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Objectives of the Lovaganza celebrations

Lovaganza is a cultural event developed to celebrate cultures through Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and America. The fair will be a venue for entertainment, music performances, films, and dances. The celebration is going to be observed worldwide. The celebrations too are going to be a remembrance of historical events and advancements such as the Eiffel Tower and the creation of the television. The fair plans to promote a tolerance and renewed awareness of different cultures. The celebration has several other objectives.

Help Children
Lovaganza festival is set to improve the lives of children all over the world. The first film which is titled “Follow Your Sunshine” has a 1950s setting and is aimed to have a family friendly fun ideal for children. Lovaganza itself has goals set for 2035 configured to solve several problems faced by children. Through their campaign, the foundation is set to raise money and help children get access to food, clothing and have clean drinking water. Among its highest goals on, Lovaganza aims at taking children out of a war zone.

Cultural understanding
In addition to helping children and bringing out a beautification in cities participating in the event, Lovaganza aims at promoting a better understanding between cultural groups. Their main website is set as a place where people can view and find information on other cultures. Individuals who live different lifestyles and speak different languages can come together to enjoy and observe diversity. Similarly, people of different races and faith will come together; these groups will have a new perspective about those that seem to be very different from them.

Uniting countries
Having the celebrations on held in various cities is meant to unite several states and towns through one event. Those that have always dreamt of being involved in an activity that unites people from different religions, races, nationalities and ideas now have Lovaganza. It is the pinnacle of experiences brought together by various cultures. There is something for all cities and countries, and everyone is invited to the global party.

Lovaganza celebrations are set to be promoted by a brand known as the Lovaganza foundation. This fund is established to be opened in 2018; the foundation is going to improve lives of people across the whole world. It is going to run the entire celebrations which are set to begin in 2020. Even though a little part of the celebrations launched in 2015, 2020 will be the day for final celebrations of the fair.

Brian Mulligan: Multi-Talented Media And Entertainment Industry Executive And Advisor


Brian Mulligan, CEO of the sports advisory, entertainment, and media company Brooknol Advisors, is a man with a great deal knowledge and leadership experience. For more than 30 years he has led some of the best known entertainment and media companies. It seems like when any major media company is looking for innovative leadership, expertise, and a person with the right skillset to lead them forward, they reach out to Brian Mulligan and he delivers. In media and entertainment circles the name Brian Mulligan conjures up images of a white knight coming at the perfect time to save the day.

Mulligan’s first job was with the entertainment unit of PWC as a senior manager. He helped them to start the united and remained in the position for almost 6 years. After leaving PWC, Mulligan became MCA’s Controller and senior vice president of Finance. MCA was the 3rd largest media company and Mulligan budgeting value based management, and reporting. He was CFO and a board member of MCAs Political Committee. He then spent 2 years as MCAs executive vice president handling all business and financial matters. Mulligan next spent two years on Cineplex Entertainment’s board of directors restructuring and right sizing the company.

In January 1997 Universal Studios came calling and Mulligan was hired as the company’s CFO, COO, and Executive Vice President. He was charged with handling Universal’s TV, film, recorded music, cable, pay and free TV, home video, video games, and theme parks. He worked on distribution of numerous top rated movies and increased cash flow by $1 billion in his first year. He also helped found Focus Features. Mulligan was also a member of the board at PortAventura, Universal Orlando, Universal Cinema International, Universal Studio Japan, and USA Networks.

Not only has he lent his experience, knowledge, and advice, he has helped to improve the bottom line and customer base of all those companies. Mulligan then spent 2 years as Seagram International’s CFO and executive vice president, 2 years at Chairman and advisor at Fox Broadcasting Company, and spent time with Ascent Capital Group, Napster, Cerberus Capital Management, Liberty Livewire, The Boston Consulting Group, Spyglass Partners, LLC, Roxio and Money Center Bank as either a board member or a member of the senior staff. Mulligan also co-founded Universal Partner, invested in Vobile. He’s been CEO of Brooknol Advisors since 2006. Brian Mulligan truly is a versatile, multi-talented individual.