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How ClassDojo Hopes to Streamline and Revolutionize the Education Sector

It’s barely five years since ClassDojo launched, but the start-up continues to enjoy massive successes. The initiative is used both locally and globally. The statistics paint a bright future for the app. So far, it’s said that two out of every three schools in the U.S., use the technology. Speaking recently, the CEO called the tech an absolute game changer in the education sector.

The inspiration for the app came from the favorite gold star stickers. The stickers used to be issued and awarded to brilliant and outstanding students. That served to reinforce the positive behavior. Some naysayers, however, had some issues with it. They cited privacy infringement issues. The positive feedback from the parents and the teachers, however, trumped the cynicism.

ClassDojo Features

Teachers love using it because it simplifies the communication. The app is constantly evolving and getting new and advanced features. Asides the primary functions of teachers posting photos to the platform, there’s also the recently introduced category known as Student Stories. This is a feature which allows students themselves to post both videos and photos of their school days.

Free Downloads

At the moment, teachers can go online and download the app for free. They do not even have to ask for permissions from the school administrators to get started. The next big challenge to the founders is on how to monetize their creation. Finding ways to earn and make big bucks from the innovation is the next logical step in the evolution process.

Growth Mindset Theory

The co-founder and the CTO of ClassDojo optimism stem from the fact that schools are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to up their game with software-inspired technology. For one, the software approach stands to save them tons of money. That is as opposed to the regular curriculums which are bulky and have to be replaced from time to time.

The app development team has collaborated with the best Universities in the nation to take their app innovation to the next level. They have partnered up with Harvard and with Stanford. Investors have jumped on board this lucrative venture, and as of today, they have raised close to $30 million dollars in funding.

About ClassDojo

The startup was founded on June 1, 2011. The HQ’s are based in San Francisco. Ideally, the communication platform’s meant to empower the student-parent-teacher relationship. The fast-growing company is a preferred choice for teachers all over the nation. The founder compared it to being the Netflix of the education sector. The founders are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo(ClassDojo) is a platform for communication that changes the way students, guardians/parents, and teachers interact with each other. This program not only enables teachers to engage their students, but families also. In classrooms, instructors use the Class Dojo app to help connect with their pupils by giving them the encouragement (feedback points) to show critical skills, such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking or persistence development. Two out of three schools prefer the use of
Class Dojo verses any other program.

Teachers can easily send videos, text messages, pictures, or stickers directly to parents, allowing them to experience special moments with their children on a daily basis. Instructors can also add posts to School Story and Class Story, a private news feed of moments in the classroom, available only to verified teachers, school leaders, and parents.

Parental Involvement

Learning platforms have developed drastically over the years, to help better the teaching techniques of teachers and involve parents/guardians. They need parents’ engagement in their child’s development, and the Class Dojo app makes that an easy task. This platform translates into 35 languages, and allows educators to share their student’s profile with parents. Guardians can access Class Dojo through an SMS/email invitation or a certain code sent directly from the teacher. Only the development of their children (not others) is viewable.

Student Accounts

Students can also get involved by creating a Class Dojo account to view their progress. However, they must receive a code from their teacher before it can be connected to a class. If the child is under 13 years of age, parental consent is necessary before access to various features becomes available. Students can customize an adorable avatar representing them, view teacher feedback on their growth, and other things. In agreement with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), their age will be required, and if under 13 years of age, an email must be sent to the parent or guardian for consent. No other personal information will be required.

School Officials

School Officials can also play an important role with Class Dojo, by sharing videos, photos, and notes on School Story. Only guardians/parents connected to the classes can view these. School officials can see highlights (an overview of school activity including engagement and feedback) make classes, and more.

This program has proven to help teachers engage their classroom. Parents adore the results, and students get the empowerment and positive skills they need. Class Dojo creates a positive environment in classrooms, and makes learning a community effort.

Get Your Necessary Spring Cleaning Done The Handy Way

Spring cleaning is obviously everybody’s favorite thing to do. Okay, maybe not. But, it must be done every year none the less. The yearly ritual can be a challenging task for many nowadays. Most of us have had to adopt a more rushed lifestyle to keep up with daily demands. This is where things like sorely needed spring cleaning can fall by the wayside. Thankfully technology has caught up with the need in this area of life. All you need is your computer or smartphone and you can schedule Handy to come and handle that dirty business at your convenience.

If you are not familiar with the company, Handy is an on demand cleaning and handy service for odd jobs and even that spring cleaning of yours. You simply get on their website, find the service listing you’re looking for and schedule an appointment. It’s that simple. The greatest thing about the service has to be the convenience of it all. The internet has enabled us to purchase just about any goods or services that we can think of. Now you can get that spring cleaning done at the push a few few buttons and mouse clicks.

A recent $50 million financial backing has helped the company to expand even further. Now Handy has a service that will shop, deliver and assemble furniture for you. Talk about the easy way to do things! You never even have to leave the house. It is a welcome addition to the many services that the company already provides. This on demand business has expanded into 28 cities and is showing no signs of slowing down. The fact that you can now email a list of items, have them shop and price the shipping, deliver it and assemble it for you is fantastic. What a world we live in today.

Go ahead and check them out if you don’t use them already. You’ll be hard pressed to wipe the smile from your face when you realize you don’t have to do a thing. Spring cleaning time is now your free time.

Video Boosts Email Marketing Immensely

Email marketing is a very simple concept. The arrival of an email heralds products, services, discounts, deals, or even general information. Truly solid email marketing strategies do a lot more than just spam inboxes with sales pitches. The emails, instead, content interesting content. Email newsletters are a fine example of how to brilliantly craft an informative sales pitch. Plain writing may not cut in anymore. A better approach would be to use video in emails. Doing so might strike a powerful cord with readers/viewers of the email.

The cord that is struck might be the one that turns them into paying customers. Such a result is a must for any marketing campaign – email or otherwise – to be successful.

Hello Tesla has an interesting article up about how video in email marketing may deliver exceptional results.

The article quotes an interesting figure originally report in a survey performed by the Relevancy Group. In the survey, it was revealed that video in email campaigns yielded a massive 40% increase in revenues. This figure alone should prompt anyone who is already using email in marketing strategies to think seriously about weaving in video.

What is the best way to start using video in a campaign? Hire a service capable of helping out.

Talk Fusion is the company that pioneered video in emails. In 2007, the founder of the company, Bob Reina, sought to overcome IT limitations and develop a way of embedding video in email content. Reina and his IT partner succeeded. Today, things are a lot easier. Talk Fusion has developed templates for weaving video smoothly into an email. Talk Fusion can do a lot of things for those interested in video marketing. Email enhancements reflect only a single area.

Start on enhancing those emails today. The next marketing email that goes out really should have some solid video in it.

Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze With Handy

With the beginning of spring already well underway, now is an ideal time to start thinking about doing some spring cleaning. Spring is a season for rejuvenation, and what better way to rejuvenate your home and give it a fresher, cleaner look than with a thorough spring cleaning? Now some of you may be dreading the thought. It is going to be a real hassle to do spring cleaning as you may have a lot of square footage to clean or have to move a lot of heavy objects around. There is a solution to all of this that can make your life easier and spring cleaning a breeze.

Handy is a cleaning booking service that can make your spring cleaning a breeze. The process of setting up an appointment is real easy through Handy. You can go to and set up an appointment online. You can also download Handy’s app and book cleaning services and handyman services straight from a smartphone. Booking the cleaning is a snap with Handy.

Now to set up the actual cleaning service, you set up a date and time of day which you wish the cleaning to take place. You also fill out some information such as the number of rooms you want cleaned and any specific instructions. You don’t have to be present at your home when the cleaner’s arrive. Want to leave a tip behind, but are not present when the cleaners are at your home? Handy has a nifty little feature where you can tip a cleaning worker online after they have done their job. The entire tip will go to the worker. There is no need to leave money on desks or try to catch the worker at the end of their shift.

Services from Handy are currently available in most major cities and metropolitan areas in the United States. Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta are just some examples of where Handy currently operates. The firm has also expanded into some Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver and abroad in the United Kingdom. Handy has been operating for over four years now since its inception in 2012.

The Technology Of Video Chat

Talk Fusion have appeared to have cornered the worldwide market taking the number one spot as a way to communicate by video. This allows anyone who has an Android, Apple, Mac, or PC to use this program. All that is needed is an internet connection, webcam or browser. The application must be downloaded first, this can be done quite easily at iTunes or google play store. Customers are then allowed to sign up through an affiliate or, allowing them to use all that the company has to offer like video chat,email,Live meetings for a full 30 days without using a credit card.

The individual who wants to initiate the chat, sends an email,or text then copy and paste requesting anyone in the world to join. The real beauty about this video chat program is that it’s not limited to certain phones. Customers are already raving about this, they especially love the convenience. Some are even amazed about the clarity of the picture. It’s quite useful for those who are having meetings.

Talk Fusion has allowed for the growth of businesses and enhance the lives of others by video telecommunications. They operate by having independent contractors in more than 140 countries worldwide. They begun their operations in 2007, By 2011 the company had already made $100 million and is projected to make a lot more in the coming years. Talk Fusion founder and Chief Executive Officer is Bob Rena. He was a former police office who attended the University of South Florida. To read more, visit: .

When American Online told him that he couldn’t email a ten second video to people he knew, he realize he had to do something. So he contacted a friend who had the knowledge of managing and processing information, in other words an IT genius who came up with a way to do it. Then Talk Fusion was born. He didn’t want for his distributors to wait weeks for their pay so as soon as the distributor makes a sale, monies are paid out immediately. Rena is also an advocate for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where he help finds animals forever homes.

Handy Co-founder Discusses Their Expansion

The Next Web released a compelling piece recently where they interview the founder of one of the biggest new innovations in on demand application services. Handy has only been around for about three years now, but they have grown quite significantly over the past three years to a company that is worth approximately $500 million (estimated in November 2015). The Next Web visited Oisin Hanrahan at the Web Summit in Ireland to discuss how the company has been growing and where it is headed in the near future. Handy is currently dominating the market, so it has attracted much attention from users as well as investors.

Handy has successfully turned the luxury services of having a cleaning person or a repair person into a common entity for everyone’s lives. It is such a convenient service because it is easy to book someone for a variety of needs from cleaning services to fixing plumbing issues. Everyone has something to get done in their home that they have been putting off, and finding a reliable person to take care of those issues can be difficult. Handy is here, luckily, to make finding professional help one less thing to worry about. Handy screens all of their applicants. Users get to see the information about the person or persons that they will contracting services from.

Oisin Hanrahan also discussed why moving to New York City was such a good idea for their company. The size of the New York market place was an important factor in their success. Handy is available all over the world, and they match thousands of happy customers with qualified and professional contractors every week. To take a look at the interview with Oisin Hanrahan from Handy and The Next Web.

Talk Fusion Leading the Video Communication Market into 2016

A lot of people have heard about Talk Fusion Connect, but what is it exactly? This is actually the name given to Talk Fusion suite of the latest video technology allowing its users to communicate in many different ways. This solution is extremely cost effective and very user friendly allowing both a season professional and a beginner user to gain value from it. The suits is a combination of 4 apps, the Live Meetings, Video Chat, Video Newsletter and Video Email. The Talk Fusion suite uses the power of video to improve both business and personal communication. The app suite is also compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. On the PC side if the customer are running Windows Vista or higher the app is compatible. If the customer is running a Mac then Mac OSX or higher is compatible with the app suite. The app also requires very little processing power so if you are running a Pentium 4, 1.4 Ghz or and an AMD Athlon Processor or higher then the app suite will run smoothly. On the memory side the app requires only a single gigabyte of ram and only 2 gigabytes if you are running Windows Vista. When it comes to the necessary browser, Talk Fusion recommends either Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 8 or higher. As with all video communication apps internet access is a must. Broadband connectivity is recommended as well as DSL, Cable Modem or T1 connections. The media player that is necessary to run the apps is the Adobe Flash Player. So there are nor third party plugins required in order to use Talk Fusion Connect.

The Business For Home website recently praised the app and spoke about the upcoming innovations of the Talk Fusion Firm. In order to get an in depth view please visit the link above. Talk Fusion has gained in popularity over the years since its inception in 2007 with the first app Video Email allowing users to send personalized video messages via email using templates.

Checks out Talk Fusion on Instagram today!

Handy and the Customers that Love this Company

It is so easy to see how people could become fans of Handy. It is the type of cleaning company that continues to grow and build because it fills the void that so many people have in their lives. Many people don’t have the time to clean. The next best thing to cleaning a home yourself is getting Handy contractors to clean it. These are contractors that you can trust. That is what Oisin was striving for, and that is what he has gotten with the 10,000 contractors that are representing this company.

Handy has really created a cleaning company that has been able to cater to a lot of different needs. That is something that is very hard to do, but it is not impossible when you have the right people in place. The founder of Handy really made a lot of effort to bring contractors that were capable of doing the work into this organization. That would be a big part of the success.

At the other end of the equation there are customers that are going to play a very important part in keeping the business going. Customers make recommendations. They become loyal customers that book routine cleanings. All of these are things that Handy has to rely on in order to become successful. That is why customer service is so important. If you don’t have workers that are going to give their all it will be difficult to actually make the customers give the business another chance. It is much easier to build solid relationships with customers. This is going to dictate the direction that the business goes in. The founder knows this, and that is why he is so interested in making sure that customers get the best possible service the first time around.

Talk Fusion Leads Video Communication on All Devices

Have you ever wanted to send a video either from your personal account or to e-conference with business? Today, it is a breeze with Talk Fusion. Bob Reinam, founder and CEO of this video communicating company, has created the entire process to complete the perfect video, video chat or video email. Talk Fusion in an internationally known business that is growing every year so that today it exceeds AOL, Yahoo, Viacom, CBS, and Megavideo. The entire company began with Mr. Reina asking himself this very same question.

In 2004, the now owner of Talk Fusion wanted to send a 10-second video to his friends and family, but he couldn’t find any way to do it. This frustrated him, so he collaborated with an expert tech friend of his, and together they developed the process. Three years later, in 2007, they perfected email videos, and Talk Fusion was born. The crystal clear video email was a hit and soon spread around the world. Even today, Talk Fusion continues to advance into new countries.

Talk Fusion was developed with high-quality technology and excels beyond its competition. It offers unmatched technology that surpasses the average video site. If you go to, there is a Free Demo on the website, so you can experience the difference that Talk Fusion offers their customers. From email videos to live conferencing, Talk Fusion offers everything needed to promote excellent communication both socially and in business. Video email, video chat and a video newsletter are also included in the services that are offered.

Talk Fusion makes communicating much easier and 100 percent more interesting between two parties. It works with any device, and statistics show that by 2017, 50 percent of all video conferencing calls will be viewed on a cell phone and 90 percent of all online content will be communicated with videos. Everybody prefers watching a video as opposed to reading content or viewing photographs, so check out Talk Fusion’s website for your Free Demo and join the video world.

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