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Don Ressler’s Passion Takes Fashion Very Far

There are people who keep up with the trends in fashion. Then there are those who are passionate enough to take fashion to areas where it has never been. Don Ressler is one of those people that are so passionate about fashion that he has used it as an art form to bring forth some really amazing items. This has brought forth a lot of progress in the ideas that designers could bring forth. While some designers try very hard to be different only to have it backfire on them, Don Ressler has managed to bring forth the right balance of the unique with the common elements in his clothing line on

When people get too far out there, it can intimidate buyers. For one thing, people have to have some sense of normalcy in the options that are available. In other words, it is probably not a good idea for fashion retailers to try to sell the outfits that they see on the runway. It just would not translate very well on the streets. Don Ressler does take a lot of inspiration from some of the clothes on the fashion shows. However, he manages to make a lot more reasonable for people to buy.

Among the ideas he has brought forth that have revolutionized the fashion industry is Fabletics. With Fabletics, Ressler was able to bring forth some new styles in the activewear part of the industry. As a result, people have been able to enjoy some new types of clothes that not only bring out their best features, but also make it easier for them to work out in according to With the fabric and the extra features in the material, people will be able to enjoy a greater sense of confidence while they wear durable clothing that makes it easier for them to do the exercises.

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Bob Reina Recalls The Inspiration For Talk Fusion

Every good business and product has its inspiration from somewhere. In many cases, the inspiration comes from a problem that the person needed to solve for himself and others. In the case with Talk Fusion, the inspiration has come in 2004 from a software called AOL. One thing that he had tried to do is attach a 10 second clip to an email that he wanted to send to his family in order to get an opinion on a house that he was touring. The unfortunate thing was that AOL has sent a message saying that it can’t be done.


This is when Bob Reina has started looking into ways to bring forth the capabilities for sending video in an email. He has experimented and tried many different solutions as well as developed new software so that it could be done. Eventually, he has come up with the solution that has come to be known as Talk Fusion. This has not only solved the challenge of marketers when it comes to getting customers but also made it so that communication can be deeper for people who are used to texting one another for communication.


Talk Fusion is the advantage that many smaller businesses need in order to get to a higher level of success. This type of advantage is one of the greatest things that entrepreneurs get to use in order to bring their business the attention it needs. Businesses need a lot of attention and fame in order for it to profit. As more people learn about the company, the business will have improved chances for profit. Then if the business owner or marketer is very creative with the type of work that he puts in, then he will be able to bring out a lot of conversions and even loyal customers to his company.


Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips

The Trials and Tribulations of Busy Working Mothers


Balancing work and home is never easy for anyone in this world. If you have a busy and hectic career like I do, the pressures can often seem endless. Establishing a good work-life balance, however, can be immensely rewarding and fulfilling. It’s worth it at the end of a long and taxing week. If you’re a loving mother who has a chaotic lifestyle, you may sometimes feel like you simply have too much on your plate. Things may sometimes feel like too much for you. Things don’t have to feel that way, however. If you’re determined, you can become the coveted mother who can “do it all.” You just have to have ample focus.


  1. Make Downtime a Priority


Make downtime a scheduling priority every week. Plan fun and relaxing activities with your family members and closest friends. Do what you can to unwind and restore yourself. If you don’t relax, you won’t be able to properly conquer any home or workplace challenges that may be coming your way.


  1. Say Goodbye to Draining Activities


You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you’re involved in an activity that’s pointless and that accomplishes nothing other than draining you, say goodbye to it immediately. If you’re tired of having to entertain a nosy neighbor any time you walk past him or her, free yourself. Politely tell the neighbor that you’re busy and have no time to chat.


  1. Seek Occasional Serenity and Tranquility


Downtime is undoubtedly important. The same thing goes for quiet time. Mothers who have hectic lives should emphasize the importance of a little exclusive “me” time. Try to do anything you can to pamper yourself on a routine basis. Perhaps come home from work a little earlier once a week or so. Enjoy a hot and soothing bath fifteen minutes before going to bed. Enjoy a nice extended nap on the weekend before you resume your typical activities. A little alone time can be a lifesaver for busy mamas.


  1. Prioritize Physical Activity


Physical activity can be great for mothers who have jam-packed schedules. Busy lives can feel overwhelming. Workout sessions, however, can make people feel increased control. They can boost mental clarity. They can rejuvenate people. They can often even be quite peaceful. If you want to reap the benefits of better focus and glowing health, you should sign up for a membership at a gym near you. You can also go for regular runs or jogs at a neighborhood park.


  1. Review All Your Little Tasks


Tasks can eat up significant amounts of time. If you’re in charge of errands that waste precious real estate in your brain, ask yourself if you can get others to take them over for you. You may be able to purchase your groceries on the Internet for home delivery service. You may be able to purchase stamps on the Internet as well. This can save you from time-consuming trips to the local post office.


  1. Abandon Ideas of Perfectionism


No one on earth is perfect. Everyone has flaws. If you admit this to yourself, you’ll be able to let go of a major burden. This simple realization could change your life permanently.


  1. Temporarily Forsake Technology


Technology can make people feel a bit crazy these days. It can make people feel like they’re never away from work and responsibilities. If you want to resist the temptation to overwork, turn all of your mobile devices off on a regular basis. Ignore your computer. Ignore everything and just revel your time away from the pressures of technology.


  1. Meditate Regularly


Exercise can be a great solution for busy moms who need to balance work and home. Meditation is yet another. If you find a few spare minutes in your schedule, perform a few deep breathing exercises. You can meditate alone in your room for five minutes before going to bed, too.


  1. Assess Your Lifestyle


Simplify your lifestyle in any way possible. Assess your day-to-day existence. Ask yourself honestly what you could do to simplify and streamline things. Then go do it!


  1. Forget Guilt


Working moms often carry around a lot of guilt. They feel guilty because they believe that they’re not spending enough quality time with their children. If you have this kind of guilt, forget it. It’s not getting you anywhere. Instead concentrate on being the best mom for your children possible. That’s a much more positive approach.


  1. Steer Clear of Chaotic Mornings


Chaotic and busy mornings can get days off to bad starts. If you want your mornings to be as calm and pleasant as possible, try to take care of basic tasks at night. These tasks can include lunch preparation, clothes selection and others. Tranquil mornings can be everything for busy working mothers.




James Dondero and Highland Capital Continue to Support Southern Methodist University

James Dondero, President of asset management firm Highland Capital Management, LP, was recently appointed as an Executive Board member at Southern Methodist University, Cox Business School. Highland has had a strong commitment to SMU Business School for some time. They offer the endowment of Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars. This is a program that encourages pursuits in public policy. Dondero says the Cox School at SMU contributes to growth of a vibrant business community in the Dallas, Texas area.


James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets. He is co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, They provide a number of financial investment options to institutional and individual investors. The firm has nearly $19 billion under management. In 2014 Highland received a five-star designation for Global Allocation from Morningstar.


Dondero started his career at Morgan Guaranty, in their training program, after graduating from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).


James worked with American Express in 1985, as a corporate bond analyst. He also managed approximately $1 billion in fixed income assets while there. He worked with Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as well. Currently, in addition to Highland, he is Chairman of the Board of NexBank, NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. He is on the board of American Banknote and MGM Studios. Dondero is active in a number of charitable giving programs in addition to the SMU endowment.



The people leading Innovacare

Innovacare offers managed healthcare services to people in Puerto Rico. The company has been in operation for close to six years now and they have really transformed the manner in which the healthcare business is managed in the country. They realized that for their service delivery to be streamlined, they needed new leader to direct them. Among the people that were selected to the top management positions are Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Richard took up the CEO position while Penelope was appointed as the new chief administrative officer.

Penelope Kokkinides spoke to ideamensch about the work practices that have helped her get to the level of success that she is enjoying. She said that to make her day fruitful, she ensures that no day resembles another in her life. Being constantly on the move I one thing that keeps her mind working and fresh air is a condition that makes her tick. According to,

Another issue was raised to her about what she does to make abstract ideas seem more practical. She stated that her secret weapon in this sector is her team. She stated that the synch that exists between her and the team that works with her is really the special ingredient to her success. She was quick to add that one of the trends that have transformed her life is technology. She was happy because as a person who travels a lot from one place to another, the presence of instant communication makes it easier to coordinate the activities of her team. She stated that he has never really been assigned a role that she was not happy with, but instead took it as a learning opportunity. She says that as an entrepreneur, the best practice that she has made part of everyday is making sure that at night, she think about the following day and plans it ahead of time.

Richard Shinto has been appointed to the post of CEO. He has more than two decades of experience in managed healthcare provision. Before he was appointed to this position, he was the CEO at MMM. Other companies that he has worked with in the pat include Aveta, Inc and he also worked as a chief medical officer at NAMM. He graduated from the University of New York with a medical degree and attained his MBA from the University of Redlands. His leadership at Innovacare is really having a positive impact on the success of the group as a whole.

View her infographic resume at

Hussain sajwani Business Life

Hussain sajwani was born in 1956. He studied at the University of Washington where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics. He then worked as a manager in the contracts department in GASCO. Afterward, he established his company in 1982. The business was initially known as Draieh management services Co but later became the DAMAC group in 2002. He has also created other firms such as DICO invest, Aljazeera services Co SOAG and others.

Sajwani who is a Dubai native has worked with a lot of businesses such as a catering company which served US forces during the Persian war. His DAMAC Company has built over 15,000 flats since it was propelled in 2002. The firm focuses on the sale of real estate. He thought of this when the Dubai government began allowing foreigners to own businesses in the country under a decree signed by the president and the minister of foreign affairs. To appreciate their clients, Hussein has a give back strategy and has been offering some incentives such as cars to those who buy their property.

Sajwani is the chief business partner in the trump’s organization. Donald Trump, the USA president, terms sajwani as a very unusual man who is determined to achieve greatness in all his dealings. Hussein was the lead constructor in building Donald Trump’s business story building and a golf course in Dubai. Trump acknowledges Sajwani’s effort and commends how he takes his job with diligent care. Trump says that Hussain is a business partner and more of a friend.

Sajwani has taken part in charity work in Dubai as well as in other parts of Africa. He has also partnered with Trump organization to run two golf courses in the United Arab Emirates. Hussain also donated AED 1 million to support the refugees in Jordan.

The Success behind David Osio’s Financial Investment and Management

Financial and property investment have been at the center of economic development for many countries across the globe. Many people have invested a lot of resources and money in coming up with investment firms that have seen the light of the day. With technological advancement, many investment firm are investing in technological platforms with the aim of reaching many people and increasing their market reach. Davos Real Estate Group is a leading investment firm that has investment in technological advancement as a way of serving her clients well. The company has developed a mobile application that will be used by clients to access many services. The mobile app was design by the chief executive officer who has invested a lot in the investment world. The mobile app is designed to give clients answers to any investment field they would like to pursue and potential returns by giving them the necessary information. The tool is geared towards disseminating David Osio real estate investment ideas to the potential investors because of the constant demand always associated by real estate development.

David Osio is one person that has contributed a lot towards the financial investment and advisory role. He is the founder and chief executive officer Davos Financial Group. This is a leading group of companies that has been instrumental in fostering and delivering financial and asset management advice to companies. He first established the company in Venezuela where it was the first financial investment firm. Due to his expertise in the advisory role and financial management, he expanded the operations of the firms. The firm opened branches in other parts of the world including Miami, Geneva, panama and New York City. This was the beginning of a successful career development and since then David Osio has been in the global limelight. In addition, he has participated in the establishment of many companies across the world. Before joining Davos Real Estate Group, he was the vice president of Banco Latino International which is a commercial bank situated in Miami. He has acquired a lot of knowledge from the education background. He graduated with a degree in law from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela in 1988. David Osio has also contributed towards charitable courses for instance he has contributed funds to Wayuu Taya Foundation which is one of the organizations taking care of the needy people in Venezuela. As such, he has left a legacy that has been envied by many. more about david here.


Doug Levitt Inspires Many Souls through The Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is a singer as well as a songwriter in America. He is well known for the famous Greyhound Diaries. He attended Washington, DC public schools and later on joined Cornell University. He was lucky whereby he got a Fulbright Scholarship which greatly paid off. He received his masters from the London School of Economics in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. Before starting on the Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt was a foreign communicator located in London. He posted from Rwanda, Iran and Bosnia and much more for the ABC, CNN and NBC.


The Greyhound Diaries is a project that is associated with entire music in order of passing on the message of travelers that are also struggling. This project has made a record of over 10 years and traveling for more than 120,000 miles by the Greyhound bus. As a result, songs, images and stories of other travelers who are struggling have been successfully delivered. Greyhound Diaries is exhibited and inspired by WPA-era projects that depicted a complete portrait of America. Therefore Doug Levitt has engaged the project to more range of venues that includes; Walter Reed, Woody Guthrie Center, The Kennedy Center, shelters with no homes, the Southern Law Center and colleges.


This long time project that has told great stories through songs has been featured in a number of broadcasting stations and papers. These stations include MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. This project is an accomplishment since it has been displayed in published writings, two records, web series, a one-man show and photo exhibits. Doug Levitt believes that music is a way of reflecting the feelings of different people especially on the conflicts of today. The songs are full of individual journeys through America.