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Get The Hair You’ve Always Wanted With Lime Crime

If you’ve ever wanted to dye your hair a glorious shade of pink, purple or maybe even blue or green then you should check out Lime Crime and their product called Unicorn Hair.


Whether you want full coverage or to just add a tint of color to your hair, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair comes in 13 beautiful shades and is completely vegan. Vegan hair color contains no ammonia, no peroxide and won’t cause any damage to your hair. Unicorn Hair is also cruelty-free, which means no animals have been harmed or tested on.


The colors range from pink to gray and there’s even a shade of orange that pays tribute to a character in the movie The Fifth Element. It is semi- permanent hair color and if you’re wondering how long it will last, well, that depends on how well you care for your hair. It is stated to last up to 6 weeks if you’re a cautious hair-washer. If you’re looking for full coverage it is recommended that you bleach your hair prior to applying the full coverage version. If you’re looking to just tint your hair over the color you have now then you can do that too without the damage of bleaching.


Lime Crime has also made this hair color very affordable, coming in at $16 a jar for almost 7 ounces. That means provided how long your hair is you could probably get more than one use out of a jar.


If you want just one hair color or choose to give yourself mermaid hair (they also have a shade named Dirty Mermaid, FYI) and use more than one color Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair sounds like a perfect choice! Vegan, cruelty-free, no damage…what more could you ask for in a hair color? I highly recommend checking it out.

Trying Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye for the First Time

Finally after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I know less than a week is fairly short of an eternity, but waiting for a package definitely has a real effect on time, scientists might want to get on that, my order from LimeCrime arrived in the mail. Though for my credit this has been a long time to come, seeing that Lime Crime first teased of their new product line with a tempting coming soon several months ago.


So finally after weeks of preparing my hair for my first outing with my favorite indie makeup company‘s newest product, I set about to transform my hair into the perfect expression of unicorn colored freedom.


As Lime Crime has quite a few available colors in their Unicorn Hair Dye line I had to choose two for the moment being, though that will be a separate blog post, coming soon…, for my first time I went with Leeloo, a shout out to one of sci-fi’s leading ladies, and anime as I’ve been wanting to try something completely new with my hair and needed to change it up from red.


Trying Leeloo Out and Twisting my Hair with Anime


So ever the impulsive person, I opted to try both out at the same time for an anime twist on the traditional Leeloo look.


Immediately after opening the container I can tell the Unicorn Hair Dye is a bit different from a couple of the other brands I would use before, noticeably the dye doesn’t have a strong smell causing me to do my dye job in a wind tunnel or suffer watery eyes.


Fast forward two hours later and one shower turned into an avant-garde installation and I finally got to look at my new hair coloring. Right off the bat, I notice that my hair feels softer which considering the coloring is a new and welcomed experience.


I’ll post some photos of my new look soon…


If you would like to try Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye yourself, please visit their webstore.