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Incorporating Olympic Valley not seen as a good idea

The Olympic Valley region in Tahoe hs recently been at the center of a battle over whether to incorporate the area into a city of less than 1,000 people. The Sacramento Business Journal reports the decision looks set to fall on the side of those hoping incorporation does not happen after an independent study looked into the available options for the area and concluded incorporation would lead to large deficits for the area.

The study was created for the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission and took into account the many options available to the region, including the establishment of a resort at the former Olympic village. The growth of a tourist industry in the area is central to the plans of many who hope to see a city incorporated as the majority of funds would be raised through a transient tourist tax charged on those entering the area for winter sports activities. The need for a strong tourist industry is described as vital as an Olympic Valley city would have no other sources of income to rely upon.

Rival groups have been pouring over the conclusions of the study, but the main conclusion of the report is that the Olympic Valley area would not be able to sustain itself in terms of funding. Even with the inclusion of the taxes charged on potential tourists the deficit is reported to grow over the years of incorporation to around $1.8 million by the 2017-18 fiscal year. A large deficit would grow over the years as the Olympic Valley area would be forced to engage in expensive contracts with the county in a bid to complete its required services. Tourism could provide a large influx of funds for the region. However, the head of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort Andy Wirth has been against incorporation from the start. The study also claimed problems could appear if the area was affected by issues with a lack of snow that limited tourism opportunities.

Kylie Jenner Fan Will Appear on ‘Botched’

Kylie Jenner has received a lot of criticism for her recent actions. The famed Kardashian star has been through controversial situations over the last few months. Kylie Jenner lied about her lips, and it was revealed that she has been getting lip filler for several months now. Many people injured their lips by trying to obtain the same appearance that Kylie Jenner has. Some people were sucking on shot glasses, and this has caused their lips to explode and swell beyond recognition. However, Gravity4 reports there is one man that has taken the Kylie Jenner look to an amazing new level.

A man named Jordan from Britain will appear on the show ‘Botched,’ and it seems that he has been getting way too much lip filler for the last few years of his life. Like Kylie, Jordan is addicted to the attention that his lips bring. Jordan cannot walk down the street without someone staring and commenting on his lips. However, Jordan has way too much lip filler in his mouth, and his lips regularly leak and cause him discomfort. Honestly, Jordan looks ridiculous, and so does Kylie Jenner. Why do people need to get lip filler anyways? Whatever the case may be, Jordan now needs help, and so do many people who follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians and Jenners. For more information on this story, visit E!