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Queens of Drama Continues To Reign Supreme

The Queens of Drama reality series is scheduled to run for a second season. In 2015, producers aired 10 episodes. The show’s theme is, six former soap actresses come together to write, act in, film, then pitch a dramatic serial for top television executives, and are filmed in the process. Basically a show, filming the making of another show. Airtime for each segment is thirty minutes, and episodes are run consecutively.

The show is authentic and a breath of fresh air. For fans of Guiding Light, The Bold and The Beautiful, One Life to Live, Passions, Knott’s Landing and General Hospital, you’re always waiting with baited breath to see more, more, and then more of those dreamy starlets from your favorite soaps as they attempt to pull the project together. The idea to have not one, but six actresses join the cast of Queens of Drama, was genius.

Crystal Hunt, producer of the show, is known for her versatility and the passion she brings to the set. With the Queens of Drama starting in the April line up, she’ll be showing all of America, how to work the Producer chair she now sits so pretty in. The other daytime stars cast for the show are Lindsay Hartley of Passions, All My Children and Days of Our Lives, Hunter Tylo from The Bold and The Beautiful, Chrystee Pharris of Passions, Vanessa Marcil from General Hospital, and night time television drama queen Donna Mills from the show Knott’s Landing.

One Life to Live’s character Stacy Morasco, marvelously played by Crystal Hunt, was known as the relentless stripper who told everybody she was pregnant with Rex Balsom’s baby. Morasco, instead, was really had Rex believing that the child she was carrying was his when it was actually Oliver Fish’s child that she later lost to miscarriage. The character later died when falling through unstable ice, on frozen, Llantano Lake.  You can see many highlights of Crystal Hunt as Stacy Morasco on YouTube.

Hunt is known by many Facebook fans, from starring on the silver screen alongside of Zac Efron in the movie The Derby Stallion, where she played Jill Overton, romantic interest of Patrick. As a child she acted in the movie Problem Child 2, and we all know her as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. She received two nominations for Emmys; one from the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and the other from the Soap Opera Digest Awards.  Crystal is also starring opposite Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL.