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Lark Voorhies Married A Wanted Man

Saved by the Bell fans have mostly followed the lives of the stars since the 1990’s show ended. However, while some of them have gone on to do great things with their lives; others have made the spotlight time and time again for stupidity. Specifically speaking, Lark Voorhies is one with questionable acts. She made the news for being diagnosed with Bi-polar depression, and now she’s made news again with her marriage from a man on Facebook.

Voorhies married Jimmy Green and they made it official on April fool’s Day. However, the news was just released as they renewed their vows in Las Vegas this week. At first, Susan McGalla thought it was a joke. The other interesting twist to the story is Green is reported to be a felon. He is wanted in Tucson, Arizona for a crime that was committed back in 2012. Apparently, Green failed to appear in court for charges of disorderly conduct and making criminal threats. With his public stunt and marrying a known star, it is possible this will lead police right to his location.

The couple is now on the radar and I’m positive he will have his day in court. What has happened to the stars of this show? Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech, is in trouble with the law for apparently stabbing a man in a bar. With drama like this, it makes the fans glad that people like Mike Paul Gosselar and Mario Lopez turned out alright.

Incorporating Olympic Valley not seen as a good idea

The Olympic Valley region in Tahoe hs recently been at the center of a battle over whether to incorporate the area into a city of less than 1,000 people. The Sacramento Business Journal reports the decision looks set to fall on the side of those hoping incorporation does not happen after an independent study looked into the available options for the area and concluded incorporation would lead to large deficits for the area.

The study was created for the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission and took into account the many options available to the region, including the establishment of a resort at the former Olympic village. The growth of a tourist industry in the area is central to the plans of many who hope to see a city incorporated as the majority of funds would be raised through a transient tourist tax charged on those entering the area for winter sports activities. The need for a strong tourist industry is described as vital as an Olympic Valley city would have no other sources of income to rely upon.

Rival groups have been pouring over the conclusions of the study, but the main conclusion of the report is that the Olympic Valley area would not be able to sustain itself in terms of funding. Even with the inclusion of the taxes charged on potential tourists the deficit is reported to grow over the years of incorporation to around $1.8 million by the 2017-18 fiscal year. A large deficit would grow over the years as the Olympic Valley area would be forced to engage in expensive contracts with the county in a bid to complete its required services. Tourism could provide a large influx of funds for the region. However, the head of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort Andy Wirth has been against incorporation from the start. The study also claimed problems could appear if the area was affected by issues with a lack of snow that limited tourism opportunities.

Gerson Therapy used by Keith Mann to treat cancer

The animal activist Keith Mann has recently been looking for the best ways of treating an aggressive form of cancer that has no known cure and is generally treated using drugs from major pharmaceutical companies known for testing on animals. After spending his life helping to fight for the rights of animals as a member of the Animal Liberation Front Mann does not believe it would be ethical for him to use such medications and is seeking natural alternatives to assist in his fight against follicular lymphoma.

Keith Mann has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of animals. These rights have been at the forefront of his mind since he was a young boy growing up in the Rochdale area of the UK where he set out on a path towards the activism he is now known for. Throughout his life Mann has been searching out many different options in his bid to search out the best way of helping animals and has been arrested on a number of different occasions.

Mann is now looking to take his fight for the rights of animals to a new level as he refuses treatment for his form of cancer on ethical grounds. Instead, Mann is seeking to treat this incurable cancer by using organic foods and detoxification methods in a bid to purify his body and extend his life. This expensive form of treatment known as the Gerson Therapy has prompted Keith Mann to ask for help in his fight in the form of donations to help pay for his natural treatments.

Read the full article here and follow Keith Mann’s supporters on Twitter for updates on his progress.

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The Best Chilled Wines

The experts at Antique Wine Company are highly trained, so they know the proper serving temperatures for a variety of wines. This is important because the temperature can affect the smell and taste of wine. When wine is served cold, it is less alcoholic; however, the wine’s actual flavors are more bold. Warm wine has a strong alcohol flavor, which is why most people overly chilled their wine before they have dinner.

Red Wine Temperature Guide

AWC employees teach clients about the intensity and weight of wine. Some wines have a thick texture, and some beverages are less intense and lighter. If a red wine is stored in a cabinet at room temperature, it must be refrigerated for 45 minutes until it is slightly cool.

The Best Chilled Red Wines

Lambruscos are light sparkling wines that are manufactured in Italy. Winemakers make the wine from Lambrusco grapes. The beverage is produced after yeast eats the grape juice. The wine is bubbly because carbon dioxide is produced during the fermentation process.

Beaujolais Wine

Beaujolais wine is made from a Gamay grape, which is found in France. Because the grape is unique, it produces the lightest red wine. Beaujolais wines are usually seen in grocery stores shortly before Thanksgiving. However, Antique Wine Company employees provide this wine to consumers throughout the year.

Pinot Noir Wine

A Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines in the world. It is a light, complex wine, but it has a very delicious flavor. Because the manufacturing process is lengthy, the cost of a Pinot Noir is slightly expensive. However, some stores sell the wine for less than $15.

These wines and many other great wines are available at Antique Wine Company. Contact a specialist today to learn more about the benefit of drinking chilled wines.