview on a podcast to talk about his company, U.S. Money Reserve which is a company that deals with commodities such as gold, silver, and other commodities. They are sold in either coins or bars and they are government approved. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of gold issued by the government in the country. Diehl has joined Enterprise Radio for interview that talks about the various aspects of running the company and the different products that are offered. Other topics that are addressed is his leadership in the company.

Diehl is considered as one of the U.S. Mint Directors in today’s age that have the most influence. He has held other types of jobs in the U.S. Government. Among these jobs are staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and U.S. Treasury as chief of staff. Philip Diehl has been given a nomination from President Bill Clinton for a position as the United States Mint director. He has also worked in the Executive Branch with senior officials and worked on Capital Hill. A combination of these experiences have made him understand the monetary and fiscal policy that goes into the precious metal industry.

Diehl has done some work in Washington D.C. Afterwards, he returned home to Texas to start work at U.S. Money Reserve as the President. He also works on the Industry Council for Tangible Assets board. He has also founded the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee, in order give the industry’s interests proper representation. Of course, the company that is most important for Diehl to run is U.S. Money Reserve and continue to offer the products that can profit his customers.

The U.S Money Reserve company was formed to make things easier for people who want to make investments. Two market veterans have found that the market for precious metals and other assets that can be profitable are rather complicated to invest in with other companies. Therefore, the veterans of the gold market have looked for ways to set up a system that is simpler and easier to deal with for people that are interested in buying gold and precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve has been that very business. They will continue to bring forth the highest quality of gold that is issued by the Government. They are also helpful to their clients when it comes to them making profits.

Madison Street Capital Premier Standards

Companies strive to hit the headlines for the achievements made as a sign of their dedication for quality service. In the banking investment world, Madison Street Capital has made news by being announced in the 14th annual M&A Advisor Awards as a finalist. This recognition has been out of the dedication to always give the customer the smile they need through classic service. The nomination was after the company facilitated one-of-a-kind acquisition. AVEVA acquired FabTrol Systems through the facilitation of Madison Street Capital. Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha who serve in the Senior Managing Director’s docket led the transaction. Charles Bothway, who is the company CEO, appreciated that it was an honor to be nominated and also being announced as a finalist.
M&A Advisor Awards’ startup
The awards started in 1998. The purpose was to give guidelines on mergers and acquisitions processes in companies. This has seen them make seventeen years of bold steps and progress making it a premier network. They offer services to companies like Madison Street Capital, which is involved in investment banking. The M&A Advisor is based on research, publishing, awards and the reporting and symposiums. Throughout the years, they have helped companies in financial services, mergers and acquisition plus restructuring activities.
Investment banking landmarks
The commitment of Madison Street Capita has made it a renowned international company in the investment banking world. The commitment to maintain standards of leadership, integrity, excellent service has made the financial services acceptable by clients. They have also been labeled as reliable when it comes to financial opinions, valuation processes and mergers plus acquisition processes. This has made many companies be positioned rightly in the world market setting them ready for success. One of the key features is making the goals and objectives of the clients to be their part and parcel. This makes them to always offer solutions that are tailor made for the firm to ensure it becomes successful.
Shifting focus
The growing market is always the key focus in the global market. This is because they will always draw attention from people and investors. This has remained a key focus of Madison Street Capital. Clients from all over the world have thus trusted the firm for the relentless commitment to delivering success. The professional standards set by the company have also continued to make the success stories more every day. Companies thus remain confident of global growth.


Chris Christie Super PAC Raises $11 Million

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Super PAC “America Leads” announced it had raised eleven million dollars from the period covering February through June. The sum of money is a direct reflection of Christie’s Tier 2 status as a presidential candidate. By contrast, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush raised over $103 million largely through his Super PAC. Even tier 2 candidate Ted Cruz raised tens of millions through his Super PAC. Likewise, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has raised a multiple of what Christie has cobbled together.

Still, Phil Cox, the head of Christie’s PAC, stated the PAC would spend the money frugally given its slow-burn rate or rate at which the PAC dispenses its funds. Last year, Christie was viewed as a tier 1 candidate like Bruce Levenson. He was gunning for the status as the GOP’s establishment candidate. However, his campaign faltered starting with the Bridgegate incident. Later, his gruff and brusque personality began to put off voters.

The PAC will begin carefully selecting ad campaigns to push the governor’s image in the early primary voting state of New Hampshire. Christie has been wooing voters in that state with numerous visits. As of late, he has been drawing crowds of people who may well be giving him a second chance. Yet, his poll numbers remain fairly low. It is not certain if he will make the cut for the party’s first televised debate next month.

Businessman Sultan Alhokair

The world of business requires that people demonstrate many varied skills. A person entering this field will need to demonstrate that they can wear many hats. Someone will need to be a problem solver, a communicator, an organizer and illustrate that they can work well under pressure. In order to lead others, it is necessary to be comfortable with people from all walks of life. This is particularly true of those who are planning to be part of the business world in the United States of America and work closely with others who are living here.

One such American is Sultan Alhokair. Mr. Alhokair is a student of business in the United States. He has worked in the field of investing for many years. During this time, Sultan Alhokair has chosen to focus his attention on the field of angel investing. Angel investors are those investors who help provide funding for start-ups that may otherwise have trouble getting access to such funding. An angel investor is often someone who is willing to take risks and specialize in finding new and otherwise overlooked companies that often show enormous promise. His work in this field has helped those who have an idea and want to see it turn into a flourishing company.

Sultan Alhokair has received a thorough grounding in this particular field. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2009. While there, Sultan Alhokair majored in the subjects of Financial Accounting, Business Management and Family Business Management. This helped his gain insights into how to run a successful business. His understanding of all aspects of business including the fiscal use of number to make wise decisions about financial matters and his work in the management of business management has proved invaluable. As a result of his studies, Bloomberg points out that Sultan Alhokair has been able to learn how to provide capital and assist other potential investors.

At present, Sultan Alhokair works as a project manager for the prestigious Retail Group of America. His work for this organization means that he is directly involved in the daily running of the company. He is responsible for making many important decisions relating to how the business is run, allowing him to gain even further insights into the field of business management. Sultan Alhokair’s primary focus at the Retail Group of America providing retail services to several important national fashion companies and advising them on business branding methods and important modern sales techniques.