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How Kate Hudson Built Fabletics Into A Highly Successful Brand

Fabletics is an innovative clothing brand and e-retailer that was started in a partnership between actress Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group. The brand is focused on women’s activewear that is fashionable and can be worn all day. The idea of the brand came to Kate Hudson when she was wondering why women’s activewear was so expensive and how it could be provided at less cost to consumers. The brand has proven to be very successful and uses a membership program in order to encourage repeat business.

Recently, Fabletics has been expanding into the world of brick and mortar with retail stores being opened across the United States. Most retail stores consider showrooming to be a huge problem. Showrooming is the term used when a consumer looks and feels products in a store but then buys it at a different retailer online for less cost. At Fabletics stores, they feature what they call reserve showrooming. The company doesn’t care if women buy their clothes, which is exclusive to this brand, in the stores or at their online site. When a woman tries on a piece of clothing, it even goes into her online shopping cart so she can conveniently but it from there if she so chooses.

As a membership model company, Fabletics encourages women who are making their first purchase take a Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz, easy to complete, lets Fabletics know what they find appealing and fashionable. This gives the member the convenience of having clothing shown to them that is bound to appeal to their tastes rather than having to search for it.

At Fabletics, Kate Hudson has five rules which have led to the tremendous growth of the brand. Her first rule is to develop marketing opportunities. Unlike some of its competition, Fabletics has clothing for every size and shape. Her second rule is to stay hands on which involves her looking at sales numbers on a weekly basis and keeping apprised of what is selling and what isn’t so changes can be made to what Fabletics offers.

Other rules of Kate Hudson’s are to rely on data to make decisions. This data includes the Lifestyle Quiz results which point to broader trends. She also stays inspired which includes working on her mother’s nonprofit, the Hawn Foundation. Finally, she says that in order to achieve you have to believe in yourself and take informed risks.

Time for Lip Balm

Winter is in full swing, which means plenty of freezing and even below freezing temperatures. Putting on a heavier jacket, gloves, a hat and a scarf is not the only thing you should do when you are preparing to head outside. Pop open a vial of lip balm and apply it liberally to your lips as well. There are great benefits of using lip balm that will make you want to carry one in your bag or pocket at all times.

Preventing Chapped Lips

One of the most obvious benefits of using lip balm is that you can avoid the problem of chapped lips. Chapped lips are common during winter and are extremely uncomfortable and even unsightly. Your lips can even become split and bleed as a result. Regularly using lip balm can prevent this problem. This is because the top layer of skin on your lips can be damaged in the winter, especially when there is wind. Apply your favorite lip balm, such as EOS in any number of flavors, to protect your lips.

Your Skin Heals Faster

Lip balm helps your skin to heal faster. Because the skin on the lips is much thinner than that on the face, it’s easier for it to lose hydration and suffer from damage and irritation. Applying a good lip balm will ensure that the skin of your lips will heal faster.

Improves Your Lipstick

If you are a lipstick wearer, using lip balm can actually make your lipstick look better and last longer. This is because your lips are better hydrated when you use lip balm. When you simply apply regular lipstick and your lips are dry, chapped or cracked, the color can get into the damaged areas and look quite bad. Lip balm usage will ensure that it looks far better because your lips will be healthier.

You Look Younger

Surprisingly, using EOS lip balm can make you look younger. This is because your lips will be smoother overall thanks to ingredients like antioxidants, collagen and others that prevent aging. In addition, many lip balms are made with SPF to protect against sun damage, which can easily age your skin and cause problems like skin cancer.

Easy to Apply

EOS Lip balm is extremely easy to apply. Since it isn’t lipstick, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the steadiest hand. It usually lacks color and glides on smoothly.

These are some of the biggest benefits of using lip balm. You can enjoy these advantages not just in the winter but all year long, no matter what the weather or temperature. Your lips will thank you for it.  Check details on

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