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George Soros: Towards An Open Society.

A lot can be done to make the world a better place to live. We live at a time when diversity creates differences within us. We refuse to engage in the constructive discussion that can help us understand our world. Human conflict and suffering lie at an all-time high.
Amongst all the chaos, there’s still hope for the human race. George Soros, a Hungarian-born investor, and philanthropist brings hope. He has made it his life mission to open up societies to function and encourage its members to be critical thinkers.
Soros set up Open Society Foundations to promote his free thinking ideologies. The organizations spread over a hundred states across all continents. Operating as regional units, they spread common agendas of peace, transparency, accountability and truth. Education facilitates the change of ideologies. George Soros through his foundation grants thousands of scholarships to needy students around the world.
George’s Soros early works of philanthropy began in the early 1980’s. Being a successful entrepreneur, he took his life lessons into the social welfare sectors. He supported the South African’s apartheid war while also working to eliminate Communism during the Cold War.
Through Open Society Foundations, legal counsel has been afforded to thousands of political detainees across the world. In his quest to promote democracy and human rights, Mr. Soros speaks highly of the values that make us human. He believes that a new generation must be brought up and educated on the lines of respecting the dignity of human life.
George Soros speaks without fear or favor. He has consistently voiced anger at the tendency of mining firms, governments, and gangs to wage war in resource-rich areas around the world for their gain. In his world, he sees transparency and accountability among authorities to their subjects.
An open society means tolerance, exchange of culture and meaningful ideas. He also works with like-minded and independent non-governmental organizations to spread good deeds around the world.
The international conflicts and refugee crisis of the past few years have weighed heavily on George Soros. He has voiced his concern and anger on various publications concerning such issues. He expresses concern over the failure of inter-governmental organizations such as the European Union to operate in the spirit of their formation.
He lobbies for the formulation of comprehensive long-term intervention strategies to solve the situation in Syria, Ukraine, and Russia. He also points fingers at other oppressive practices around the world including the increasing criminalization and oppression of refugees and asylum seekers.
According to George Soros, human beings must learn to be self-critical and think on their own. He cites examples of how some destructive forms of conventional wisdom have made the world suffer. He believes that a lot can be done to mitigate undesired human traits through free thinking and education.
George Soros has earned admirers across the world. His ideas resonate well with free thinkers, individuals and organizations with love for humanity. Some of his great followers include Bono and Kofi Annan. He brings life to the saying that one soul can change the world.

How Marc Sparks Has Helped other Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a Dallas based entrepreneur. He is known as a serial entrepreneur due to his vast portfolio in entrepreneurship. He has built many companies from ideas that others think are obsolete. His private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP maintains his companies in one place. His business model and his long-range growth plans have always been unique. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs are described briefly below.

When people gain experience, they should learn it from the business perspective. Just because someone is familiar with cars doesn’t mean they can run a car business. Someone who can sing well doesn’t mean they can negotiate with music producers or build a sales force to sell music. Similarly, someone who didn’t have a haircut for years doesn’t mean they cannot open a beauty salon. Being familiar with something doesn’t equate to business experience. Experience is not about age either. It is about practice, skills and relevant knowledge plus much more than that. It is about having the right motivation and energy to do what others think is impossible. That is how Marc got into where he is right now. The great thing about all his experiences is that he can always build on that and help other people choose a similar path.

Marc has been working as entrepreneur since his high-school. He started out small, which caught the eyes of investors across the nation and his talent and ability to take risks were immediately evident. He proactively sought experience to other aspects of business. He learned more about what he did, and in short order, became the founder of nearly a dozen companies that are now in his TCC, LP. All these experiences gave him the reality check about what it meant to be a successful entrepreneur. He wanted to learn new things. He didn’t know until he went into doing the tasks he liked. He worked each job function and since then has never looked back.
Sparks advises that the best way to lay a solid foundation is to take additional risks and involve in refining their skills. In athletic words, if they want to run they need to walk first. After they practice and gain strength, then off they come. This is how Marc reached his ultimate goals. He became serious about starting his own business, investing capital, time and effort to have the best chances of success. This in turn attracted venture capitalists who saw his ideas, plans and portfolio worthy of investment. Marc always reminds other entrepreneurs that starting or buying a business always requires work and a lot of work. There is the task of exploring a business model and laying foundation for that business. Then there is the task of researching target customers and their needs as well. There is the task of putting together business plans and materials. There is a need to research on vendors and office locations. The most important thing for an entrepreneur at any stage is raising capital. This is followed by creating a marketing plan and corporate structure. Marc wants other entrepreneurs to follow their passion and instinct. He talks to a lot of people while they are at their starting phase of business. He constantly touches on the issues of competitive world and the need to be strong in it.

Christian Broda Made His Career Dreams Come True

Economics are a smart group of individuals who have dedicated a good amount of time to learning what needs to be learned to succeed in the field that they have chosen. They are people who are determined to see something through, and who have done a lot to take themselves where they wanted to go in life. There are a lot of ambitious career paths that people can choose to go on, and the career of an economist is one of them. There will be many challenges that people who are pursuing economics will face, but in the end it will all work out for them. If this is something that they really want for themselves, then every bit of hard work that they have put into getting their degree, and into pursuing their career, will be worth it.
Christian Broda knows the struggles of becoming an economist as well as anyone. He studied hard to get his degree, and then he worked hard to advance in his career. He loved the things that he learned so much, though, that he decided to become a professor in economics. Many people who get a degree in this field would never consider doing something like that. They probably couldn’t imagine becoming a professor in economics, because all they can remember when they think back on their professors is all of the hard work that they had to do for them. Christian Broda is unique in that way. He enjoyed his years as a professor, and now he has gone on to become the director of a big organization. He has made the most of his career in every way, and the work that he has done to make it what it is has well paid off for him.
Too many people run when they see a challenge. Too many people give up on their dreams because of the work that it would take to get them to be where they want to be. But not Christian Broda. He had a dream to have a career in economics, and he went out to get it for himself. He wasn’t shy of the hard work that came his way. No, instead he tackled it all to get him to be one of the best economists the field has ever seen. He is as dedicated as anyone, and he is someone that any young, hopeful economist should think of when they are feeling ready to give up.

FreedomPop: From Free Cell Phone Service to Free Wifi

FreedomPop got their start by offering their customers free cellular phone service on the Sprint network. They now wish to branch out and reach out to more possible customers by extending their services into WI-FI. In January, they turned on ten million hot spots, from fast food chains, coffee shops, and retail stores and it is projected that it will go up to twenty-five million by the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (also known as the end of March, 2015). They will at first focus on metro areas. Their customers also get unlimited telephone calls and texts while they are connected to the WI-FI. This WI-FI service will at first be only available to a certain type of phone.

The WI-FI service will only be available to Android devices in the beginning, due to the fact that they are issues with automatic WI-FI sign-in on Apple’s platform. FreedomPop’s IOS application should be updated by now. The company cannot say who is partnering with them in this endeavor and the reason for this appears to be that they are limited by the regulations of a contract. With Starbucks possibly being one of their WI-FI hotspots and getting people to pay five dollars a month for something that they can get for free in many places, FreedomPop does have some challenges ahead of them.

If they offer service at Starbucks, FreedomPop would have to partner with AT&T or Google. Talking people into paying five dollars a month also appears to not be an easy task, especially since the majority of people are happy with the free internet that they may use at many locations. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop believes that his company’s most current move will peak the interest of wanting to lower the cost of their data costs that are part of their Smartphone bill. They are starting small though with the plan being for them to have more than one million customers before the year is over. If they offer great service at the low price stated in the FreedomPop review, word of mouth and any advertising that they may choose to do will suffice to make this service very popular, and continue to make their company grow not only in the United States, but overseas also, if they choose to branch out to other countries.

Jonathan Veitch Biography of the Occidental President

Jonathan Veitch was born in 1959. He went to Loyola High School before joining Stanford University for his bachelor’s degree. He earned his doctoral degree from Harvard University. Jonathan Veitch is the current president of Occidental College after serving as the dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College and a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He has served as the chair of humanities and once as an associate provost before he became the dean. It was while he was serving as the dean, Jonathan Veitch started focusing on expanding the size of the Eugene Lang College, and seemed to take advantage of it as the urban-based liberal arts college.

Jonathan Veitch is well known for his strategic planning mounted on better positioning Occidental College’s future. This involved strengthening civic engagements, initiating global literacy programs and forming new partnerships with other premier institutions in Southern California. Since he assumed office in 2009, the college has seen the completion of the Samuelson Alumni Center as well as renovation and expansion of the Swan Hall, which is home to at least one-third of Oxy’s faculty.

The twenty-year plan has encompassed the renovations of the Johnson Hall, which is to host the McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs. Veitch has managed to convince Rose Hills Foundation provide a grant to renovate Johnson Student Center. Veitch’s plan incorporates putting up a 1-megawatt solar array. The 1-megawatt solar array will be the first of its kind to be installed in a campus with a promising self-generation of 11 percent of Occidental’s annual usage in terms of electricity. Having realized that president Barrack Obama schooled here, Veitch has been able to pull strings to bring more students in, both nationally and internationally with a promising first class education privilege.

Jonathan Veitch is also an author of, “American Super realism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s”. His field of expertise ranges from 19th to 20th century literature and cultural history. Lately, he has been focusing on higher education history, specifically in the United States. During his tenure at Eugene Lang College, he was able to double the student numbers over the years. He only hopes that unlike his predecessors, he will live long in the president’s house, for at least ten years before he retires.

Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, depicts Jonathan Veitch has deep roots in the film industry. His step grandfather was the actor Allan Ladd and his father, John Veitch was the president of Columbia Picture’s Worldwide Productions. A leader in his own right, it will be interesting to see where Jonathan Veitch will take the Occidental College in the future.

FreedomPop wants to take the high cost of internet off your plate

You might think that it would be tough to get into the wireless Internet and mobile phone service and for the most part you’d be right. However, FreedomPop is set to change that perception and show the world that they have what it takes to break into this industry and make a name for themselves. As a wireless Internet and mobile phone provider out of Los Angeles, California FreedomPop is currently providing wireless text and voice services for big names like Sprint and Clearwire. On top of this FreedomPop also sells devices such as mobile phones, state-of-the-art tablets, and broadband devices that can be used with their service.

Founded by CEO Stephen Stokols and Sesar in 2011, FreedomPop is quickly gaining popularity in their home area as well as across the US and Europe. They are also backed by some big names such as Mangrove Capital, Atomico, and Doll Capital Management. Where there were rumors in 2014 that Sprint Corporation was considering the acquisition of FreedomPop (as reported by GigaOm) nothing emerged to verify this claim until recently when it was announced by USA today that Sprint is indeed in talks to buy the company. As of this writing FreedomPop continues to serve the US and Europe for their wireless Internet and mobile phone needs as an independent entity.

Notable achievements of FreedomPop include the fact that in its first month of selling smart phones it converted 5% of its free users to paid users. This number doubled the following month to 10% and doubled again the next month to %20. This kind of growth is exceptional for a start up company. The year after it partnered with Sprint and was able to take advantage of their 3G and 4G networks with Sprint compatible devices. Recently FreedomPop has released its own self-branded low-cost line of tablets and smartphones.

Going forward the future looks bright for FreedomPop. The company is valued at between $250 and $450 million. If the buyout with Sprint goes through it is unknown whether FreedomPop will continue to operate under its own brand or if its assets will be simply absorbed into the Sprint brand. Until that time FreedomPop continues to provide its customers with free 4G data, text, and voice plans for tablet users of the iPad Mini and Samsung Tablet 3. The offer also extends to those who bring their own Sprint compatible device. They also have announced that they have plans to offer SIM card based plans as well.

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Mark Ahn On Leadership Trends

Mark Ahn, whom throughout his career has held leadership positions in biotech an academia, along with publishing more that 50 journal articles and books, recently published his thoughts on the top upcoming leadership trends for 2015. All of his ideas stem from the concept that leaders are made and not born.

A leader must remember to learn from those who came before them, remembering that good leadership is timeless.

Leading with integrity is also crucial, as good leaders have a strict moral and ethical code.

This idea of personal values is continued in Mark Ahn’s next trend, exercising good judgement by always acting with courage and character.

My maintaining a strong personal code and exercising good judgement, the best leaders will lead by example and draw support through actions, not only words.

Finally, the best leaders must always remember to be humble and know that the best leadership advice can sometimes come from those you lead. In times of crisis, the ability of a leader to act with humility and respect the opinions of all those around them will be what separates the good leaders from the great.

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Vijay Eswaran Is Helping Asian Families

The economic climate has changed significantly in Southeast Asia over the past few decades. It is a place that is burgeoning with all kinds of new enterprises. One of those enterprises is the QI Group. This is a large company that was founded by Vijay Eswaran. Vijay started out as an MLM man, but his company soon grew to include many other types of business. He grew his company so much that he was able to write books and start charities. Vijay uses much of his time to help people today, and that help is something that changes lives in the southeast of Asia.

The Charities

Vijay has started two charities to help people in need in southeast Asia. He works with families that need help getting back on their feet, and he works with people who are trying to get their own businesses going. He wants people to have just the smallest chance to succeed. He knows that many people think success is too far off, but he knows that a little bit of money and encouragement from his charity might be able to help.

His Books

The books that Vijay has written outline how he manages his businesses and his lifestyle. His business tactics are laid out in one of his books, and they can be used by anyone to stage a successful business. He has also laid out a lifestyle plan in one of his books that shows people how to begin and end their day. Vijay starts the day with an hour of silence, and he knows that some lifestyle changes can help people get on the right track.

Vijay Eswaran believes in helping people with the platform that he has. He knows he can use his gifts to help other people so that they can be successful, too.

Settlement Of An Appeal Related To Lac-Mégantic

An agreement has been made between the families of the victims of the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic occurred in July 2013 and the companies involved in the derailment in the United States. An American lawyer who represented the plaintiffs said on Friday that a sum of US $ 200 million would be distributed to families of victims and other parties involved in the appeal. This is the family of a man who died in the tragedy which had initiated the prosecution for causing the wrongful death of 47 people.

The lawsuit was filed by Annick Roy, in a court of Illinois, on behalf of the estate of Jean-Guy Veilleux and mourning daughter. It sought compensation from ten individuals or companies, including MMA, Rail World Inc., Dave and Brit Morin, Edward Burkhardt (President of Rail World) and several US oil companies. The author of the prosecution also alleged that it was dangerous to transport oil in tank cars DOT-111, although it was known that they ripped open more easily than others during the derailment.

An American lawyer who represented the plaintiffs said on Friday that a sum of US $ 200 million would be distributed to families of victims.

“We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that these companies contribute and we intend to sue in Illinois and in any other State to ensure that they assume their responsibilities in this disaster,” said the lawyer who works for the Meyers & Flowers.

Sam Tabar: Taking Charge

In almost any line of work, there are people who merely show up and collect a paycheck for making little if any contribution to the business. Then, there are others who walk into a room and instantly take charge of any situation, using their talents and experience to reach unprecedented levels of success. One of these people is Sam Tabar, who with his legal and financial training and experience has risen to heights in the financial industry that others have never thought possible.

Graduating with Honors first from Oxford University and then Columbia School of Law, Sam immediately set himself apart from the pack by taking more than a passing interest in financial investments. Fascinated with hedge funds, Sam learned all he could and his risen to financial manager extraordinaire. Tabar recently received recognitoon from CNBC for his business-savvy investment strategies for 2015. from After college, he became an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom, one of the world’s most well-known law firms. Specializing in financial matters, Sam advised clients from all over the world on such matters as hedge fund formation and structure, regulatory issues and management agreements. Working at Skadden until 2004, Sam proved to be an invaluable part of the firm who made quite an impression on his partners and clients.

Yet with his interest in hedge funds, it was clear Sam had bigger and better things waiting for him. After leaving Skadden, he joined PMA Investment Advisors and was quickly promoted to Managing Director and Head of Business Development. This is where Sam was able to combine his outstanding financial skills with his excellent interpersonal skills to create a win-win situation for everyone. Developing key strategic marketing plans for a hedge fund worth $2 billion, Sam began a non-stop investor relations effort targeting not only individual investors but also institutional investors and other high net-worth investors. As a result of his tireless work, he was able to build up a file of more than 2,000 potential qualified investors as well as another 400 who were worthy of introductions to the hedge fund.

However, what makes Sam truly stand out from others is the ease at which he is a true Renaissance man in today’s complex world. Along with his remarkable talents in the legal and financial fields, Sam also has a penchant for world travel and learning all he can about people, places and things. To enhance his travels and help him in the boardroom, he has learned to speak not only fluent French, but Japanese as well. Because he has worked with many clients in the Asia-Pacific region, his understanding of the language and culture has been of tremendous help in landing and finalizing many business deals. Despite the many complexities evident in today’s world, Sam Tabar continues to prove that a man who has determination, intelligence and a passion for life will always rise to the top.