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Robert Ivy is Busy Building on Success

The AIA or the American Institute of Architects is a highly active and dynamic organization representing over 90,000 members at 250 chapters. The goal of this organization is to help architects who are practicing this discipline to better our building designs and the environment.

The CEO and executive vice president of AIA is Robert Ivy, and as soon as he took over the organization he has been striving to take it from being an ordinary institution to a highly effective organization. Going by his track record it is safe to say he has achieved that. In a short amount of time, he has managed to turn the organization into a ninja of sorts as far as efficiency is concerned.

Robert Ivy helped implement programs and policies that brought the AIA into the 21st century. For example, he was one of the main forces behind putting a technology oriented infrastructure and put together a system to help architects address important issues such as sustainability, climate change and the correlation between health and building design. He has, in short, made the AIA a little more “greener” with these changes. The ultimate goal of these actions is to make the AIA a highly responsive organization that has a major say in all things architecture. To appreciate this change, one would need to know that in its early days, the AIA was just an organization that represented architects, as opposed to a group that has become a major influencer of decisions.

Robert Ivy got his Graduate degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He has worked as the editor in chief of the Architectural Record, which is one of the most respected magazines of its kind. In fact, under his leadership, the magazine received several awards and honors including the American Society of Magazine Editors award. He has also worked as an editorial director for McGraw and Hill Construction media which runs several constructions related magazines. His most recent award was the Crain Award, which is given by the American Business Media.

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How Thor Halvorssen Plans on Changing the World

His Tragedy And His Life

There’s one thing everybody should know about Thor Halvorssen. The man has spent much of his life suffering from the effects of dictatorships on his family. He has seen family members arrested and he has seen his own mother killed because she stood up to a dictator. There simply aren’t many people who can tell a story like his and there are even fewer who can objectively turn their suffering into something that improves life for the general public.

Going Out To Stop Any Further Tragedy

The most important goal of Mr Halvorssen is to make sure that the tragedies that rocked his life do not affect anymore people. He does this through the work he does as the head of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation has essentially taken the cause of human rights and made it possible for people around the world to spread awareness of their efforts and to create a more international movement. This has done wonders for activists and created an entirely new way to fight against dictators around the world without many previous problems. Click here to know more.

What he Plans On Doing In The End

The ultimate goal of Thor Halvorssen is to try to build a world where people are able to determine their own position in their society. He believes that until we start giving these issues more attention, we won’t see them change. Halvorssen has already seen what can happen with the effects it has had on his own family. He wants to do everything he an to make sure that people around the world are able to get just about anything they need. Human rights are where this movement begins and where it will reach its greatest potential for the planet.