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Bob Reina Recalls The Inspiration For Talk Fusion

Every good business and product has its inspiration from somewhere. In many cases, the inspiration comes from a problem that the person needed to solve for himself and others. In the case with Talk Fusion, the inspiration has come in 2004 from a software called AOL. One thing that he had tried to do is attach a 10 second clip to an email that he wanted to send to his family in order to get an opinion on a house that he was touring. The unfortunate thing was that AOL has sent a message saying that it can’t be done.


This is when Bob Reina has started looking into ways to bring forth the capabilities for sending video in an email. He has experimented and tried many different solutions as well as developed new software so that it could be done. Eventually, he has come up with the solution that has come to be known as Talk Fusion. This has not only solved the challenge of marketers when it comes to getting customers but also made it so that communication can be deeper for people who are used to texting one another for communication.


Talk Fusion is the advantage that many smaller businesses need in order to get to a higher level of success. This type of advantage is one of the greatest things that entrepreneurs get to use in order to bring their business the attention it needs. Businesses need a lot of attention and fame in order for it to profit. As more people learn about the company, the business will have improved chances for profit. Then if the business owner or marketer is very creative with the type of work that he puts in, then he will be able to bring out a lot of conversions and even loyal customers to his company.


How Talk Fusion Helps People Break Down Their Dreams To Smaller Goals

It is common for people to have dreams. What is not so common is the achievement of those dreams. Often times, people look at their current circumstance and then look at where they want to be. However, there is often little thought as to what they can do in order to get there. These dreams often wind up being unfulfilled because the person did not really know how to take the necessary steps. For one thing, many dreams to start a business require people to know how to market their business so that it could succeed. Even people that knew how to market needed to do a lot of work in order to make their business bring in the profits.


With Talk Fusion, the marketing is made a lot easier for the customer. All the customer has to do is use the tools that Talk Fusion makes available to him. Instead of spending a lot of time writing down tons of text in an attempt to describe the product that is being sold, the marketer gets to use visual mediums in order to get the message across. Not only will Talk Fusion customers be able to show the products, but they will also be able to edit some great looking ads so that they will be able to persuade the customer to buy the products.


For people that are hoping to build a large business that is very successful, Talk Fusion helps them break it down to smaller goals. Among the steps this dream can be broken down into is the initial planning. Then the marketer can do the merchandising. Once that is finished, then he can decide on the marketing aspect of the business. This is where all of the creativity shines for him. As he takes these small steps, his business makes it to the next level of success.


Comfort and Security

Securus Technologies is an information technology company based out of Dallas, Texas. The company is very interesting as it provides ample support and high-quality products to a niche customer base located within the American prison system. Customers of Securus Technologies tend to be incarcerated individuals currently serving time for past mistakes of the United States prison system itself, making Securus Technologies and unique and interesting company within its field. In order to promote some of the technology that has available Securus has opened a press release stating that they will push their video chat technology so that they can attract more customers to the program.



This program is in the form of a free downloadable application that is supported on both Android and Apple. Whenever an inmate wish to communicate with a loved one or a family member all they need to do is log into the application, find Reliable Wi-Fi connection, and then they’re able to seamlessly stream video chat with their family members on the outside. This new advanced technology allows inmates and their family members to avoid the long drawn-out and visitation processes that traditional forms have seen in the past. Family members cannot avoid long drives to prisons, as well as avoid the uncomfortable nature of mandatory security checks.


Since they aim to promote this technology for their there’s no doubt that Securus technologies will see an increase in their customer base within the next following months. This means that more customers equal more revenue and more money can be placed into things such as research and development. More products will become available for loyal customers is Securus Technologies, which is great news for anyone who is looking forward to continuing to work with these Information Technology experts.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo(ClassDojo) is a platform for communication that changes the way students, guardians/parents, and teachers interact with each other. This program not only enables teachers to engage their students, but families also. In classrooms, instructors use the Class Dojo app to help connect with their pupils by giving them the encouragement (feedback points) to show critical skills, such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking or persistence development. Two out of three schools prefer the use of
Class Dojo verses any other program.

Teachers can easily send videos, text messages, pictures, or stickers directly to parents, allowing them to experience special moments with their children on a daily basis. Instructors can also add posts to School Story and Class Story, a private news feed of moments in the classroom, available only to verified teachers, school leaders, and parents.

Parental Involvement

Learning platforms have developed drastically over the years, to help better the teaching techniques of teachers and involve parents/guardians. They need parents’ engagement in their child’s development, and the Class Dojo app makes that an easy task. This platform translates into 35 languages, and allows educators to share their student’s profile with parents. Guardians can access Class Dojo through an SMS/email invitation or a certain code sent directly from the teacher. Only the development of their children (not others) is viewable.

Student Accounts

Students can also get involved by creating a Class Dojo account to view their progress. However, they must receive a code from their teacher before it can be connected to a class. If the child is under 13 years of age, parental consent is necessary before access to various features becomes available. Students can customize an adorable avatar representing them, view teacher feedback on their growth, and other things. In agreement with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), their age will be required, and if under 13 years of age, an email must be sent to the parent or guardian for consent. No other personal information will be required.

School Officials

School Officials can also play an important role with Class Dojo, by sharing videos, photos, and notes on School Story. Only guardians/parents connected to the classes can view these. School officials can see highlights (an overview of school activity including engagement and feedback) make classes, and more.

This program has proven to help teachers engage their classroom. Parents adore the results, and students get the empowerment and positive skills they need. Class Dojo creates a positive environment in classrooms, and makes learning a community effort.