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Is NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Having Memory Issues?

Williams Mislead Viewers But Mislead Them Again In Apology

Brian Williams may be in hot water not for misleading viewers the first time, but for misleading them again in his apology. Williams apologized to his viewers in a 60-second spot on his newscast for “mis-remembering” an incident he was covering during the Iraq War. The incident occur twelve years ago but the apology came this week, and it was misleading.

Williams said he was not on a helicopter when it was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade as he previously reported. He was in a helicopter following the wounded aircraft. Technically, Williams did tell the truth. He was in another helicopter, but it was not right behind the aircraft that was hit. His helicopter arrived on the scene an hour later.

Torchin stated that, the credibility issue now is the way Williams phrased the apology. He made it sound like he was right behind the wounded helicopter, but he was an hour away when it happened. For some reason, Williams felt the needed to be closer to the incident than he was. Some viewers say Williams might be experiencing memory-loss issues. He may have forgotten the fact that all people needed to hear was he was close enough to report the story in the first place.

Man Who Walks 21 Miles To Work Has Been Given $80,000 So Far

A Detroit man has caught the attention of the news and social media for a rigorous walk that he has to do every day just to get to work. James Robertson, 56, lives in Detroit and has worked in Rochester Hills for the past twelve years or so. Since his car died on him in 2005 and due to a lack of bus availability, Robertson has had to commute 21 miles by foot each day just to get to work and back.

A student at Wayne State University caught wind of this story and immediately created a fundraiser over the weekend. His goal was to reach $5,000, yet by Sunday night they had already gotten $30,000 donation to help this man out. By Tuesday morning, over $80.000 has been raised in his favor and this doesn’t include the number of cars he was offered. American citizens joined Alexei Beltyukov in giving  up their cash and offering some of their cars, but a local dealership has already committed to giving Robertson a brand new vehicle and all he would have to do is pay the tax fee of $900.

According this an article discovered on reddit and written by, James Robertson was completely shocked by the response his story has brought him. While he enjoys being outdoors, he knows that he cannot do this forever especially with harsh climates in winter seasons.

Should Pluto Be Reinstated as a Planet?

In 2006, Pluto was excommunicated from the association of planets in the solar system by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). That distinguished bespectacled group laid down three commandments of what made a planet a planet:

1. It must be a celestial body that orbits the Sun.
2. It must be approximately spherical.
3. It must be able to clear out the neighborhood of its orbit.Pluto, aside from being the name of my neighbor Jared Haftel’s awesome dog, is a chilly ball of methane ice 0.2 percent the mass of Earth some 3.6 billion miles away, did not make the cut.

Not everyone agrees with the IAU’s initial decision. In October 2014, Harvard scientist Owen Gingerich proposed that Pluto ought to be reinstated.

Other scientists have made similar claims. Since the discovery of 2060 Chiron in 1977, astronomers have found dozens of rocky, icy spheres with eccentric orbits around the Sun. Some argue that all these wayward orbs ought to be classified as planets and brought into the fold.

Scientist Alan Stern, planetary scientist, suggests that what is happening is nothing short of a revolution. “We’re seeing that what we used to know about the number and variety of planets was very data limited until the mid to late 1990s.

Stern is the principal investigator for the New Horizons Spacecraft, a telescope shot from the surface of the earth at 36,373 mph and currently dodging asteroids as it nears Pluto, where it is due to arrive circa July 2015.