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Ms. Pirrello, Senior Vice President of NexBank, gets appointed as the President of TMBA

It was a delightful news for everyone at NexBank, one of the leading banks based in Dallas, which Ms. Mary Pirrello, Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank was appointed as the President of the prestigious Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA). Ms. Pirrello will continue to serve NexBank in her present capacity as well as play a vital role in TMBA like her previous term. TMBA which was founded in 1917 has been serving the mutual interest of its members to strengthen the mortgage banking and real estate finance businesses in Texas. Being appointed as the president of such an association is indeed a great news for Ms. Pirrello and NexBank.

1.Pirrello is a veteran banking professional with more than 20 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in different organizations including NexBank, Southwest Securities, and TMBA. Since 2007, Pirrello was an active board and committee member of the TMBA, and she was also actively involved with National Mortgage Bankers Association. She graduated from School of Mortgage Banking and received James Wooten Scholarship award from TMBA in 2010. She joined NexBank in 2013 and has played a vital role in business development and relationship management of its Warehouse Lending Division.

NexBank is one of the leading regional banks in Dallas that was founded in the year 1922. The bank provides nationwide services, and it has three core functions i.e. Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. It also provides advisory services to large corporations, middle-market companies, and small businesses. It has an excellent management team that provides foremost financial services to corporate, institutional and individual customers. As of September 30, 2016, NexBank’s assets were valued at $4.0 billion, and the bank continues to thrive instead of current economic turmoil in the banking sector.

Banking Solutions That Allow Customers To Financially Grow

NexBank is spearheaded by CEO, John Holt, he is building the bridge between mediocre banking and becoming a part of his client’s successful financial future. Holt was recently keynote speaker at a National Banking Convention. He spoke of the importance of hiring top professionals to expand and improve their banking services. PRN News reported NexBank, as one of the largest growing online financial institutions. They’re proud to be serving over 169,000+ online customers with financial services that will help them prepare a solid future. You can become a part of their large financial network by visiting their official website.

Available NexBank Features

– First time homebuyer’s program
– IRA accounts
– Money marketing accounts
– free checks/direct deposit/online bill pay
and much more…

The NexBank homeowner’s program is available to low income residents located in Dallas, Texas. They have partnered with the local Habitat For Humanity to build houses and provide financial support towards their home buying initiative. They provide the opportunity for low mortgage payments and interest. These benefits allow you to become an actual homeowner and maximize your financial investment for years to come. NexBank is committed to serving the communities needs for over 30 years.

You can finance a car and receive low monthly installments with their car buying program. More importantly, NexBank has partnered with New Jersey, giant College Savings Bank, offering their clients over 5,600+ ways to save for college. Tuition is rising each year and more parents are finding it difficult to afford their child’s college education. Thousands of students are complaining about their student loan debt and they’re looking for a more cost effective solution to pay for college. NexBank has you covered and is willing to help you keep more of your money in your wallet.

Affordable Housing Made a Reality in Southern Dallas

NexBank SSB (NexBank) has partnered with the Dallas Neighborhood Homes (DNH) to sign a five-year deal at an estimated cost of more than $50 million. The main reason behind the deal is to provide over 100 loans and affordable housing to low-income earners who call southern Dallas home.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes (DNH), a nonprofit organization that deals with mortgage financing and services, will oversee the five-year plan as well as provide insight in terms of housing and funding. DNH will also provide financial support to help to each and every resident under the flagship deal achieve home ownership status.

Apart from lending the $50 million financial assistance, NexBank will also pay for all the titles associated with new households as well as provide a total of $2,000 in closing costs per each and every loan. What this simply means is that the beneficial residents will not pay a single dime since the bank will provide everything. This deal will bring together a total of three (3) of the most influential organizations in Dallas, Texas, namely Dallas Neighborhood Homes (DNH), NexBank SSB, and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

NexBank is a fully-integrated financial institution that brings together investment banking, cooperate advisories and securities. Regarding investment banking, NexBank offers real estate advice, operations advisory, cooperate finance, and industry coverage. With over $3.5 billion in assets and over five (5) years in the banking sector, NexBank has fully positioned itself as a world leader in the banking industry. Located in Dallas, Texas, NexBank also offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and advisory to middle-market companies, banks, and small businesses.
With internet banking been the new way to bank in the current era, NexBank offers online banking services to its members. With this in mind, each and every account holder with the bank can access banking services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Dallas Bank is Great for People that Need a New Bank

Whenever I look for a new bank I always take a look at what the bank is offering. There are some things about Nexbank that are common to just about every other bank that is out there. Nexbank, like most banks, offers free e-checking and debit cards to customers. I liked this, but it wasn’t the thing that would make me stop and take a look at Nexbank.

The thing that truly made me consider what Nexbank could do what the amount of interest that was being offered by this company for certificates of deposit. That is what got my attention. There was information on how the 12, 18 and 24 month CDs where increasing. This was quite a interesting thing when so many banks have been stagnant with the certificate of deposit rates. I looked at this as a sign that Nexbank was looking for growth.

The next thing that I did was check out the mortgage rates. I got with a loan officer at the local Nexbank branch at one of the Dallas locations and inquired about refinancing. She stated that there were some competitive rates so I filled out an application. I discovered that this bank could help me lower my payments by more than $200 a month. From that point I was sold on Nexbank.

I would really recommend Nexbank for anyone that is serious about trying to save money. I don’t have a ton of money left when I do my budget, but Nexbank is helping me make better use of the money I do have. There is even a checking account through Nexbank called Platinum Checking that provides customers with interest on their checking accounts. Most banks have terribly lower interest rate than checking accounts, but Nexbank has one of the best rates.

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