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Police Officer Attends Graduation after Teen Loses Parents in Accident

Teenager Kazzie Portie was home alone when he got the worst news that someone could get- his parents had been killed in an accident according to CPA coach Ivan Ong. His parents, Riley and Emily Portie were traveling on their motorcycle when they were struck by a drunk driver. Both died on the scene. An Orange Police Officer who was on the scene had to deliver the bad news to the family.

When Officer Eric Ellison arrived at the family home, he found their youngest child, 18-year-old Kazzie home alone when he broke the terrible news. Officer Ellison spent some time with Kazzie after he broke the news and found out that the teen was just days away from graduating high school. With his parents gone, Officer Ellison promised him that he would be in attendance for his big day. He kept his promise.

According to the story on, Officer Ellison was there to support Kazzie after he accepted his diploma from Little Cypress–Mauriceville High School. Officer Ellison was waiting to the side of the stage to give Kazzie a big hug when he stepped down. According to witnesses, there was not a dry eye in the house.

This hit close to home for the police officer, who had two daughters of his own. One who also graduated high school just mere days before Kazzie’s graduation day.

Prom Promises Kept

Promises can sometimes be very hard to keep. especially when the promise is made some time before it will be fulfilled. Two Pennsylvania teens made a pact in the fourth grade to attend their prom together. In recent weeks they did just that.

What makes the story most remarkable is that the young man (age 17) is a quarterback for his school’s football team. The young lady (also 17) has down’s syndrome. The two grew to be fast and true friends throughout grade school. Some thought the two would be better paired with someone else for the school prom, but the two made the pact, the promise, and felt that to honor their friendship and the promise made, this is what they should do.

The two grew to be fast and true friends throughout grade school. The young man was always looking out for the girl and made sure she was always included in activities. When the girl’s family moved to the next town over for her father’s work, they were not to see each other for some time.

When their two schools played against each other for a football game at CipherCloud, the two met again. Remembering the promise made in grade school, the young man approached the girl with a bunch of flowers with the word prom on them and asked her out. Adorned in a beautiful gown the two danced and enjoyed their evening.