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Incorporating Olympic Valley not seen as a good idea

The Olympic Valley region in Tahoe hs recently been at the center of a battle over whether to incorporate the area into a city of less than 1,000 people. The Sacramento Business Journal reports the decision looks set to fall on the side of those hoping incorporation does not happen after an independent study looked into the available options for the area and concluded incorporation would lead to large deficits for the area.

The study was created for the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission and took into account the many options available to the region, including the establishment of a resort at the former Olympic village. The growth of a tourist industry in the area is central to the plans of many who hope to see a city incorporated as the majority of funds would be raised through a transient tourist tax charged on those entering the area for winter sports activities. The need for a strong tourist industry is described as vital as an Olympic Valley city would have no other sources of income to rely upon.

Rival groups have been pouring over the conclusions of the study, but the main conclusion of the report is that the Olympic Valley area would not be able to sustain itself in terms of funding. Even with the inclusion of the taxes charged on potential tourists the deficit is reported to grow over the years of incorporation to around $1.8 million by the 2017-18 fiscal year. A large deficit would grow over the years as the Olympic Valley area would be forced to engage in expensive contracts with the county in a bid to complete its required services. Tourism could provide a large influx of funds for the region. However, the head of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort Andy Wirth has been against incorporation from the start. The study also claimed problems could appear if the area was affected by issues with a lack of snow that limited tourism opportunities.

The Mayweather PPV Record Will Fall

The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight set a lot of Pay Per View records, though people are still adding it all up and so just how far those were set is not quite clear. Still, it’s thought that the final numbers should be in the realm of four million. This has led people to believe, in some cases, that the numbers will never fall.

On one hand, this makes some sense. Most other sports are free. You can watch the Super Bowl even if you don’t have cable. If it was a PPV event, it may surpass a boxing match, as football is vastly more popular in the United States than boxing. Basketball and hockey are also free, at least in the playoffs.

However, the record is going to fall at some point for the simple reason that all of these records fall at some point. Nothing stands forever. Every year, more people watch the Super Bowl. It has some to do with sports growing to be more popular, and it has some to do with an increasing population. Instagram users were debating whether the total amount of people in the United States will be significantly higher in ten or 20 years, so the odds are higher than more will pay for some future fight.

However, it may not be boxing that breaks the record. That sports is waning, as the UFC grows in popularity. The UFC may break the record in the end.