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Nick Vertucci Teaching Real Estate on the East and West Coast

Nick Vertucci explains California’s new legislation for affordable housing. Vertucci believes that if the legislation is passed it might increase the number of homes available and raise average rent. People need to put down as little as $75 for a mortgage. Those current home owners, who want to finance their homes may not go over the $225 cap. Nick Vertucci thinks that affordable housing legislation could improve the state’s economy by increasing the revenue of the companies that supply the construction supplies, furniture, landscaping, and materials for roofing, home appliances, windows, and more. Because of the legislation, more than 1.5 million families, who were not able to afford homes before, about 600,000 of these families will be able to become homeowners within the coming year.


From 2001 to 2007, Nick Vertucci was the president and CEO of Coastline and Micro Corporations. In January of 2007, Nick Vertucci left Coastline and Micro to start his own realestate companies called The Nick Vertucci Companies in Orange County California. Vertucci is responsible for creating the Turn Key investment system that was designed to make it easier to help investors with purchasing, property rehabilitation, and renting properties that are owned by banks.


As president and CEO of Coastline Micro, Vertucci had a staff if 100 employees. Coastline Micro was a leader in computer systems all over the United States.


Vertucci has a publication about real estate investing. He also hosts a real estate investing hour show on Saturdays at 11 in the morning on KFWB AM 980.


Mr. Vertucci also has an online webnar to teach people about turn key investing. The real estate genius is offering seminars to teach people in Jacksonville, Florida how to flip homes, quickly reselling homes to make a profit. People who come to the seminar will not only get a lesson in home flipping, they will also get a free gift pack that includes an instruction house flipping manual on a USB drive, they will receive a smart watch, power charger, and a certificate for free lunch or dinner. The whole $599 package is, absolutely free.







Better Deals with the Government under the Leadership of Felipe Montoro Jens

The government promised to grant concessions following collaboration with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Edison Carlos, who is the president of the Trata Brasil, gave the assurance that the services provided will significantly improve through this partnership. He promises improvement in management, structure, and resources. The acknowledgment was made before the interviewee, Felipe Montoro Jens, who is a specialist in infrastructural developments.


The challenges and solutions in the water sector

Public power provides 90% of sanitation services in Brazil, of this 70 % are served by government’s organizations. The development has prompted the inclusion of the private sector to boost service delivery. The two can work perfectly well and in a complimentary way.


It is indeed an avenue for the private service providers to learn from the government organizations. The partnership will mainly revolve around the areas of contracts and the inspection, which will be undertaken by public agencies. Private companies have the advantage of utilizing the best technologies and resources in the prevention of water loss and unnecessary waste. They will also be involved in the improvement of sewage networks, a clear evidence of the significant role to be played by the private sector. Felipe Montoro argues that it is indeed not possible to deliver such water and sewerage services when there is high wastage of water.


Service records of Felipe Montoro

Felipe Montoro serves in different capacities in many organizations. He is the executive officer at the Energia AC S.A and executive officer at Concessionaria Tramo SA. Additionally, Felipe is also a principal at the Maranon Energia SA, a director at Peru Inversiones, and the chairman at Arboreoland Empreendimentos.


He has had quite a long history of service in both private and public organizations. He also served as a board member of the Braskem SA. Felipe Montoro received his university education at the Getulio Vargas where he acquired an undergraduate degree. He further proceeded to further his education and received a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Infrastructure Expert and Public Health Advocate

Brazil is recently known for two things, the 2016 Summer Olympics and the crisis of the contamination of its water supply due to an inefficient sanitation system for its 200 million citizens. Only 46.8% of Brazil’s population receive sewage services, and of that amount, only 62.9% of the sewage is being treated.


Brazil is aggressively trying to get ahead of the sanitation crisis. The Brazillian government intends to partner with the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BINDES). They have made concessions to improve basic sanitation services. Trata Brasil provides the sanitation services to BINDES. Its president, Edison Carlos, recognizes that improvements are needed, which are managerial and structural in nature.


Carlos reasoned that the private sector could work with the public sector to forge ahead in making these improvements. He stated that there should be no conflict with the Brazilian public sector’s state agencies, which serve 70%of those who need solutions to the sanitation problem. The Brazilian citizens, whose living conditions will benefit, should also be involved and support the private initiatives in improving their welfare.


Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in financial analysis and the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. a company which issues securities. Jens is an expert in infrastructural projects. He wants to help reshape Brazil’s sanitation system and has committed himself to fend off a permanent public health crisis.


Jens fully recognizes the health hazard caused by a nonfunctional sanitation system. Brazil’s sanitation system is a breeding ground for the Zika virus, which is a result of Brazil’s disastrous public health infrastructure problems. He supports the concessions between the government and BINDES and will be instrumental in finding the funds to improve basic sanitation services. Jens is behind Trata Brasil in providing the expertise to improve the infrastructure of Brazil’s sanitation system.


Why Igor Cornelsen Is Great At What He Does

Igor Cornelsen is one individual that shows us that success does not come on a silver platter. For you to achieve success, you have to go through a lot of hurdles. To get to where Mr. Igor is at present, he has taken many risks in life, something that many people would never consider. Because of his heart of steel, Igor Cornelsen is deemed to be one of the top-notch investment bankers in all of Brazil. With Igor being the hardworking man he is known to be, he has worked and toiled his way to success from the ground up. Before retiring, Cornelsen was working for Bainbridge Group as the company’s financial adviser.



With his unique sets of skills, Cornelsen has been able to help people in need of his services achieve financial fulfillment. He has helped thousands of individuals make sound financial decisions thus reducing on wastage of the little resources in their possession. Since Igor is a risk taker, he has passed on his unusual abilities to some if not all of his clients. Even at retirement, Igor Cornelsen still tries whenever possible to invest his money. Through time, he has also passed on his knowledge of financial investment to young people. Igor believes that young individuals can only succeed when they choose to take a risk and invest some of their money before they age.



However, he cautions them to take risks only after conducting thorough research to ascertain whether or not a particular investment will eventually pay off. Being in the know is what has made Igor successful as an investor at the end of the day despite the many risks involved. The best financial advice from Igor to the rest of the word is that to be a successful investor; one should evenly distribute financial assets in a variety of factors so as neutralize on risks and at the same time maximizing profits. As a person who is relatively new to the investment business, you have to hire a competent financial adviser to show you how to trade before taking full control of your investment operations.



Edison Carlos Reveals Latest Brazilian Sanitation Concessions to Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil’s public services government sector has recently taken new concessions to the forefront by partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (known as BNDES). Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos allowed esteemed infrastructure projects specialist the chance to understand the latest changes in an interview. Taking the opportunity to alleviate some major concerns for experts like Jens, Edison addressed the troublesome nature of the increasing levels of waste saying that he remains quite hopeful services will continue to advance in structural management and resources.

Bringing the latest stats, Edison Carlos also conveyed that 90% of Brazil’s rudimentary sanitation services are directed by the public power division with about 70% of its users being serviced by Brazil’s numerous state organizations. Edison’s experience dictates that the private initiative’s presence should be exposed to the people. He openly speculated with Jens that the two different types of management would likely provide more advantages to the population by collaborating instead of conflicting.

Felipe Montoro Jens rounded out the interview inquiring further on the details of locations where the water loss has caused such significant financial distress due to decreasing resources among the state companies. Having been an elected alternate member of an acclaimed board of directors, Jens’ position as chief financial officer has earned him an incomparable level of expertise, knowledge and judgement in terms of the preparation, regulation and subsidy of the country’s intricate government infrastructure.

With his extensive background both within Brazil’s governing bodies and abroad for ethanol, sugar, water and sewage industries, Felipe Montoro Jens maintains unique consultation and development prowess in these specific areas of private enterprising resources. Jens was also sure to make note of president Edison Carlos suggestion that the most recent evaluation calls for astounding improvements within Brazil’s many public institutions.

Igor Cornelsen Has A Great Understanding Of The Brazilian Financial Market

One of the most popular aspects of the business world is the various stock markets that operate around the world. In many ways, the stock markets provide the energy that make the financial world move. While many people focus on certain parts of the world regarding financial conditions and situations, it is all the stock markets and other financial aspects combined that provide the core of the world financial condition.


There is always movement in how various stock markets are performing at any one time because markets tend to provide a look into how economic conditions are viewed in certain areas of the world. Although the markets can give a look into how things are performing in certain markets, the markets cannot provide a total view of the economic condition of any area of the world entirely.


Investment professionals and investors use the markets as a light to determine how a country or area of the world is doing. In addition, they use the markets to help determine how certain investments or certain types of investments are performing. There are numerous stock markets that operate around the world. When some stock markets are at the height of the business day some other stock markets are either just closing or opening in other parts of the world.


This continuous movement of the stock markets always provide movement in all stock markets because every stock market will respond to activity in other stock markets. It is up to investment professionals and investors to determine what movement is important and what movement is just superficial.


A stock market that has been interesting in recent times is the Brazilian stock market. Many people have looked at the Brazilian stock market and given their opinion on what they believe is happening in the market. One of the most notable investment professionals in Brazil who is Igor Cornelsen has given his thoughts on the Brazilian stock market on several occasions in the past year.


Igor Cornelsen thoughts concerning the Brazilian stock market have been interesting and helpful to numerous people interested in making investments in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is a top investment professional in Brazil. Many people interested in the Brazilian stock market have followed his knowledge of the Brazilian stock market and how it relates to the overall financial outlook of the country.


Brazil has many factors in the country that make it a compelling area for investments and investors from around the world. As more people learn about the investment possibilities in Brazil, the country will become a hot bed of investment activity for many investors.


Infrastructure and Waste Management Projects Expert, Felipe Montoro Jens

The government announced that it would make concessions through a partnership with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). Edison Carlos, president of Trata Brasil, an institute with actions focused on basic sanitation, granted a recent interview where he pointed out some important points about the initiative. He believes that the services provided will undergo improvements on management, structural and resource areas.

The decrease in levels of waste was another aspect raised by the interviewee, Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in infrastructure projects. He added that the partnership with BNDES would lead to the development of customized action plans based on previous experiences. Felipe Montoro Jens said that the issue of water should be addressed first as it drains most of the state’s resources and it is also impossible for services to be performed when there is a waste.

While experts favor the implementation of the partnership between the government and the BNDE, Edison emphasizes the importance of keeping clear goals when drafting the contracts. Mr. Felipe, on the other hand, says that activities should frequently be reviewed so that what was agreed in the contracts is followed to the letter. He believes that the partnership between the government and public sector can yield better results if better supervision mechanisms are applied. This involves closely monitored portfolios on the concessions spending.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has top-notch analytical and leadership skills that have made him serve as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of different Multinational companies. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is the current chief executive officer of Energipar Captacao S.A. Before joining Energipar Properties, he served as the Chairman of Central Administrative Federal District, S.A. He was also the Senior Finance Officer and Senior Investments Officer before clinching the CEO position. He is an expert in Infrastructural and waste management projects.

A Guide To Investors On Getting Started In The Brazilian Economy By Igor Cornelsen

Are you looking to venture into the finance and investment sector in Brazil? Well, one of the financial experts you will have to listen to is Igor Cornelsen. Igor has seen it and made it all in the Brazilian Financial and Investment sector. He has seen the economy of Brazil grow to become one of the world’s emerging economies to watch. Most investors usually prefer emerging markets because they provide a lot of investment opportunities. Igor continues to be the voice of reason in the Brazilian investments space. He authors articles and guides that can help anyone in making a worthwhile investment in Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen shares the following advice for all those who are keen to put their money in the Brazilian economy:


Building a working relationship with natives on the ground

The Internet provides a new way of getting information about virtually any economy, but nothing works more efficiently than personal interaction with the people you want to buy into your investment ideas. A quarter of Brazilian adults are entrepreneurs when making an entry into the investment sector of the Brazilian economy; it is important that you network with this people. Let as many entrepreneurs join your business circle, and you be part of their investment circles, this will give a bird’s eye view into what works and what doesn’t work. They not only possess useful skills you can leverage, but they also have experience.


Know that bureaucracies are a mainstay in Brazil

The Brazilian market is one of the most regulated markets in the world. High taxes and stringent labor laws are characteristic of the Brazilian Market. Get someone who can guide you through the process of compliance. Learn about important regulations such as the policies that govern foreign exchange.


Igor Cornelsen notes that there are quite some business barriers whenever someone is getting started in the Brazilian economy, but ones they are set they receive a commensurate return on investment. Stories abound of foreign investors who have chosen Brazil as their investment destination of choice and made significant returns on their investments and at the same time played their role in a growing economy that is Brazil.

Eucatex Setting The Bar For Environmental Business Practices

Eucatex is a Brazilian company established in 1951. Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, its current president, the company has further refined their environmental stewardship in the realm of manufacturing. The company continues its long standing practice of using innovative methods coupled with unique materials to produce environmentally friendly products for the home and business which is exported to numerous countries throughout the world. Eucatex even owns its own recycling plant established to mitigate further damage to the environment.


Flavio Maluf is responsible for his business’s current growth by promoting its brand of environmental consciousness in industry. He has advanced his company’s image through the use of social media and internet marketing. Eucatex has a history of promoting sustainability from as far back as its inception, serving as a model even when the trend to environmentalism ceased to exist. From its beginnings, the company has always sought to curb pollution by creating eco-friendly products growing its bottom line in the process.


Flavio Maluf serves as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs globally. His Slideshare presentations have established a voice for himself as a leader in sustainable business practices without the need to sacrifice growth or profit as the result. Graduating from the highly prestigious FAAP in Sao Paulo, Maluf served as president of Grand Food prior to his current position with Eucatex. His popular blog is a well read resource for anyone seeking advice on success. He covers topics as broad as how best to climb the corporate ladder to how to prepare for an initial interview.


Joining Eucatex close to forty years ago, Flavio Maluf was chosen as president in 1997. Immediately, Maluf started modernizing Eucatex through growth and expansion along with mass exportation of his products to close to 37 countries throughout the world. He grew Eucatex’s market by 30% during his tenure as president all the while growing its profit base.


Flavio Maluf has led Eucatex to the forefront of environmental manufacturing by producing environmentally friendly products. Eucatex has received several certifications such as the FSC® Certification and ISO 14001. These establish proof of the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and products. With Flavio Maluf at its helm, Eucatex is primed to continued sucess.