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The Government Doesn’t Want You to Know Drinking Alcohol is Good For You

Alcohol has become nearly synonymous with unhealthy living, and has a bad reputation in the health-care community. You might be surprised that there is convincing evidence that abstaining from alcohol is a major factor in a person’s risk for heart disease and early death.

Clearly, becoming a full blown alcoholic is not recommended and can lead to serious and deadly consequences. Yet, both the CDC and Dietary Guidelines for Americans have tried to confirm the benefits of moderate and regular alcohol consumption, but have been met with a vast amount of criticism by those who do not want to accept the evidence as truth.

A review published by The Research Society on Alcoholism stated, “A considerable body of epidemiology associates moderate alcohol consumption with significantly reduced risks of coronary heart disease and, albeit currently a less robust relationship, cerebrovascular (ischemic) stroke.”

This advocacy of alcohol is coming straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, an organization dedicated to preventing and treating alcoholism.

The published review from Brad Reifler (further information located on also explained that many studies have also shown regular ingestion of alcohol has been linked to better cognitive functioning in those not suffering from alcoholism or a pathological addiction to the substance.

As more of this research enters into the American consciousness, alcohol will no longer have such a strong stigma attached to it as something that is extremely unhealthy. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be true in that abstaining from drinking can lead to an early death, among other things.