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Bob Reina Recalls The Inspiration For Talk Fusion

Every good business and product has its inspiration from somewhere. In many cases, the inspiration comes from a problem that the person needed to solve for himself and others. In the case with Talk Fusion, the inspiration has come in 2004 from a software called AOL. One thing that he had tried to do is attach a 10 second clip to an email that he wanted to send to his family in order to get an opinion on a house that he was touring. The unfortunate thing was that AOL has sent a message saying that it can’t be done.


This is when Bob Reina has started looking into ways to bring forth the capabilities for sending video in an email. He has experimented and tried many different solutions as well as developed new software so that it could be done. Eventually, he has come up with the solution that has come to be known as Talk Fusion. This has not only solved the challenge of marketers when it comes to getting customers but also made it so that communication can be deeper for people who are used to texting one another for communication.


Talk Fusion is the advantage that many smaller businesses need in order to get to a higher level of success. This type of advantage is one of the greatest things that entrepreneurs get to use in order to bring their business the attention it needs. Businesses need a lot of attention and fame in order for it to profit. As more people learn about the company, the business will have improved chances for profit. Then if the business owner or marketer is very creative with the type of work that he puts in, then he will be able to bring out a lot of conversions and even loyal customers to his company.


New Bass Gaffe Latest In Long Succession Of Failure


The once apparent wunderkind of economics and finance Kyle Bass seems to have made another costly mistake when he trusted T. Boone Pickens for advice. Bass decided to go all-in on fuel, believing that the low prices of gas were just a temporary trend, and that they would rebound to reap him millions of dollars in profit.


He was wrong. Gas prices have stabilized at the lowest they’ve been in years, and Bass lost millions once again. As is typical with him, Kyle Bass has stuck by his decision and has tried to blame Boone for the gaffe. Perhaps it is unfair to totally blame Bass for this one, but it’s also hard to feel too sorry for him.


This appears to be just the latest snag in the career of Bass, who’s successful prediction of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis has been overshadowed by a wide range of failures. These have turned the good name of “Kyle Bass” into one synonymous with mud, and have apparently showed that his successful 2008 prediction may have been more of a lucky guess than anything else.


For example, he has paired up with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina, praising her economic skills as the country defaulted on its debt for the second time in as little as 13 years. Bass tried to rationalize this decision and came across as out-of-touch and confused about basic economic concepts.


This was not only an ethical failure on Bass’ part, but his support for de Kirchner has helped her stay in office long past the point when it was apparent she had no business being there. Millions of Argentinians are still suffering under her economic plans, and much of that blame can be placed on Bass and his consistent support of her.


In another questionable moment, he once tried to divert blame of GM’s non-deploying airbags and poor power steering by blaming those who had died as a result of these malfunctions. He suggested that they were either “drunk” or had failed to wear seat belts.


Such claims were not only erroneous with reality (multiple tests showed the vehicles were at fault), but unethical and crass. As a direct result, GM’s stocks stocks took a heavy hit, as investors reacted to testimony from Kyle Bass that can only be qualified as “tone deaf” at best and “criminally negligent” at its worst.

James Dondero Teams Up With Linda Owens to Direct Dallas Philanthropic Activities

Linda Owens is teaming up with James Dondero of Highland Capital Management, L.P. for strategically directing all of the management company’s philanthropic activities together. Highland Capital’s program for charitable giving is expanding, prompting the team-up. Linda is the former Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation president and a civic leader in Dallas. James is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital, which is also based in Dallas.

He also administers charitable funds through The Dallas Foundation. Annually, the foundation is responsible for contributions to charitable organizations that exceed $3 million. The foundation is in charge of administering Highland Capital’s fund that is dedicated to charitable giving. They mainly focus on the ongoing support of worthy causes that include, but are not limited to the American Heart Association, the Dallas Zoo, the Center for Brain Health, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Snowball Express, and Uplift Education, as well as numerous education, veterans’ and healthcare causes in the community of Dallas.

James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital in 1993 and turned it into an investment advisory company of highly experienced credit managers of global alternative investments. They control $17 billion in assets in conjunction with their affiliates. They also specialize in a number of credit strategies, which include collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), credit hedge funds, and more. The company is also offering alternative investments, like natural resources, emerging markets, and long/short equities. With offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, New York and Dallas, their client base includes governments, foundations, corporations, public pension plans, endowments, and financial institutions.

Dondero’s experience in the field of portfolio management extends to high-yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, investment grade corporations, emerging market debt, and leveraged bank loans, as well as both common and preferred stocks. In addition, he is a director of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, MGM Holdings Inc., TerreStar Corporation, Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc., and Cricket Communications, Inc. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Managerial Accountant.


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John Goullet’s Diverse Solutions to Complex Problems

Diversant is the largest African-American IT staffing firm in the United States and a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). As a co-founder and the Principal Executive of Diversant, John Goullet has a demonstrable track record of commitment to diversity in the business place.

Diversant prides itself on its core values of respect, discipline, and a commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards. These values can be tied back to Diversant’s starting roots, now over two decades ago, in Goullet’s original company, Technology, Inc., which he founded in 1994. Now, this respected business has become an industry leader in minority opportunities and diversity standards.

John Goullet founded Diversant on the concept that a diverse workplace contributes to a wider breadth of opportunities for all stakeholders, as well as lending itself to a creative atmosphere that generates innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. Despite the fact that Diversant has twice been cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies, the flexible, tailored approach that made Mr. Goullet so effective can still be seen. From its earliest days, Diversant took the approach of matching consultant expertise and skills to specific client IT needs.

Goullet’s experience made it clear from the beginning how helpful corporate diversity could be in a company’s quest to integrate with the community around it. By helping companies develop diversity at all levels, Diversant gives them the ability to leverage community resources and connections that were previously unavailable or unknown. Obviously, this is beneficial for the companies and the communities they build.

It is clear that from his early career as an IT consultant in 1981, Goullet has worked to integrate complimentary passions of diversity and excellent IT solutions. In pairing these two, he has co-founded a company that has leveraged both concepts to demonstrate the profitable benefits they bring when developed in tandem. Diversant does not promote diversity at the expense of competent IT support; rather, it seeks to use a diverse approach to provide an ever-raising bar for excellence in IT staffing and support.

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IT Staffing Firm Finds Strength in Diversity

Diversant LLC is the result of two highly experienced IT staffing executives combining their expertise.

At Spherion Technology, Gene C. Waddy was the National Practice Director for Infrastructure Services. He was in charge of helping large clients around the country fill their IT positions. In 2005, after he was laid off, he founded Diversant Inc.

John Goullet started out as an IT consultant himself, then moved on to IT staffing, serving as an IT staffing account executive. In 1994 he founded Info Technologies, which served Fortune 500 companies. He grew that company to $30 million within five years, making it one of INC Magazine’s 500 fastest growing privately held businesses in the United States, two times. In 2010, Goullet and Waddy combined forces, merging Info Technologies and Diversant Inc to create Diversant LLC.

Diversant is a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and the largest IT staffing company in the United States that is owned by an African-American. It’s fully certified by the Small Business Administration and its 8(a) Business Development Program.

Its annual revenues are around $100 million. It helps medium-sized and Fortune 500 businesses fill their IT staffing needs. The name itself recognizes the value they give to diversity. Diversity Business recently recognized Diversant as one of the “Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in New Jersey for 2016.” Diversant is based in Red Bank, and it has satellite offices in San Francisco and Minneapolis.

One way Diversant attracts a diversity of consultants is STAR program for recruiting veterans. 80 percent of the veterans they hire are minorities.

Waddy and Goullet believe diversity leads to stronger consultants, and better results for Diversant’s clients. They use proprietary “Best in Class” procedures to help their consultants give clients the best possible service and solutions.

Like Waddy, Goullet reside in New Jersey. He graduated from Ursinus College in 1983. He serves as Chairman and Principal at Diversant. He works to understand his consultants, and to match them with clients based not just on their IT skills, but on their personalities and work styles. His employers include Computer Sciences Corp., The Constell Group, 3D Information Services, Cap Gemini America and Tsr Consultants.

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Investing in the Stock Market with James Dondero

There are a lot of people who invest money in the stock market for a variety of reasons. Over the long term, this is one of the best ways to earn a high return on investment for your retirement. Many people struggle to put enough money away for their retirement. In fact, a lot of experts project that many workers will have to continue working well into their retirement years. Having a solid investing strategy in this area is a great way to prevent this from happening. James Dondero is one of the best financial advisors in the business. Over time, he has helped a wide variety of people in this area of their life.

Following the right investing advice is essential to building wealth. There are a lot of people in the industry who just want investors to follow their advice in order to grow their influence in the field. As an investor, always make sure that your investments have a lot of diversification. There are a lot of funds that follow the market. This is good for investors who want to have a simple portfolio without a lot of volatility. Always make sure to think about your risk tolerance when designing your investing strategy. James Dondero is great at working in this area with customers. This is one of the biggest reasons he has such a high rating in the industry.

As an investor, it is vital to achieve some long term growth in this area. There are a lot of investors who earn a high rate of return in this area and are able to build great amounts of wealth. The total amount of money you build up will depend on two things. These things are the amount of money invested and the rate of return. Always make sure to continue to invest even when the market goes down. There are a lot of people who get scared when the market goes down and stop investing. However, this is actually the best time to put money in.

Over the past couple of years, James Dondero has helped thousands of people with their portfolio. There are a lot of people who are thankful for his advice and influence in their financial lives. Over time, he is a great example of the impact that one person can make in this field.

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China Fails to Block Foreign Investors

In an attempt to block foreign investors from shorting the Yuan, the Chinese government bought up huge amounts of the Yuan. They have been attempting to stop the slide of their economy since their economy took a hard hit late last year. This attempt has failed to stop the slide of their currency on the world market and has resulted in more turbulence within their economy.

The government has been struggling to keep their cash inside the country, but efforts have largely failed as investors have been looking to Shanghai where the interest rates have been lower. The People Bank of China has been working to adjust the interest rates to discourage betting against the Yuan. They have also increased their rhetoric, alleging George Soros is at “war” with them over their currency.
Highland Capital Management has been keeping a close eye on the events unfolding in China. Their team of experienced financial consultants are assessing the situation on a regular basis to see how they can strategically place their interests to best help their customers.
Highland Capital Management is an international investment company with offices in Dallas, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. They are registered with the SEC and handle over $21 billion dollars of investments. They are considered experts in credit strategies, collateralized loan obligations, distressed private equities, long-only funds, and separate accounts. They have a client base that includes pension funds, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals.
James Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. Jim founded the company with Mark Okada in 1993 and has pioneered the field of collateralized loan obligations. He began his career in 1984 with the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. This was after he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Phi from the University of Virginia with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He is a Certified Public Accountant(CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Certified Financial Analyst(CFA).
In addition to running the helm of Highland, Jim is also a philanthropist, heavily involved in supporting veteran’s affairs, educational initiatives, and public policy. He also sits on the board of American Banknote and MGM studios.
While the occurrences in China may be disturbing to some people, Highland Capital Management is patiently waiting to see how the situation plays out. The reports are striking with the volatility but Highland and James Dondero are confident they’ll be successful in the situation. Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the stock market.
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How The 2008 Market Could Be Back Again


Is is time to consider that the 2008 style stock market may be here with us again? George Soros and many others say that this may be the case. There is ever chance consider all of the various events currently taking place in our markets and markets all around the world.

One of the things that a lot of people are currently looking at is the situation that is happening in China. There are a lot of macro factors going on that could well play into a tough situation for the United States markets and the other markets that are related to our own.

The ongoing situation is China is that the country is believed to be devaluing its currency. This has spiked concerns that other countries in Asia may feel the pressure to do the same thing. If that were to happen, there could be a lot of lasting problems that result from it. No one wants to see a currency war spark out, particularly at a moment like this.

The Economist has noted how accurate Soros has been on a lot of the macro economic calls he has made about the market. He is skilled at making calls about these types of things because he follows the pulse of the economic picture all around the world. He practically never stops looking at how things are going all throughout the economy.

There are a lot of economists who are not calling for a 2008 style recession, but they are almost always late to the party. They rarely ever tell the world that there is going to be a recession until that recession is already upon us. Soros tries to get ahead of the recession and let people know that it is about to happen. He has a strong track record of being able to do so.

Another concern for Soros is the mess in Greece. There was a debt crisis that was garnering a lot of attention for a period of time. However, that crisis seems to have fallen off the radar of a lot of popular media. That being said, the crisis is still ongoing and still has a lot of potential to get a lot of markets into a big mess.

Soros is concerned that a lot of people are not paying attention to what is happening in the stock market right now. There are signs like the ISM manufacturing indicator which has now dipped below 50. When it goes below 50 this is often an indicator of what is about to happen in the markets, and it is not a good sign. This means that manufacturing has slowed in the United States, and this of course translates to bad news for the markets. There are simply too many things that directly tie into manufacturing for this to be ignored.

There are a number of voices that are worried about what is happening in the markets right now, but Soros is one of the few who is telling the world that it really could be as bad as 2008.

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About Assisted Living Facilities Around North America

When older people find themselves needing help, they may not know all of their options. Using assisted living facilities helps older people receive good care and remain more independent. These facilities make a good solution for different reasons. For example, some older people require help when making meals at home. Other people seek assistance with their medical services. Potential medical services can include physical therapy and prescription drug monitoring. When they have a need for additional help, older people can research the different assisted living facilities found in their state, such as California.

The Manse on Marsh provides a top choice among California and non-California residents. Located in San Luis Obispo, the facility offers excellent care. For example, the staff makes every effort to customize services based on their residents’ need. Some residents need a combination of services, including prescription drug monitoring. Other residents need limited care while staying at the facility. The facility’s residents receive ongoing assessments. Any changes in care happen fast. Residents receive care from a properly supervised personnel, and it’s been well documented the level of care. Supervised personnel include registered nurses and medication technicians.

Before arriving at the facility, some people can wonder about activities. Residents do not worry about a lack of activities. The Manse on Marsh offers different events and activities throughout each month. Typical events and activities include games, bingo, exercise and in-house movies. Residents can meet new friends while staying at the facility. Meanwhile, when potential residents seek more information, the Manse on Marsh makes it easy. Potential residents can book a tour of the facility. They can contact the staff by telephone or email. A tour allows potential residents to sample a tasty meal. A community relations coordinator explains housing options, services, activities and fees. The Manse on Marsh staff works hard to provide excellent services and keep their residents happy, and the response on Twitter has always reflected as much.

George Soros: Towards An Open Society.

A lot can be done to make the world a better place to live. We live at a time when diversity creates differences within us. We refuse to engage in the constructive discussion that can help us understand our world. Human conflict and suffering lie at an all-time high.
Amongst all the chaos, there’s still hope for the human race. George Soros, a Hungarian-born investor, and philanthropist brings hope. He has made it his life mission to open up societies to function and encourage its members to be critical thinkers.
Soros set up Open Society Foundations to promote his free thinking ideologies. The organizations spread over a hundred states across all continents. Operating as regional units, they spread common agendas of peace, transparency, accountability and truth. Education facilitates the change of ideologies. George Soros through his foundation grants thousands of scholarships to needy students around the world.
George’s Soros early works of philanthropy began in the early 1980’s. Being a successful entrepreneur, he took his life lessons into the social welfare sectors. He supported the South African’s apartheid war while also working to eliminate Communism during the Cold War.
Through Open Society Foundations, legal counsel has been afforded to thousands of political detainees across the world. In his quest to promote democracy and human rights, Mr. Soros speaks highly of the values that make us human. He believes that a new generation must be brought up and educated on the lines of respecting the dignity of human life.
George Soros speaks without fear or favor. He has consistently voiced anger at the tendency of mining firms, governments, and gangs to wage war in resource-rich areas around the world for their gain. In his world, he sees transparency and accountability among authorities to their subjects.
An open society means tolerance, exchange of culture and meaningful ideas. He also works with like-minded and independent non-governmental organizations to spread good deeds around the world.
The international conflicts and refugee crisis of the past few years have weighed heavily on George Soros. He has voiced his concern and anger on various publications concerning such issues. He expresses concern over the failure of inter-governmental organizations such as the European Union to operate in the spirit of their formation.
He lobbies for the formulation of comprehensive long-term intervention strategies to solve the situation in Syria, Ukraine, and Russia. He also points fingers at other oppressive practices around the world including the increasing criminalization and oppression of refugees and asylum seekers.
According to George Soros, human beings must learn to be self-critical and think on their own. He cites examples of how some destructive forms of conventional wisdom have made the world suffer. He believes that a lot can be done to mitigate undesired human traits through free thinking and education.
George Soros has earned admirers across the world. His ideas resonate well with free thinkers, individuals and organizations with love for humanity. Some of his great followers include Bono and Kofi Annan. He brings life to the saying that one soul can change the world.