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Unicorn Magic…

If ever there was a makeup line that embraced all colors in all their magical whimsy, it’s Lime Crime. Created by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime is makeup for the individual and the many moods that we all experience. Feeling a little outrageous? Why not try purple…in your hair…with a pop of blue on your lips. this cosmetic line abandons the concept of conventional approaches to makeup and tried and accepted applications, and instead embraces the “beauty is whatever you think it is,” mantra, with an all vegan and cruelty-free backdrop.



Color, Color and More Color


Makeup gets to be fun again with this brand. It caters to the magical little kid in all of us with all its sparkle, in both the packaging and the cosmetics and tools as well. You can’t beat that. Dust yourself with sparkles on those days where your blues have you down in the dumps. A little sparkle has the power to make boys and girls smile. The sky is the limit when it comes to Lime Crime unicorn hair color as well as a whole host of other incredibly vivid colors that make already vibrant colors become technicoloron steroids to the 100th power. You’ve never looked so beautiful, vivid, and alive with the magic of living.



A Little Consideration for the Student


Student discounts abound with this brand. After you buy those books for the semester there may be just enough money left to pick up a new gloss or eyeshadow, especially with that 15 percent discount. Life couldn’t be better, right? This brand thinks about the student and makes it easy for them to reward themselves with a nifty little discount.



Doe Deere oversees all product development with fond thoughts of all her unicorns. After all, they are her greatest inspiration. With beautiful unicorns on all her packaging, this is a brand that is forever distinguishing itself from the masses, with its whimsical colors and sparkly fun makeup tools. For all those who ever doubted the power of blatant outright eccentricity, here is a brand that both encourages and embraces it. This brand represents bold unapologetic freedom to be exactly who you are.

Lime Crime Brand Excitement Continues

When it comes to buying a makeup brand that spices things up in the cosmetics industry, Lime Crime is going to be the brand that everyone takes a look at. This has become one of the most popular brands makeup because it is advertised as one for boys and girls. This is something that Doe Deere knew would be very unorthodox in terms of marketing, and it has been a concept that has made his brand sell incredibly well.


When it comes to creating vegan and cruelty-free make-up there are not many other companies out there like Lime Crime. It has often been referred to as a brand that has something of a cult-like following. There are a lot of eye shadow palettes that are available through this brand, and the gunge look appears to be one of the most popular for the Venus palettes that are offered here.


Doe Deere has created a platform that is very characteristic of the Los Angeles headquarters in which the company exists. She has created a brand that has managed to evolve as one of the most exotic types of cosmetics that are out there. What is the novelty of this brand and the unique concept that makes so many people run out to see what she is doing next.


Consumers that visit the Lime Crime website may even be able to chat with someone if they are trying to find certain products this site. There are consultants available that can answer questions, and this is another thing that separates this cosmetics brand from the others that are out there.


People that shop on this site are able to get their orders with free shipping if it is over $50. This is something that often gets lots of consumers to try multiple things that are listed on this website. There is also a student discount available that gives college and high school students 15% off. This has made it a very popular with the young crowd. Many of the consumers that check out this brand are part of a young millennial consumer base.

Lime Crime And Their Expansive Collection Of Colors

Lime Crime has been a beacon of color for many years, and the company has spent quite a long time ensuring that it is offering the finest color options for women. Ladies who come to this company to buy cosmetics will find the strongest colors in the industry, and they will uncover a number of different colors that simply look radiant. This article explains how women may shop with Lime Crime for cosmetics and hair dyes, how the company sells their items online and how their brand is modeled. This is a unique firm that does things differently from everyone else.


#1: How Does The Company Sell?


The company is an online-only brand that has avoided the counter-selling principles that are common in the industry. Someone who has questions about how the company makes or sells its products may find all they need to know on the company site, and they will notice that the company has a rotating range of products for all women.


#2: Advertising For The Brand


Doe Deere is the face of the brand, and she is working on ads and modeling that shows off all the colors she likes. There are many different women who will be inspired by this brand, and they will find that what they see is something they want to wear. A woman who wishes to look her best may read over every ad to see what Doe is wearing.


#3: The Velvetines


There are vegan velvetines that have been certified for Lime Crime, and they allow women to wear makeup that is safe for them. A lady may hold to her values while wearing makeup that she is proud of, and she will learn quite quickly that she may use these velvetines every day to get some color on her lips.


The company name is one that is taking over the fashion industry with its large selection of colors, better customer service and easy to use website. Doe Deere started the company to ensure that all women could wear colors they love, and she has been successful in this venture many times over.

Get The Hair You’ve Always Wanted With Lime Crime

If you’ve ever wanted to dye your hair a glorious shade of pink, purple or maybe even blue or green then you should check out Lime Crime and their product called Unicorn Hair.


Whether you want full coverage or to just add a tint of color to your hair, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair comes in 13 beautiful shades and is completely vegan. Vegan hair color contains no ammonia, no peroxide and won’t cause any damage to your hair. Unicorn Hair is also cruelty-free, which means no animals have been harmed or tested on.


The colors range from pink to gray and there’s even a shade of orange that pays tribute to a character in the movie The Fifth Element. It is semi- permanent hair color and if you’re wondering how long it will last, well, that depends on how well you care for your hair. It is stated to last up to 6 weeks if you’re a cautious hair-washer. If you’re looking for full coverage it is recommended that you bleach your hair prior to applying the full coverage version. If you’re looking to just tint your hair over the color you have now then you can do that too without the damage of bleaching.


Lime Crime has also made this hair color very affordable, coming in at $16 a jar for almost 7 ounces. That means provided how long your hair is you could probably get more than one use out of a jar.


If you want just one hair color or choose to give yourself mermaid hair (they also have a shade named Dirty Mermaid, FYI) and use more than one color Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair sounds like a perfect choice! Vegan, cruelty-free, no damage…what more could you ask for in a hair color? I highly recommend checking it out.

Trying Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye for the First Time

Finally after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I know less than a week is fairly short of an eternity, but waiting for a package definitely has a real effect on time, scientists might want to get on that, my order from LimeCrime arrived in the mail. Though for my credit this has been a long time to come, seeing that Lime Crime first teased of their new product line with a tempting coming soon several months ago.


So finally after weeks of preparing my hair for my first outing with my favorite indie makeup company‘s newest product, I set about to transform my hair into the perfect expression of unicorn colored freedom.


As Lime Crime has quite a few available colors in their Unicorn Hair Dye line I had to choose two for the moment being, though that will be a separate blog post, coming soon…, for my first time I went with Leeloo, a shout out to one of sci-fi’s leading ladies, and anime as I’ve been wanting to try something completely new with my hair and needed to change it up from red.


Trying Leeloo Out and Twisting my Hair with Anime


So ever the impulsive person, I opted to try both out at the same time for an anime twist on the traditional Leeloo look.


Immediately after opening the container I can tell the Unicorn Hair Dye is a bit different from a couple of the other brands I would use before, noticeably the dye doesn’t have a strong smell causing me to do my dye job in a wind tunnel or suffer watery eyes.


Fast forward two hours later and one shower turned into an avant-garde installation and I finally got to look at my new hair coloring. Right off the bat, I notice that my hair feels softer which considering the coloring is a new and welcomed experience.


I’ll post some photos of my new look soon…


If you would like to try Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye yourself, please visit their webstore.