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Brian Bonsar – Owner of The Ranch at Bandy Canyon

Patrick Ponsaty is a Frenchman who is a well-known chef who hopes to transform The Ranch at Canyon. The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a beautiful oasis of an event space where chef’s take place in delectable entrees. The talented chef and his long term goal of The Ranch has taken form and his is imagining a place of splendor that he will eventually call home.

Brian Bonar is the Bandy Canyon owner and a dedicated fan who has been a supporter and lover of his specialties. Ponsaty and his style of cuisine is unique because of his profound professional training and background he received from Toulouse.

Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive and entrepreneur who has man years of experience in the restaurant and culinary business along with many other businesses. As he currently is the owner of Bandy Canyon, he is happy to have Ponsaty on board.

The beautiful Bandy Canyon is nestled in San Diego where beauty and dining come together gracefully. The property was originated in the 1880’s and has maintained it’s picture perfect origin.

The hills are breath taking and you can add adventure to your experience by going horseback through the country and experience the beautiful views up close and personal. Wine is offered from the vineyard that is right there in the valley and Ponsaty is waiting to cook.

Brian Bonar has been establishing himself in the restaurant business for many years. He has a pristine and unique ability to pinpoint the best staff and chef’s, allowing his business ventures to run quite smoothly. He wants to eventually have the opportunity to turn the ranch into a 4 start event place. With hard work, time and dedication, he feels that this can happen in the near future.

He portrays many years of expertise in this profession, and has an eagle eye for making it work into a successful, profitable business. Not only has he been involved in successful restaurant business ventures, he is the chairman of Trucept.

He has also gained experience working as a leader in Dalrada Financial Services where he has gained a multitude of financial gains and success. He offers a background in Technical Engineering and has a keen eye for gaining business structures that he knows will blossom into success.

As he continues to focus on The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, he will continue to enhance The Ranch so tat it is a 4 start place and many people from all over the world will seek to come visit and dine in the San Diego Valley.

While they enjoy the weather and the vineyards along with the sunset, they can take delightfully spice up their taste buds with Ponsaty’s cooking and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

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