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Rick Smith Takes SECURUS Technologies to Greater Heights

Rick Smith is a great leader who has been serving the correction industry through SECURUS Technologies where he works as the CEO since the year 2008. He has a vast experience in the industry, and this makes him a good match for the position in the company. He has an incredible focus and drive which is a personality that has reinforced him greatly while working at SECURUS, to improve the quality of their services. Rick Smith has a rich academic background, unique skill set, and a clean track record. Due to his great leadership skills, he served in different departments at SECURUS, and these include operations, business development, finance, information technology and telecommunications among others.

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Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and specializes in serving the corrections industry by providing different products and services. They have been serving over one million inmates, more than 2,000 corrections, public safety firms, and law enforcement agencies across North America. Rick Smith has used his experience in the industry to grow SECURUS Technologies to greater heights in all their services. The company’s specific services to the community include emergency response, communications, monitoring, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, inmate self-service and incident management using technological measures.

Rick acquired his associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and later a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York. He also earned an MBA from the University of Rochester in their Simon School. Before joining SECURUS Technologies, he had worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. playing different roles such as chief information officer and controller. Smith also worked in Frontier Information Technologies, and Midwest Telephone Operations are holding executive positions. At Eschelon Telecom Inc. Smith was the Chief Financial Officer since the year 1998 to the year 2000 before he was promoted to the company’s president and CEO. Under his control, Smith was able to increase the company’s income to $350 million from $30 million within few years. He also successfully directed the company towards an effective IPO before leaving the company in 2007. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

After joining SECURUS in the year 2008, Rick Smith has made the company a competitive business in the correction industry. They can beat their competitors such as Global Tel Link because they have a wide range of products and services and above all, they have a well- managed domestic call center whose performance is incomparable. Rick Smith Securus extensively uses technology in all of their services as evidenced from their VOIP Corrections calling platform. The company also has highly trained technicians who ensure that their clients never fall into any technical problem. Through Smith’s leadership, the company has managed to invest in more than $600 million worth patents, achieved technological advances and engaged in strategic acquisitions.

Bob Reina Recalls The Inspiration For Talk Fusion

Every good business and product has its inspiration from somewhere. In many cases, the inspiration comes from a problem that the person needed to solve for himself and others. In the case with Talk Fusion, the inspiration has come in 2004 from a software called AOL. One thing that he had tried to do is attach a 10 second clip to an email that he wanted to send to his family in order to get an opinion on a house that he was touring. The unfortunate thing was that AOL has sent a message saying that it can’t be done.


This is when Bob Reina has started looking into ways to bring forth the capabilities for sending video in an email. He has experimented and tried many different solutions as well as developed new software so that it could be done. Eventually, he has come up with the solution that has come to be known as Talk Fusion. This has not only solved the challenge of marketers when it comes to getting customers but also made it so that communication can be deeper for people who are used to texting one another for communication.


Talk Fusion is the advantage that many smaller businesses need in order to get to a higher level of success. This type of advantage is one of the greatest things that entrepreneurs get to use in order to bring their business the attention it needs. Businesses need a lot of attention and fame in order for it to profit. As more people learn about the company, the business will have improved chances for profit. Then if the business owner or marketer is very creative with the type of work that he puts in, then he will be able to bring out a lot of conversions and even loyal customers to his company.


Keith Mann and the Importance of Entrepreneurs

Keith Mann has recognized the importance of entrepreneurs. This has resulted in him putting together a Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This has been put together for students that show a lot of expertise when it comes to business. He will award it to one graduating senior every year. He is offering this because he understands that it takes a lot of risk in order to be attempt to start a business. Often times, there is a lot of money needed to be put forward into the business before it can become successful. Keith Mann is partnering with Uncommon Schools in order to provide the scholarships to the one who qualifies.

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur that is offering an opportunity to students in low-income situations. He understands the challenges that low income students face when it comes to going to college. He is offering the scholarship and the opportunity for the students to make it through college and get their degrees. Keith has taken a lot of risks in order to run his own business which is called Dynamic Search Partners. In starting his business, he has also created many jobs.

Keith Mann is a veteran of the executive search industry. He has been involved in this industry for more than 15 years. He also has a lot of experience in hedge fund compensation. His company has been designed for alternative investment firms. For one thing, when people look for alternative assets to invest in, they increase their chances to make money. It is similar to entrepreneurs. They are the ones that are increase their chances for making money by expanding their horizons. They also increase their earning potential in a way that exceeds a regular job. When they make enough money, they could hire people to work under them. Keith Mann wants to help students that show the most promise when it comes to professional achievement.

Investing in the Stock Market with James Dondero

There are a lot of people who invest money in the stock market for a variety of reasons. Over the long term, this is one of the best ways to earn a high return on investment for your retirement. Many people struggle to put enough money away for their retirement. In fact, a lot of experts project that many workers will have to continue working well into their retirement years. Having a solid investing strategy in this area is a great way to prevent this from happening. James Dondero is one of the best financial advisors in the business. Over time, he has helped a wide variety of people in this area of their life.

Following the right investing advice is essential to building wealth. There are a lot of people in the industry who just want investors to follow their advice in order to grow their influence in the field. As an investor, always make sure that your investments have a lot of diversification. There are a lot of funds that follow the market. This is good for investors who want to have a simple portfolio without a lot of volatility. Always make sure to think about your risk tolerance when designing your investing strategy. James Dondero is great at working in this area with customers. This is one of the biggest reasons he has such a high rating in the industry.

As an investor, it is vital to achieve some long term growth in this area. There are a lot of investors who earn a high rate of return in this area and are able to build great amounts of wealth. The total amount of money you build up will depend on two things. These things are the amount of money invested and the rate of return. Always make sure to continue to invest even when the market goes down. There are a lot of people who get scared when the market goes down and stop investing. However, this is actually the best time to put money in.

Over the past couple of years, James Dondero has helped thousands of people with their portfolio. There are a lot of people who are thankful for his advice and influence in their financial lives. Over time, he is a great example of the impact that one person can make in this field.

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Sam Tabar and the World of Investing

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Working as the Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund, Sam Tabar coordinated the company’s funds and management, continuing a long career of overseeing budgets in the financial sector. Getting his big start at Sparx Group, he worked as Co-Head of Marketing in the largest independent fund operating in the Pacific, managing aspects of global marketing. While living in Hong Kong, he worked for PMA Investment Advisors LTD, helping to form and lead their Asset Raising Team and developing unique strategies that led to increased profits for the company during his time there and beyond.

After leaving Asia, Tabar came to work in the states. There he spent time as Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch, Tabar targeted key investors in the financial market, those like pension funds, foundations, family offices, and endowments for his fund managers to work with. His duties included consultations concerning Merrill Lynch’s operations as well as the restructuring and progress of both the back and front office teams.  Bloomberg have further details about what he’s accomplished.

Though his financial experience has taken him across the globe, Tabar has also had an extensive career in law that has complimented his time working in financial management. After having graduated from Oxford University, he continued his studies in New York City where he graduated from Columbia Law School with a Masters of Law degree. During his time there he was also an editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. As an attorney, he worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. At present, he continues to be a member of the New York State Bar.

Outside of his formal career, Tabar has had some experience in venture capitalism. Kicking off one of his earliest excursions into this business was making a major contribution to SheThinx, a company that imagines new feminine hygiene products that both challenge the established market and offers a statement of empowerment to women in need throughout Asia and Africa.

At present, Tabar is cementing his position in the very familiar world of hedge funds as a capital strategist and investor, focusing on corporations like SheThinx that are driven by his passions and share his international experience. Through his career and personal life, traveling through and becoming part of several different nations, Tabar has developed an aptitude for languages that betters his communicability with clients and partners all over the world irrespective of their business needs and concerns.  Sam Tabar is exploring further charitable opportunities by creating a Go Fund Me account.

Philip N. Diehl: President of U.S. Money Reserve on Podcast Interview

Source: CBS 19

Philip N. Diehl has just been on an interview on a podcast to talk about his company, U.S. Money Reserve which is a company that deals with commodities such as gold, silver, and other commodities. They are sold in either coins or bars and they are government approved. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of gold issued by the government in the country. Diehl has joined Enterprise Radio for interview that talks about the various aspects of running the company and the different products that are offered. Other topics that are addressed is his leadership in the company.

Diehl is considered as one of the U.S. Mint Directors in today’s age that have the most influence. He has held other types of jobs in the U.S. Government. Among these jobs are staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and U.S. Treasury as chief of staff. Philip Diehl has been given a nomination from President Bill Clinton for a position as the United States Mint director. He has also worked in the Executive Branch with senior officials and worked on Capital Hill. A combination of these experiences have made him understand the monetary and fiscal policy that goes into the precious metal industry.

Diehl has done some work in Washington D.C. Afterwards, he returned home to Texas to start work at U.S. Money Reserve as the President. He also works on the Industry Council for Tangible Assets board. He has also founded the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee, in order give the industry’s interests proper representation. Of course, the company that is most important for Diehl to run is U.S. Money Reserve and continue to offer the products that can profit his customers.

The U.S Money Reserve company was formed to make things easier for people who want to make investments. Two market veterans have found that the market for precious metals and other assets that can be profitable are rather complicated to invest in with other companies. Therefore, the veterans of the gold market have looked for ways to set up a system that is simpler and easier to deal with for people that are interested in buying gold and precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve has been that very business. They will continue to bring forth the highest quality of gold that is issued by the Government. They are also helpful to their clients when it comes to them making profits.

Make a Wikipedia Page that Will Get Your Business Noticed

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most amazing sites. As a recent article points out, there are over five million Wikipedia pages in English on the site. There are also many other pages in many other languages as well. This kind of reach has given Wikipedia tremendous pull in terms of ranking in any search engine. Readers around the United States and around the world rely on Wikipedia for almost instant access to important information about any specific topic they have in mind. They know that a page in Wikipedia will contain information that is accurate and detailed at the same time. 

In recent years, many business owners have also come to realize the importance of creating a Wikipedia page. They have come to realize that creating a page about their business on the site is a great way to help reach out to their customers and provide them with information that the reader knows can be trusted in every way. They have also come to realize that doing so can allow them to help provide for the needs of their existing customers and reach out to new customers at the same time. This is one of many reasons why many businesses have chosen to turn to hire Wikipedia writers like those at Get Your Wiki for help. 

The experts at the Wikipedia writing service Get Your Wiki can help any business take the headache out of creating a page on the site by yourself. Creating a Wikipedia page on the site is not always easy and may not always be immediately obvious for those who have not done so before in any kind of capacity. Their Wiki writers will give you many kinds of important benefits by creating one for you. They know exactly how to create a Wikipedia page that can offer opportunities for a business or someone’s online presence and how to avoid being flagged or have the content from their page removed because of Wikipedia’s set of rigid guidelines.

The result is a collaboration between any person or company and a group of skilled professionals who know how to make a Wikipedia page that will attract attention and will remain on the site for as long as necessary. Their work will always adhere to the highest possible professional standards. It can be changed and updated as often as needed should any business or individual undergo important changes that the public should know about. The result is a professional partnership between both parties that is useful and completely helpful.

The Release on Highland Capital Management’s New Award, and What it Was All About

This year, Highland Capital Management, L.P. is celebrating it’s win of the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. This award is a great accomplishment for the Highland Capital Management, L.P. company. Highland is thankful for all the people who work for them, they know that their success relies on the people who work for them and the clients that they get too. Highland Capital Management’s Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund is the sector of the company that won the award, the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund is managed by Michael Gregory with the assistance of his expert team. They won the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award using the “40 Act fund – equity” section.

The award winning would not have happened if it had not been for the team at Highland Capital Management, Michael Gregory and Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s experience and knowledge coming from many years of dealing with investments. Having over $20 billion in assets, Highland Capital Management has experts that are talented when it comes to managing investments.

History of Highland Capital Management, L.P.

1993 was the year that Highland Capital Management was first founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. After they built the business up from the ground, they helped it to grow through various strategies and with a goal of coming out on top, in the business industry in terms of handling investments. Now, Highland Capital Management has a new way of doing things, their new main focus is to focus on credit strategies. Fund of funds, credit hedge funds and long only funds and separate accounts are just some of the different types of credit strategies that Highland Capital Management works with.

Some of the investments that they do are called alternative investments, these investment types are kind of new to Highland Capital Management, L.P., and now Highland is able to take care of investments to do with emerging markets, natural resources and long/short term equities. Highland Capital Management now has offices that are conveniently located at some really great places, such as Dallas, New York, Singapore, Sao Paolo and Seoul. This is what makes them able to handle so many different types of clients, such as financial institutions, public pension plans, foundations and fund of funds.

The James Dondero Life and Career

In his past, James Dondero has worked for many different companies, some of those companies include CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare, at these businesses, James, also known as Jim, was a chairman for the companies. Right now, Jim works at Highland Capital Management, American Banknote and MGM Studios right now, at American Banknote and MGM Studios, James is a board member and at Highland, he is the co-founder and president.

30 years of James’s life has been spent training to become go with things such as credit and equity markets that are to do with high-yield and distressed types of investments. Just some of the great things that are part of Jim’s life now are working with public policy, veteran’s affairs and some things that have to do with education.

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George Soros: Towards An Open Society.

A lot can be done to make the world a better place to live. We live at a time when diversity creates differences within us. We refuse to engage in the constructive discussion that can help us understand our world. Human conflict and suffering lie at an all-time high.
Amongst all the chaos, there’s still hope for the human race. George Soros, a Hungarian-born investor, and philanthropist brings hope. He has made it his life mission to open up societies to function and encourage its members to be critical thinkers.
Soros set up Open Society Foundations to promote his free thinking ideologies. The organizations spread over a hundred states across all continents. Operating as regional units, they spread common agendas of peace, transparency, accountability and truth. Education facilitates the change of ideologies. George Soros through his foundation grants thousands of scholarships to needy students around the world.
George’s Soros early works of philanthropy began in the early 1980’s. Being a successful entrepreneur, he took his life lessons into the social welfare sectors. He supported the South African’s apartheid war while also working to eliminate Communism during the Cold War.
Through Open Society Foundations, legal counsel has been afforded to thousands of political detainees across the world. In his quest to promote democracy and human rights, Mr. Soros speaks highly of the values that make us human. He believes that a new generation must be brought up and educated on the lines of respecting the dignity of human life.
George Soros speaks without fear or favor. He has consistently voiced anger at the tendency of mining firms, governments, and gangs to wage war in resource-rich areas around the world for their gain. In his world, he sees transparency and accountability among authorities to their subjects.
An open society means tolerance, exchange of culture and meaningful ideas. He also works with like-minded and independent non-governmental organizations to spread good deeds around the world.
The international conflicts and refugee crisis of the past few years have weighed heavily on George Soros. He has voiced his concern and anger on various publications concerning such issues. He expresses concern over the failure of inter-governmental organizations such as the European Union to operate in the spirit of their formation.
He lobbies for the formulation of comprehensive long-term intervention strategies to solve the situation in Syria, Ukraine, and Russia. He also points fingers at other oppressive practices around the world including the increasing criminalization and oppression of refugees and asylum seekers.
According to George Soros, human beings must learn to be self-critical and think on their own. He cites examples of how some destructive forms of conventional wisdom have made the world suffer. He believes that a lot can be done to mitigate undesired human traits through free thinking and education.
George Soros has earned admirers across the world. His ideas resonate well with free thinkers, individuals and organizations with love for humanity. Some of his great followers include Bono and Kofi Annan. He brings life to the saying that one soul can change the world.

Dallas Based North American Spine Headed West

According to an outline article on, Dr. Satish Sharma has become a partner physician in North American Spine’s Los Vegas practice. The advanced AccuraScope procedure is an exclusively provided by North American Spine, says the article. Patients who go to the Red Rock Surgery Center will be treated by Dr. Sharma. He will also see patients at the Advanced Pain Management Center for consultations and post-operative appoints.

Both the Anesthesiology and Pain Management and the American Board of Anesthesiology have certified Dr. Sharma, states the article. Most of the patients who come to the North American Spine clinic have experience various disorders and back injuries. Dr. Sharma will be offering individualized care plans to manage chronic pain.

As a student, Dr. Sharma attended college, medical school, and his post-doctorate training in his native Rajasthan, India, explains the article. He immigrated to the United States and worked for Western Pennsylvannia Hospital in Pittsburg for his internship and residency. The Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania offered him a fellowship in pain management, which he completed. During the past several years as an attending anesthesiologist, Dr. Sharma has also been a pain management physician. Before coming to North American Spine, he worked almost ten years for the Advanced Pain Management Center, says the article.

The article also quoted Adam Arnette, North American Spine’s Chief Marketing Officer. Arnette voiced his admiration of Dr. Sharma’s years of experience and skills as a pain management physician. Arnette was further quoted that the company believed that their team of pain specialists would benefit from the addition of Dr. Sharms’s expertise. Dr. Sharma said that the clinic aspires help people better their lives through pain management.

The services of North American Spine were also highlighted in the article. They specialize in a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure call the AccuraScope Procedure. To date, the clinic has performed over 8,000 of these procedures that usually last less than an hour. Of these surgeries, over 80% have been successful and have saved patients money by reducing how many times they would need to go to the doctor, says the company Facebook.